Cristian Cuti Romero left out of Tottenham Hotspur team vs. Leeds


Cristian Cuti Romero has been left out of Tottenham Hotspur’s team vs. Leeds.

Tottenham Hotspur take to the pitch on Saturday vs. Leeds and Cristian Romero doesn’t start and is not on the bench. Cuti has now missed the last four league games for Tottenham due to a muscle overload.

Romero will arrive to the 2022 World Cup with the Argentina national team fit and ready to play.


  1. Let’s no kid ourselves for a minute thinking that Romero is saving himself for the world cup. For all his qualities and his game ethics, he likes to play on edge which leads him to excessive injuries in a season.
    It was the same last year, this is definitely a concern. Is he fit to play 7 games if asked?

  2. Palacios
    Min played 90
    Assists 1
    Touches 76
    Acc passes 50/56(89%)
    Key passes 2
    Long balls(acc) 4(3)
    Big chances created 1
    Shots block 1
    Ground duels(won) 10(6)
    Aerial duels(won) 2(2)
    Possession lost 7
    Fouls 1
    Fouls received 2
    Clearances 3
    Interceptions 6
    Tackles 4
    Dribble past 3
    Match rating—-8
    Solid performance though came against a weak team bt its encouraging nevertheless

  3. There will be 14 players arriving on Monday. These players realistically has more chance to start in the friendlies on Wednesday. They are:
    Armani (already there)
    De Paul
    Di Maria

    It is enough to make it like Rulli; Molina, Cuti, Pezzella, Tagliafico; Paredes, De Paul, Palacios; Messi, Di Maria, Alvarez.

    Others should arrive on Tuesday, a day before the match.

    • @el_principe Ok, what u think about Cuti’s situation as obviously Arg want him fully fit specially for KO’s as since if i understood right the last 4 games for Spurs he is been out for a reason or another…i just hope things are Ok and good with him as i also understand that we can only rely on some news as there are so many as in blody transfer market etc…though, also do u think AFA will let us all know if someone on the list who for example just can’t simply be replaced more for quality reasons as for example Cuti, i just wonder will they let us know and obviously then replace him or someone else who might had an some issue that he can’t fully play as i’m Still wondering if Lo Celso was for example force to TaKe surgery etc…just don’t want any other KUN story like 2014, though i quess in such a terrible situation that some one from from our 26 list will suddenly not be able to play then i quess Arg’s only options are those 4 left back home, right ? As those who were dropped earlier like Dominquez etc. .. are not any more replacement options, right ? Or did i got all wrong, perhaps, lol !

  4. They should release Cuti to Argentina then! What for keeping him there at the Spurs if he won’t train nor be among the subs?

    I am sure Cuti is faking his injury at least a bit. Messi showing the example and a lot of others follow him.

  5. As the tournament is about to begin, I start feeling a butterfly in my tummy, which I didn’t feel in our earlier campaign. Maybe because this time after a very long time we are going to start this tournament with the believe that we can win it.

    • Bro we must believe cuze Messi and co will go war this time as we know messi have perfect crew now weather is coaching staff or players plus they seem humble and more focused I mean no trash talk

  6. I am watching nervously the games ….. tomorrow will be huge, the bulk of Argentine players are scheduled to play tomorrow. I have my fingers crossed. No more injuries please!!!!

  7. You got to like cuti Romero, he decided two weeks ago only things he cares is to play world Cup for arg and he saved his energy only for his homeland since he knew conte would have used him past two weeks will come qatar very exhausting, cuti, Lautaro, emi and de Paul will be the reason Argentina winning world Cup God willing.

    • These all r sidekicks important but not the main reason we will win the wc. Its messi which will decide we will win or loose. Its messi and 10 other helper. Those helpers r important bt not that important that they can be mentioned separately without mentioning messi

    • Yep, and maybe El Principe can clarify this because he’s seen more games, but over the past month and a half every highlight I’ve seen it looks like he’s not as aggressive as his trademark game is, because aggressive center backs usually have a higher risk of injury. Didn’t see as many crazy tackles as he normally does, so it looks like he’s been preserving himself for a while

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