Cristian Cuti Romero joins Argentina national team in United Arab Emirates


Cristian Cuti Romero has joined the Argentina national team in the United Arab Emirates.

Cuti Romero has landed in the United Arab Emirates and is with the team for the 2022 World Cup. The Argentine joins Franco Armani, Germán Pezzella and Guido Rodríguez as the first players to join the team.

Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni announced the list of players for the World Cup. Here are the 26 players:

Here is the Argentina team for the 2026 World Cup:

Emiliano Dibu Martínez (Aston Villa)
Gerónimo Rulli (Villarreal)
Franco Armani (River Plate)

Nahuel Molina (Atletico Madrid)
Gonzalo Montiel (Sevilla)
Cristian Cuti Romero (Tottenham Hotspur)
Germán Pezzella (Real Betis)
Nicolás Otamendi (Benfica)
Lisandro Martínez (Manchester United)
Marcos Acuña (Sevilla)
Nicolás Tagliafico (Lyon)
Juan Foyth (Villarreal)

Rodrigo De Paul (Atletico Madrid)
Leandro Paredes (Juventus)
Alexis Mac Allister (Brighton)
Guido Rodríguez (Real Betis)
Alejandro Papu Gómez (Sevilla)
Enzo Fernández (Benfica)
Exequiel Palacios (Bayer Leverkusen)

Ángel Di María (Juventus)
Lautaro Martínez (Inter)
Julián Álvarez (Manchester City)
Nicolás González (Fiorentina)
Joaquín Correa (Inter)
Paulo Dybala (Inter)
Lionel Messi (Paris Saint-Germain)


  1. Watch Brighton vs Villa.

    Emi made a mistake where MacAllister convertrd easily. Other than that he was pretty good.

    Buendia was OK.

    MacAllister went from hero to zero. Successfully stealing the ball and scored a goal and then got dispossessed which resulted in Villa goal.

    Emery effect in display already.

    • I don’t know why macallister playing too safe. Even at the end of the game he went for short side passes. I only saw one or two plays he goes forward which includes a nice one two. Yeah he can defend and press well but something is missing. Even a typical DM like guido can make more attack than macallister. I hope he may change his style to more attacking instinct when handled by scaloni.

      • What you mean by too safe? When he sees opportunity at the wings, he will pass the ball to side, then it will go through the wings. If you just pass to the striker somehow, the chance of losing the ball and a sudden counter attack is very high. All premier league clubs are very good in that. So, the first priority for any player should be don’t give away the ball.
        Did you see the pinpoint cross he given to an unmarked Brighton player ? Or you will see only side passes? How many times he passed the ball to attacking area..why you don’t see that…and pointing only side passes..?

        Whoever thinking side passes should be avoided, may be never played football.
        Something is missing..? yes may be it’s an eye catchy tricks or an unnecessary run here and there…to make the fans happy and think he’s doing something. Tactically he’s doing everything he should be.

      • Emiliano Martinez – 5
        A poorly-weighted pass to Luiz in the first minute, effectively gifting Albion a goal. “Was rather out of position as Mac Allister attempted to score directly from two corners”. Otherwise some very good long- range passing on show.

        None of you will see or point these things.

    • Hero to Zero because he lost the ball..?

      Everyone lose the ball, sometimes it happens near the penalty area. That’s an error. It was a tactical foul on him, he lost the balance and the ball. Still they had both CB behind him and a GK. But unlucky for him it was deflected on the thigh of the defender and changed the direction so the GK could not save it.

      Apart from his goal and the error, he had another big moment, he gave a pinpoint cross towards the end of the game to a completely unmarked Brighton player but he just headed over the crossbar.

      He’s still the best Brighton player in this match (sofascore and Whoscored).

  2. I’m reading that papu might be lo celso replacement. I’m not a fan of this swap but I guess coach will choose the best person for the spot. I would rather see Enzo or palacios start

    I also don’t see nico on bench for fiorentina. He’s doing okay? Lol

  3. What an impact from Dybala. He should start for Argentina. When you have players like that, you can not leave them on the bench because of heuristics. Put Dybala in Lo Celso’s place (incidentally, exactly what Scaloni did in the Finalissima), and reinforce the midfield using Guido or Enzo in place of Paredes.

  4. When DePaul is in Udinese he always scoring goals. After he left from thr he is doing different job for Arg. and Athletico. Now Arg. need same from DePaul when he done for Udinese.

  5. That was a nice flick on assist from Lautaro to Dzeko. For someone who is bad in the air and physically weak Lautaro sure finds ways to overcome his weaknesses on a regular basis.

    Same for Romero, his passing is bad but he finds ways to pass well from the back quite often.

    What gives?

  6. I am glad that Emi made that Caballero type error today and got punished by non other than MacAllister. These kind of errors forces you think and keep you on toes. Great finish by him and hopefully that goal doesn’t push him up the pecking order as I really want Enzo and Papu rotating to fill in for Loceslo.

      • Actually In the last two Friendlys Enzo replaced Paredes and Guido & MacAllister and Depaul were rotated. However with Loceslo out of the picture the match against UAE will give is a good idea of what starting xi Scaloni will field in the group stages

    • I write here..macalester is already ahead of papu, enzo in pecking order..screenshots it
      And thats not callbaro type error.. The player got the pass from emi was same guilt and obviously macalester smart awareness.. The commenter also said its macalester good awareness

  7. Scalonis boys are ready for WC. Only few days left some players are coming from injury.Hope they will do the job with full potential.Praying for Enzo bcz he is a player all Arg lovers excited to watch how he performs in WC..

  8. I just rewinded that match against Mexico which we had won 4-0 in 2019. And palacios was playing in lo celso role. And Acuna was playing as a left winger and macallister was playing as a right winger. Palacios made a great ball to lautaro, the same ball de Paul gave to Messi in copa final in which Messi misses. So an in form palacios could be a lo celso except that forward burst. Is current Mexican team different from that team?

  9. There is one solid defender that always gets overlooked is Jose Luis Palomino. I don’t think he has ever played for the national team, which is shocking for a player of his quality.

  10. Real Madrid has appointed Santiago Solari as their new sporting director. Hope he signs with a couple of Argentines in the near future and keeps Nico Paz at the club.

  11. In my lifetime, this is the first time ever I feel really optimistic about our chances. All the other times I was very hopefull (as a die-hard fan) but felt nervous. But i am so cool now. Here are some of the points why I am not nervous.

    1. We have a team. (A real team where all the players know their roles and are settled apart from GLC exclusion)

    2. We have a coach. (A coach that won us two silverwares in the last 15 months)

    3. We have a Messi. (A different Messi who is a true leader now, in form with a different vision and has the taste of blood in Copa)

    4. The players have the monkey off their back.

    5. The players are united. More than any other teams i have known. They play for each other. Thanks to Scaloni.

    6. We have a nice group/draw in the WC.

    7. The Venue is more friendlier to Albiceleste.

    8. We have the form. Still unbeaten.

    9. The most important one- Apart from Brazil, I dont see any real threat. Like i am not scared when i see a European Team.
    France- Flawed in the back, Spain has scoring issues, Germany is not at peak yet but they are growing, England is a joke, Where are the Euro Champions? Portugal is too defensive and old school, Netherlands are hot and cold, Belgium gone with the old days, Croatia too old, Denmark no WC pedigree, Uruguay.. Naaah.
    So its Brazil only. They are the only threat cos they are settled too but If there is any team that can beat them, its us. I am sure they are wary of Argentina in the WC. So this is our best chance because Europe is weaker than last 20 years.
    Lets hope and pray that God gives us the extra luck needed and everything goes well with the fitness of our players and Lionel Messi holds that gold mass up as high as Diego In Sha Allah.

    Ameen / Amen

    • I agree with u. The Europeans are no longer the favorites here unlike the 2014 where there were the peak German golden generation team and Netherlands too. Or 2018 where France looked super strong.

      Now who are the strongest of Europe? France? Without 2 of their key Kante and Pogba really? Who else? Their best one, Italy we kicked their butt easily 3-0. Germany not really a favorite, more like dark horse. Netherlands have a good coach but too few stars. Portugal have CR7 declining already which is huge. England getting worse after Euro and their defense will be a problem for them as their 2 starters Maguire and Dier look bad lately.

  12. I sincerely believe cuti Romero and nico gonzalez were faking thier injuries I hope it pays off and win world Cup.
    Fiorentina and thier fans aren’t happy with nico gonzalez attitude they think all he cares was going to world cup.

    • If your team is the WC favorite (Argentina) and and FIFA was stupid enough to hold the WC in November and 1-2 months before that the clubs played every 3-4 days then it is normal if the players do their trick too such as faking injuries, not giving 100% in club level. Because no players wanna miss the WC. It is much more prestigious than any club level matches.

      • Man don’t get me wrong I’m totally supportive to our players and completely understand cuti Romero’s situation for that reason I don’t blame him at all but nico gonzalez situation is different he only played 4 to 5 games since August to this date. Man I don’t like favourite tag however I’m optimistic about our chance to win,.Many football people think Argentina have genuine chance I’m not talking about the mainstream media but football fans cross elp/ juve ,inter, Madrid, fcb in my East African community who are real fanatic football fans believes it’s between Argentina and Brazil this time around. what it’s more important is what scaloni and co believes in thier camp.

    • They just can’t fake it! They will still have to go through test and scan all that plus questioning of phsyio. They do have problem maybe minor but it’s their decision to be careful about it because opportunity like this comes once in a life time. I feel for players. All the European leagues milking it too much about the whole situation. They did know world cup will be in winter yet they didn’t care about protecting players. Instead they packing games just right about the time when it about to start. They don’t care if World Cup misses any good players so why would players should care.

      • It will be funny if Cuti who missed the Spurs last 5 games because of injury will start in 2 days against UEA. No reports from Argentina says he is injured as of now.

  13. Scaloni needs to fire his Alvarez and Enzo guns well and at the right times. Without youthful pressing football it would be difficult against Mexico and Poland. We do not have prolific scorers like MBappe or Haalande. Lautaro sometimes losses concentration.

  14. It’s sad nobody is talking about the best Argentine goalscorer of 2022. Almost Double the number of Lautaro Martinez in 2022.
    German Cano is 34 year old striker playing for Fluminese and is the top scorer with 25 goals in Brazilian league with one game to play. He has 43 goals in all competition this equaling Neymar and Gabriel Barbosa’ record for most goals in a season. With 43 goals only Mbabbe has more goals (46) than him. Haaland, Lewandowski, Neymar all are on 42. Interestingly all his goals are from open play, and also others like Mbabbe, Neymar, Haaland, Lewandowski also have international goals, while Cano does not have any. He is also very fit given that he has played every single game this season.
    A lot of Brazilian experts believe he is good enough to play the world cup. Careca also believes Argentina will struggle to score goals and Cano on current form could have been a solution coming from the bench.

  15. Real Madrid have Gianluca Prestianni as a January target. His agent Rolando Zarate is a former Velez and Real player.
    Newcastle negotiating with Velez for Maxi Perrone. Heading the negotiations is Cristian Bassedas, the Velez Sporting director, also a former Velez and Newcastle player.
    It is funny to note both zarate and Bassedas went to Europe with a big hype and failed miserably. Bassedas was one of the earliest of the 25 years of Velez jinx.
    19 year old Rosario Central midfielder has refused extension with the club and looks to be heading to Sporting Lisbon.

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