Cristian Cuti Romero won’t play for Tottenham Hotspur vs. Marseille


Cristian Cuti Romero won’t play for Tottenham Hotspur in their Champions League game vs. Marseille.

Cuti Romero will not play against Marseille as he will have missed three of their last four games. Tottenham Hotspur assistant coach Cristian Stellini spoke on Monday about Romero. Here is what he had to say:

“The only news is that Cuti Romero is not available for the match tomorrow. We are sorry, but it is what it is. We have other players available, we have a good squad and we are well prepared to play a tough game, a knockout game like tomorrow.”

Romero has been rested due to muscle fatigue.


  1. We need to realize how good enzo is.we have a habit of under using best players riquelme played only 50 matches,banega only 40 something matches enzo is special he should start in this world cup

    • this is a big loss, both gomes and almada is good but none of them offers defence as like as locelso, locelso defensive contribution along side of his creative box to box playing ability is huge potential for us

        • enzo is different profile midfielder than other, obviously using him good point for us but not as a box to box creative midfielder at this moment he can’t shine in there bcs he is not solely played & habituated for that , he is a allrounder alongside of lo celso, gomes , thiago he will shine, but not just replacement of them, we need solely dependent creative midfielder best profile goes with gomes, thiago , he will do good with this player, enzo depaul guido will be less creative than enzo depaul gomes

  2. Fideo back on training 💪. Good news as expected. Some of you guys panicking too much here. Just be calm and pray nothing worse happens till WC. So far everything is good(touch wood). Bytheway Lo Celso and Enzo is way way different typo players. Only thing close to come replacing Lo Celso after Papu is Almada. Do you really think Scaloni randomly included Almada? It was all part of plan. Bytheway guys I find all those stats are unnecessary when it comes to NT. Specifically Argentina recently.

  3. Richard, based only on current form this is the XI that comes to mind:

    Molina——-Mac Allister——-Enzo—–Tagliafico

  4. If the WC would start today. our line up of fit players could be
    Dibu Martinez
    Molina,, Otamendi, Licha, Tagliafico
    DePaul, Guido, Enzo, Papu
    Messi, Lautaro

    Maybe not ideal, but certainly not a bad team.

    • For me either win the cup otherwise the whole campaign is a big failure. So not a bad team doesn’t fulfill our desire. Btw this team is better than the preferred 11 of scaloni. Licha is our best defender not Romero. Guido provides better defensive shield than paredes. Papu is more creative than locelso and enzo will provide the defensive cover for papu and can control the ball in midfield which guido cant do. Only prblm is this setup doesn’t provide width or speed of dimaria or nico Gonzalez or even angel Correa

  5. Guys, Considering our fullback issues, I think opting for a back 4 of Molina (RB), Romero (RCB), Otamendi (LCB) and Licha (LB) could be worth trying. This will allow us to attack through Molina on the right flank restructuring our back line as with 3 Centre halfs while transitions happen. A defensive shape with Romero at the right Licha at the left with Otamendi at the middle would be suitable considering how these players play in their clubs. Also these are the inform players who are getting maximum minutes in their clubs. This kinda floating formations are already implemented successfully by many top top managers. Molina with his speed and directness would also help us to find
    dynamic attacking options rather than playing only through the middle which may find difficult against tightly packed defence of minnows. Also 3 at the back would help us to minimize the defensive vulnerability of Molina to an extend which is exactly why Atleti tries him as wing back. Would love to hear from you all. Not that my cmnt will make scaloni do this but I would like to give and take opinions here so that together we grow with footballing ideas.

    • Lisandro Martinez is not a lb. Tagliafico is a good fullback he will do the job. Molina will be useless in big games. He is shaky in defense and right side defensively can be little weak as messi or dimaria plays there and they don’t help in defense so we need good defensive fullback in right side so foyth is very important

      • Agreed bro. Foyth is super important. But he is not getting minutes. What if he is not ready when world cup begins. I have started my coment like “considering our full back issues” only. For me Molina is far better than Montiel. Atleast Molina gives something offensively rather than giving nothing in particular like Montiel. If Foyth is not ready we should surely make a change. Right? That is what I am talking about. Also Licha played some games as LB for Ajax if I am not wrong. I would surely love to see Scaloni using the spirit and warrior mentality of Licha instead of making him a bench player. RDP behind Messi/Maria at the right itself is a cover for me. RDP put 2 player’s effort while he plays for Argentina. Also 3 at the back with Molina getting helped by Romero is not that bad, to cover for Messi/Dimaria efforts,I think.

        • Right now with all the difficulties our best setup will be 3-5-2 formation
          Romero otamendi lisandro
          Molina enzo depaul papu tagliafico
          Messi lautaro
          Another formation that will be useful is 4-2-3-1
          Where back 4 could be Molina Romero otamendi tagliafico
          2 holding midfielder depaul and enzo then messi as a no. 10 operating behind lautaro and 2 wingers dimaria and nico or angel Correa and dimaria

  6. We don’t need another Meza…
    children think scaloni is mad and drop celso.
    Lol..even if scaloni carry one injured player that must be lo celso.. Crazy people…. Children
    putting enzo in lo celso place and say lo celso never com back to his starting Argentina team one irreplaceable player is gio, no proper sub for him who are equally good at creative and defensive work.without him mid is dead. Forget almada, talk about enzo…
    Frist of all Enzo is nowhere near to gio replacement..he is not a creative player
    2.diffensivly he is not good as pardes,gudio, macalester and offensively nor as gio,de paul, palacios, papu
    3. Frist make him 26 squad then putting him gio’s place..

    • Ur enzo hater that’s it. Noone is irreplaceable except messi and lautaro every player is replaceable. Romero replaceable depaul replaceable dimaria replaceable locelso replaceable paredes replaceable Molina replaceable acuna replaceable. Messi is not replaceable as he is single handedly making the difference without messi this team will be like a mid table epl or La Liga side. And lautaro is irreplaceable because we don’t have any good striker backup.

      • LOL we have much stronger squad than Arsenal, MU, Tottenham, Newcastle or Chelsea even not weaker than overrated Liverpool wo Messi. (and these are PL top teams).

      • I’m not Enzo hater..i like him more than macalister ..
        But its reality, he played in low level League with top team. So statistic should obviously in his favour rather than alaster. I’m feed up with Enzo hype..

        • Yes locelso never got the hype and attention what enzo receiving so as a big celso fan its obvious why you fed up with Enzo hype. But remember why Enzo is hyped and others r not because he is special for me top 10 midfielder in the world right now and in few years time if he keeps improving he will break into top 5 best midfielder in the world list

          • Okay when he break top 5 then we should think about Enzo take over gio place😂
            You,Brightk and 3/4 guy in here in mundo are always hype with foyth, grancho,then bundia then Enzo..are you kidding me..when a new talent come you guys are jump for him.. Argentina is not Astonia that palyed 5/6 good game with club and jump with national
            I just think what a hype was about bundia!
            Btw believe it or not i truly love Enzo like de paul, lo celao, paredes..i like his attitude also.. Rest up to scaloni but i personally want him qatar

        • stupidity of comments so much aggression in here, Portuguese league is one of the best league in europe for development, this kind legend league behavour so much insolence, lisandro dominate that league within very short period of time, lisandro plays in dutch league previously according to you low level league, yes enzo plays one of the top club of that league and he is one of the key player for them alongside of otamendi, they starts every match with him and dominate each game without single match let him off to bench.. i’m feed up with such kind of stupid comments too

    • i agree locelso is an important figure, but stupidity has limit

      enzo last 365 days
      shoots total attempted per 90 = 2.45 (point percentile 92)
      Assist attempted per 90 = 0.18 (point percentile 78)
      passes attempted per 90 = 96.6 (point percentile 99)
      passes completed per 90 = 87.7 (point percentile 92)
      progressive passes per 90 = 9.56 (point percentile 99)
      tackles per 90 = 2.33 (point percentile 77)
      Interceptions per 90 = 0.96 (point percentile 52)

      maccalister 365 days
      shoots total attempted per 90 = 2.04 (point percentile 88)
      Assist attempted per 90 = 0.03 (point percentile 22)
      passes attempted per 90 = 49.51 (point percentile 58)
      passes completed per 90 = 83.1 (point percentile 66)
      progressive passes per 90 = 3.87 (point percentile 62)
      tackles per 90 = 2.77 (point percentile 88)
      Interceptions per 90 = 0.85 (point percentile 38 )

      paredes 365 days
      shoots total attempted per 90 = 0.92 (point percentile 34)
      Assist attempted per 90 = 0.20 (point percentile 85)
      passes attempted per 90 = 85.97 (point percentile 99)
      passes completed per 90 = 93.8 (point percentile 99)
      progressive passes per 90 = 4.80 (point percentile 85)
      tackles per 90 = 2.45 (point percentile 78)
      Interceptions per 90 = 1.12 (point percentile 62 )

      this clearly show who is better in what

      • It doesn’t take a rocket science to see that Enzo is much more superior than MacAllister. I mean not even close. 5 below average games from MacAllister, the last of them was the worst one against Jamaica where Scaloni’s Argentina produced arguably the worst first half of the history of Scaloneta. Compared to 2 caps of limited minutes of Enzo where he looked like the next big thing already shows everything.

        What matters is the performance for Argentina not their clubs. So don’t bring a debate of Enzo plays for a weak league bla bla bla. Wear Albiceleste shirt and show us what you got. That’s what matters the most. Emi Martinez also plays for a club that could be relegated this year Aston Villa. So what do u wanna say? Replace him? We all see what happens when Emi wearing the Albiceleste jersey.

        I won’t go as far as Enzo deserves to start replacing Lo Celso, but it is very obvious that he is special and deserves more minutes for Argentina. That’s for sure.

        • Emi played best Ligue in the world where he regularly face top class don’t compare him with Portugal top team benfica. Enzo is modern type footballer, great potential, next big think..etc..yes i agree with this part..but he still now not complete player, shaky in both offence and defence yet good long range shot, long range pass. What he done with river plate? Compare to palacios enzo failed at river plate where palaciso was magnificent with river, win copa liber….nevercusen by him more than 17plus million, better ligue, more costly than enzo. Obviously better talent than Enzo but injury ruin his carrer..but always good with Argentina.
          Nowadays enzo played good, macalester played good Against strong opposition..more stable player than enzo and this type player not get much fan attention but do his duty simply and why coaches live him. Now its up to scaloni.. If he take enzo or not i will go with scaloni..

          • where do you find enzo failed in river, if enzo failed in river then how he is playing in europe and did gallardo certified him he is failer, enzo shaky in offence and defence this kind of comment i don’t understand how you generate, the amount of moment enzo plays in nt he already asissted one goal for messi with beautiful interception and blockage to opposition player, enzo played against weaker team did you ever saw his game in champions league, the number of time macllister plays in nt he wasn’t good,

      • Argentina has no “major blows”, a major blow would be losing a player to injury like Pogba and Kante for France or Richarldson for Brazil, Argentina (luckily) hasn’t had any of that.
        Argentina does have a list of injuries like Maria, Nico Gonzalez, Dybala, Paredes and Lo Celso but it seems very unlikely that any of them would miss the world cup.

      • People seem to forget that some players might not be injured but when 1 month before the world cup, u play 15-17 games full time. You can easily be exhausted during the World Cup. It is better to have a light injury now like Di Maria or Paredes than them having to play 6-7 games extra (if not injured) and be exhausted in the World Cup.

  7. If only I could just for once see the future, that would be to check if we won the world cup or not. So excited about the world cup especially after the finalissma win.

  8. Unfit lo celso is better than what we have in that creative position.
    If lo celso doesn’t play that means we will see messi more in the midfield than in the final third.
    Against small teams we can play whoever we like but when it comes to knockout games we need lo celso.

    • Why’re we celebrating some guy’s misery unless he’s a bolsonaro or some crook? Pogba is a football player and yes, he’s a diva that I hate as well. Look at our players who’re falling to injuries like flies. Don’t wish this on anyone! I want Argentina to beat the best in Europe and shut so-called pundits mouths. For a while, we’re on a downward trend and it’s time to re-ignite the fear in opposition teams when they hear the sight of Argentina on a football field!

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