Lionel Messi back training with PSG team


Lionel Messi was back training with the PSG team on Thursday.

Messi missed PSG’s last league game vs. Lorient due to an inflammation. He didn’t want to take any risks and was rested for that game.

PSG play on Sunday vs. Auxerre and Lionel Messi will be flying out to Abu Dhabi after the game to join the Argentina national team.


  1. Dybala is not a must have player esp. if fitness is a concern and Angel Correa can surely fill that role up. Won’t be much of a loss…Foyth and Medina? Both are of diff. profiles and they play left back and right back…I rather take Medina instead of Pezzella and keep Foyth. We’re close to seeing the final 26…Fingers crossed but I know that Scaloni, Aimar, W.Samuel and Ayala will pick the best possible roster. Let’s be supportive and not throw a fit!:-)

    • after lo Celso is out, Argentina is short on the creative outlet and will definitely require Dybala. angel Correa is not playing well if you are watching alt Madrid matches. but he is playing better than J Correa.

      • J Correra has the ability to retain possession and carry the ball as well as have that physicality in him similar to Ocampos. I agree with you that we are lacking in that creativity apart from Messi and Di Maria. A fit and firing Dybala’s inclusion would be great but let’s see who gets picked.

  2. Thats fine our players can hide under a blanket until the world cup. They need some playing time to stay sharp. Only concern is some players like Licha, Lautaro, Otamendi are being over played. Hopefully Dybala will get some minutes against Torino as he back with group traning. His return will make our offense quite strong!

    Regarding the replacement for Lo-celso , I believe the best player to fill that role currently is Enzo. He plays almost the same position a Left CM fo Benfica , however a little deeper. But he is best equipped to fill that void. He can provide assist, score, press , move ball forward and also track back and defend and most importantly he is in a sublime run of form. Papu has been used as a direct offensive back up to Lo-celso but I feel like he will be better off the bench agasint tired opponent legs, when we need a goal or an equalizer , hopefully that situation doesn’t come!!

  3. With 9 defender. Its good to have foyth back. Still dont know about acuna injury. Medina is reserve. Its between dybala and angel correa…

  4. Dybala goes to the World Cup if he’s fully recovered and is fine

    • Foyth goes to the World Cup if he’s fully recovered and is fine

    • Ángel Correa goes if Dybala isn’t fine

    • Medina goes if Foyth isn’t fine
    This via gaston edul

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