Alejandro Papu Gómez comments on the Argentina national team, his injury


Alejandro Papu Gómez spoke about the Argentina national team and his injury.

Papu Gómez started Argentina’s 2-1 win vs. Australia in the Round of 16 but was substituted early in the second half. Speaking in an interview with TyC Sports, he stated that he got injured. Here is what he had to say:

“I twisted my ankle and couldn’t go on much longer. I preferred that someone else that’s better than me comes in. It’s a sprain, there are several days left to recover and everything will be fine.”

Gómez also spoke about the win and the World Cup:

“When you don’t finish off a game, a goal out of no where can complicate it for you. We all know that a 2-0 is a complicated result. We could have scored several goals after but the important thing is that we won, we ended up suffering but we are Argentina, you always have to suffer.

“We are meeting the objectives that we set out for ourselves. I see the team firm and the player who enters, does well. The player who enters off the bench maybe even helps more than the one who starts. The group is very strong. The first game may have been good for us because it was a warning sign. It woke us up and we improved things that we were doing wrong.”


  1. Papu was good yesterday, he was composed, wasn’t afraid to attack and take on players, played with confidence and didn’t lose the ball, especially in tight scenarios. Yes, maybe DiMaria gives more solutions up front, but we should be thankful we have Papu too.

  2. 6 days of rest and preparation with Dimaria returning against a not so solid defense is a huge advantage for us. Also once Australia started pressing we were creating chances after chances and had we scored only one out of those we would be having a totally different discussion here. Both Senegal and Ecuador were able to expose the dutch midfield and defense and US had they been more clinical in the final third could have knocked Holland out.

    However we did look uncomfortable against long balls and Scaloni will have to rectify it. Another area we will need to be extremely alert is fast dutch counters. Van-gal will sit back and defend and unlike 1st half today and Mexico match we will need to find a wat to enter the opposition box!! As long as we don’t make errors and take our chances like the last 15 mins , we should be able to go past the dutch team.

      • their only weakness is their goalkeeper with respect to experience. Nathan ake and timber, are great ball carriers but their defensive capabilities are suspect. with respect to Argentina, our only suspect area is Molina and Montiel. we have leaked all the 3 goals from the right side. Argentina would be better with 3-4-3. the only question mark is who will be the midfielder or wingback. I am thinking
        di maria -messi-alvarez

      • This time van haal is not preparing for extra time or tie breaker ..
        So against attacking Netherland we will be fine enough …
        If Lautaro doesn’t start we are OK
        If Lautaro comes in as subs then suddenly everything changes rapidly…
        Effect of Julian Alvarez is so clear..
        Lautaro is giving us the glimpses of Higuain

        Against USA .. looking at the goal scored by Netherland we also need to score every chance..
        Such pathetic miss by Lautaro will damage us

        Please if scaloni subs Alvarez then please Use Dybala

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