Ángel Correa and Thiago Almada arrive to Qatar


Ángel Correa and Thiago Almada have arrived to Qatar.

Correa and Thiago Almada have landed in Qatar and are with the Argentina national team. They are the last two players to arrive as they replaced the injured Nicolás González and Joaquín Correa.


  1. Almada is busy viewing all the proposals he got from Byern, Man City, Real Madrid, and Napoli from the moment he landed at the airport. He’s not fraud anymore.

    • If he plays some minutes and he plays bad, then u can go ahead criticize him. If he plays and he doesn’t look like national team material, then OK I also will join u in criticizing him.

      The thing is Almada played a bit in the friendlies in October AND he played also a bit in Olympic and he looked good in all matches he played.

      I know Meza also looked good 4 years ago before the WC, maybe u are abt to tell me this. But I tell you, from the first day I saw Meza, I did not believe that he is good at all, although 4 years ago, yes exactly by this point (before the WC started), he had A LOT OF fans here thinking that Sampaoli has found a jewel in him.

      Almada is different. He has quality. And as of now, he does NOT deserve your criticism.

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