Lionel Messi on Sunday being his last match at a World Cup: “Surely it is”


Lionel Messi has stated that the World Cup final on Sunday is his last match at a World Cup.

Messi will play his final match at a World Cup in a final. He scored for Argentina in the 3-0 win vs. Croatia in the semi finals and spoke to Ole Clarin after the match. Here is what he had to say:

A lot of happiness to be able to achieve this. Finishing my journey at World Cups playing my last match in a final. Everything I have experienced in this World Cup is something very exciting, what the people have experienced, how people in Argentina are enjoying it.

When asked if this would be his last match at a World Cup:

“Surely it is. There’s a lot of years ahead for the next one and I don’t think I’ll make it. And to finish it this way is the is the best.”

He also spoke at a press conference after the win. Here is what he had to say:

“I feel good. It was not easy, we arrived tired but the group gained strength again and we played a very serious match. We knew that they were going to have a lot of the ball because they have very good players in midfield but we were well prepared for the match.

“This group is very smart, they know how to read the moments of every match. Scaloni said it: They know how to suffer when they have to suffer and to have the ball when they have to have it.

“We have a very good coaching staff who leave nothing to chance. The reading they do of every match, afterwards it happens.”


  1. Morocco is a more dangerous opponent for us than France.

    I see everyone here rather play Morocco in the final instead of France. I rather play France – to be the best, you beat the best. The story is better. We beat both finalists en route to World Cup glory.

    Also, I think everyone is sleeping in Morocco. In my honest opinion, they are a more dangerous opponent for us than France – I repeat.

    You’re worried about France’s wingers because of their speed? Look at the Moroccans with their counterattack, speed all over the pitch, tall players, and technical skills in the midfield. What about their goalkeeper? We all know Lloris is mistake-prone (remember the goal he gave up last World Cup final against Croatia?)

    Trust me guys Moroccan is like playing Saudia Arabia with seven #10’s (can’t remember KSA #10’s name) and better defense and midfield on the pitch.

    Ziyech is a problem, Hakimi, #4 is their Mascherano with ultra instinct ball-playing skills, I can’t remember anyone else but they are collective and compact. In every game they’ve played they looked like should have scored 4-5 goals more, especially against Portugal. They’re only missing a world-class striker. The guy in Sevilla is weak. That’s why most of us feel Sevilla missing a world-class striker.

    • To me, Morocco are better in defense while France are better in offense.

      If we play France, we can keep our counter attack strategy, but I’m worried about Giroud who will have a big advantage agaisnt us.

      If we play Morocco, they will be in defense mode and counter attack us, but we only need to score the first goal then we are champions.

  2. I remember at the beginning of the Scaloni project, he would always have Julian Alvarez included with the squad. I always knew it was so that he would get the national team experience and he could be ready to go for 2026. Never in my wildest dreams did I think he’d be our starting 9 and have 4 goals scored at the World Cup! Amazing talent, and he’s just getting started. Kudos to Scaloni! Also, another amazing fact is that the 2014 team that made the finals is a totally different team, other than Messi & DiMaria, than the team that made it in 2022. That’s just an amazing stat right there. Just like the 78 team vs the 86 team.

  3. I can clearly see the winning mentality amongst our players. They are working as a unit both on/off the pitch. Insha Allah we will in the final comfortably no matter who will be the opponent. I have complete faith in coaching staffs and the players. Haters will hate no matter how messi perfomred. Now they are saying Fifa is favouring argentina by awarding a penlalty in each match. I swear it was a clear penalty. The ref was pretty fair. We were the better side clearly. Our defense looks strong and rock solid. juts need little bit of improvment from midfield, not to loose the possesion by giving miss passes and ball recovery rate should be improved. All the players played excellent. I can see that the market value of Argentine players will eventually rise as we have reached the WC final and if we win it, its obvious the value of each player will rise. Insha Allah arg will win the final with ease.Go messi! Go Dimaria!Go alvarez! Go Cuti! Go Otamendi!Go Enzo! Go Emi!Go Lisandro! Go Tag!Go Acuna!Go Mac Alluster!Go Paredes!Go Lautaro!Go De Paula!Go Dybala!Go Molina!Go Palcios!Go Angel Correar!Go Papu!Go Rulli!Go Montiel!Go Armani!Go Alamanda!Go Pazella!Go Papu!Go Foyth!Go Scolani and all the coaching staff Vamos Argentina!

  4. All Julian’s goals have been very different.
    1. Control, powerful shot against set defense. Assist Enzo.
    2. Pressing forced mistake. Assist RDP.
    3. Counterattack run. Assist Messi and Molina.
    4. Poacher. Assist Messi.
    *5. Pk win, clever run catching perfect pass. Assist Enzo.

    Maybe he’ll score a header off a corner against France. Jajaja

  5. Anyone who is an Argentina fan 10 or 20 years from now will hear stories from players that are inspired by this World Cup. Imagine boys aged between 5 and 15 looking at the amazing hinchada in the stadiums, the enthusiam, the emotion of the people, the celebrations etc. They will be very motivated to make a career in football too. This WC is a huge inspiration.

    Hopefully the AFA will spend the prize money on building a facility like Clairfontaine in France that produced so many great players. England copied the Clairfontaine initiative several years ago and look at the talent they produce these days.

    We have a lot of new talents already (Garnacho, Paz, Zeballos etc) but for the next generations such a facility will put the AFA and Argentina in a better place.

  6. Nahuel Molina may be the best right back in the world. If he is not, he is certainly in the conversation. The fact that we don’t hear more about him at the club level tells you what an absolute turd of a manager Simeone is. Keep wearing your dumb black suits pal, thats all you got left.
    Enzo Fernandez may be a top 5 midfielder also in the world. The confidence, class, and effectiveness he plays with is amazing.
    PSG absolutely stole Julian Alvarez from River Plate for 20mill. A big thanks to Gallardo for doing so much player development, and a big frown to that moron Brito who now runs River Plate who will sell his mother and father for a bag of peanuts.

    • Please add Depaul to that list as well! The way Depaul has controlled the Argentine midfield speaks volume about incompetency of Simeone’s tactics!!

  7. Messi scored an impossible to save penalty kick against Livakovic. He said it is because he had discussed it with Emi Martinez and Rulli about Livakovic who had previously saved 4 PK in the World Cup. According to them, Livakovic likes to wait until the very last second before reacting. And that he is very good at low ball. So Rulli told Messi to shoot it high. That’s why Messi did that.

    It is a bit risky because if you mishit it a bit, it would be like Kane PK (too high). But it is better to shoot it that way than a soft and low penalty against Livakovic.

    • I concur with the point Ruli advised
      I was even giving a call to my brother at half time and we both thought the same if mis-shot – Imagined we referred to same Kane’s shot during our conversation

      Now we are good coaches and soon to get licenses …kkkkkkk

    • Great adjustment by Messi. Ya this GK waits so waiting to commit wouldn’t work. The extra power knowing he’s very good at attacking shots.

      Thought Messi seemed calmer than normal.

  8. I just rewatched the full game. These are my notes:
    1. Molina played great! The second goal was due to his amazing full speed run too that confused Sosa as to whether to mark Alvarez or Molina. As Sosa finally decided that he would mark Alvarez, loo late, he already lost his balance. So credit to Molina who I think have a chance to make the team of the tournament.

    2. Tagliafico finally played good defensively. He made at least 2 key tackles to stop Croatian break. But I think Acuna is more needed in the final

    3. MacAllister is the new Dele Alli to me. When having the ball, he made a bunch of back passes maybe more than 15 (second half alone more than 10) and side ways passes. Just like Dele Alli, he rarely touched the ball or got involved but he often comes out of nowhere to score.

    Whenever he touched the ball, he was very limited. He does not make killer passes or try to beat his man. Just like Ali, the less he touched the ball the better, and just like All, his defensive presence is very useful.

    4. Lionel Scaloni made a rookie mistake against Netherlands by substituting 3 key players in Cuti, Acuna, and De Paul and made the team ultra defensive when only 80th minute (plus 10 minutes injury time so he played the last 20 minutes ultra defensive), but in this game he improves drastically as we did not play too defensive but we mostly defended in the middle when Croatia badly needed to score. As a result, no danger at all from Croatia.

    5. Gary Neville and Roy Keane blasted Argentina saying the penalty was undeserved. Well they got bitter because just a couple of days before their England went home. Now they say they are rooting for France. Well good luck.

    • I thought Tagliafico had a wonderful game. I was extremely worried how he would fare, and the lack of Acuna was terrifying to be quite honest. But the way he closed down Pasalic in almost all his 1:1 encounters was so refreshing to see. But I have seen the interview with Gary Neville and Roy, there was no lack of praise for our magician with the way the third goal was created, but then yes there was more of a disappointment from their side in terms of how there was no penetration from the Croatian side and very little was said about how well we countered. So be it, let them continue to remain anti-Argentina. Who gives a rat’s a**. Barring the 1st 20 minutes when their midfield had complete possession of the ball, we simply dominated them. I would say that in the 1st half we beat them at their own game, which was by being clinical in our counter attacks. And in the second half, Leo was just magical. Great game from Cuti and Ota as expected. Molina’s sprint was another highlight of the day behind Leo’s magic and the “Julian sprint” as I would like to call it.

    • Excellent comment. Agree with everything except about Mac Allister. He doesn’t make killer long passes but does make quick short one touch passes that destabilize and can launch attacks. See the little pass to set up De Paul shot against Netherlands or several interchanges with Messi against Poland. But I’ll rewatch this match.

    • Mac Allister is quite nothing like Delli Ali. Never saw Delli Ali play deep, never saw Delli Ali dwell on the ball, beat the press in tight spaces, he just always popped up to score but in terms of general build up play, not well rounded like Alexis.

      • The good thing is that McAllister’s pay is improving day by day. He is connecting better with the team mates now than before. I still think he is the weakest link in the midfield but I am not gonna bash him anymore. The team with him played good and Scaloni is consistent keeping him in the starting eleven- maybe for a reason. For the final game, I will enjoy all our players.

        IMO, in the long run, he is not here to stay, unlike Enzo. Someone will take his place.

        Interesting that you, me, and a few others see a different McAllister than the rest of the mundo members, who always find him phenomenal!

        • As I said before the World Cup he did NOT deserved to be praised at all. Almost all the games he played were below average. That’s the truth. But then he played his best game of his life against Poland. From that moment he gained confidence, which is good for us.

          He is useful for us because of his defensive aspects and his off the the ball movements in attacking. But he is not someone that you give the ball to, expecting him to do some magic. He does not have that in his game. He is fine now. Improving, but of course he is not in the same class as the other 2 starting midfielders. Enzo and De Paul.

          You can tell that Enzo is at least Scaloni’s number 2 midfielder now if not number 1 behind De Paul (or even more important than De Paul). We can tell from the PK shootout, it was him chosen to take that crucial 4th PK. And yesterday game, he was playing 90 minutes. When Scaloni wanted to rotate, it was MacAllister for A Correa.

          The truth is he is fine now. He is perfect for us if we want to win it in ugly way. I always posted the rating of TYC and Ole lately after every game. Almost all games after the Poland games he got either 6 or 7 from them which is acceptable. Other midfielders normally got higher rating than him, which is fair enough.

  9. Alexis Mac Allister was immense! Every where.
    Alvarez and Enzo Fernandez are improving as the games go on!
    I am so close to my dream and this closure.

  10. The semi-final was just average. It’s not the best game. There were a few missed passes, lost the ball. Two central defenders received yellow cards. Enzo and MacAllister shot too badly, otherwise the score would have been 6-0. It’s too early to celebrate because we don’t have a gold cup yet. Hopefully the team will improve in the finals.

  11. Lionel Scaloni had my respect from day one, but he earned it more in this WC. When Scaloni saw that Lautaro is in a bad form, he dropped him immediately and never showed him any signs of compliment to him. That’s how great coaches react. Big 👏 to him.

    • Yes, and he is doing that while keeping morale high. Watch Julian hug Lautaro after coming off.
      Respect to Lautaro for being such a team player. Both Julian and Lautaro seem like solid bros.

  12. “Revenge is a dish best served cold.” How apt, 3-0 Remember the score Croatia??? if u beat us in group stage with that score line, We will knock you out at the Semis. Checked ( I mean tick not Croatian check)

    Messi can do it, Its humanly possible, If he has the will. Talent is there he can adapt and can play purely as an enganche alas Riquelme who never was runner. He played at his own speed. But Football have changed times have changed you cant always play with one man not pressing, But with all respect to his longevity and impeccable strength and gravity defying ability. He is no Zlatan, No CR7, No Pepe, No Modric, these all are showing impeccable strength for their age. Messi already looks exhausted at end of each match. He may not be able to handle it at 40.

    I have learned a hard lesson of not keeping any Individual as favorite anymore (But for Individual sports it’s going to be tough like Tennis), I just follow the Argentina NT, It took me years, It will be sad when Messi retires, But I was sad when Riquelme, Aimar, Ortega, Batigoal, Crepo etc retired so I will get over it in time. We cant hold on to Messi forever..Soon he may become a burden, Any elite athlete should know when to stop. Otherwise they will be a burden for the team, But that’s the nature the show must go one for Argentina NT. For now lets all keep on dreaming, Its alive now. Lets win it and be happy. Let’s be happy and enjoy Messi as much as possible during his Last Dance alas Michael Jordan(I need to watch that documentary, If any sporting Documentary that deserve to be watched by any sports fans those are “Diego Maradona”, “The Last Dance” I will watch it.

  13. Wow….World looks like a better place. Congrats eveeyone.
    What this final has created is another generation of Argentine fans across the globe.
    Additionally Argentine talents in different local clubs will fetch a better market price considering the performance of Julian n Enzo.

    Enjoy the moment.. will worry about opponent from Thursday onwards.

  14. People who were always criticizing
    1. Scaloni
    2. Tagliafico
    3. MacAllister
    4. Otamendi

    Your praise should be as loud as your criticism.

    Spain is better, Brazil is better, this team is better, that team is better. Where are they now?

  15. Argentina is in the final. I say there are at least 5 Argentines who deserve to make the ALL WORLD CUP 2022 TEAM (especially if we win the tournament):
    1. Lionel Messi
    2. Julian Alvarez
    3. Enzo Fernandez
    4. Emi Martinez
    5. Nicolas Otamendi/Cuti Romero

    Number 1 obvious, no comment

    Number 2, second top scorer in limited minutes compared to others. Julian plays like the prime Luis Suarez to me. Running non stop, amazing work rate and combine well with Messi. In Copa we complained Lautaro is a good striker but does not combine well with Messi well Julian does, he is the new Luis Suarez to me

    Number 3 has been amazing in every match. Last night, it was his through pass to Julian that changed the match completely. Without that pass, we would have criticized Scaloni for wasting 45 minutes with such a “bad tactic”. Before that pass Croatia dominated and we looked scared. Not only that, Julian without doubt will win the best young player of the tournament beating the likes of Bellingham or Gvardiol.

    Number 4 was behind Bouno and Livakovic before the semis but Livakovic was exposed in the semi. His only competitior is Bouno. If Bouno will win France again in PK shootout then Bouno might win the golden glove, if not then Emi. Lloris has no chance.

    Number 5 Both of them have been steady and rock in defense. It is IMPOSSIBLE not to include at least one of Otamendi/Cuti to the world cup winning team that has the BEST defense (don’t tell me Marocco has the best defense. They have the best parking the bus strategy)

    So i say about 5-6 of them will make the All Worl Cup team.

    Note in every World Cup, the quarter finalist teams rarely had any member in the All World Cup team, if there was usually just 1-2 players on the bench at most.

  16. Di maria must start in final. I don’t care about his injury. He is a big match player. For me 4-3-3 is the ideal combination like we player in Finalissima. Even against France we should play 4-3-3 with di maria

  17. To go out on top would be the best ending ever. What a career! So many records broken! Given joy to so many people.

    And not just Messi. Di Maria and Otamendi too. What a glorious end is near. Just one more game.

  18. I’m still speechless ONE MORE GAME, one more my emotions feel as if I’m inside a blender. One has to respect Croatia for playing CLEAN and not trying to injure Messi or anybody else on the team intentionally and their coach wishing MESSI GOOD LUCK was a class-act and for that I salute them. ONE MORE GAME

  19. France lost to Senegal in 2002, South Africa in 2010 and Tunisia in 2022. France has a history of losing to African teams at the World cup. If France doesn’t get an early goal against Morocco they’re going to panic especially knowing Morocco already defeated Belgium, Spain and Portugal at this year’s World Cup. Hakimi will likely diffuse Mbappe’s threat and the other Bayern Munich player will deal with Dembele..I think this game will come down to Giroud for France, if Morocco can limit his threat in the eighteen yard box France will definitely be in trouble.

    • If Marocco can make it to PK shootout they will win I am sure. Lloris is bad at PK. Mbappe will have a quiet game for sure as park the bus team never match his ability plus Hakimi will man mark him.

    • Sometimes we just need good finishers and not necessarily a beautiful game maker like Messi. So it is ok for Alvarez to go on playing like this and create scoring records. Lautaro has a similar potential but he has not been in the best of his forms in 2022.

      • and thank god both of god peaked for the national team at different times… Lautaro during the Copa and qualifiers, Julian during the finals… come on guys! think we should be fine with two of them for our future as the core. and with Enzo, MacA, Lisandro M… more needed of course but certainly bright for us and for them. for now, enscribe yourselves into history, guys!!!! do it this Sunday!!! Vamos Argentina! Vamos! Vamos! Vamos!

    • yes that fighting spirit comes from river, but he is more skilful than many people think, I saw him played occasionally as inner midfielder when he was at river. he is very good with the ball.

    • Am I the only one who sees the amazing similarities between Alvarez and the peak Luis Suarez? They are very similar to me. I am grateful that Julian is blossoming into such player.

      • I see more similarities with Müler than Luisito, but it’s way too early IMO.

        So peak Suarez was a monster and probably the best CF the game has ever seen. He could dribble, make line breaking passes, take free kicks, penalties and score 35 goals a season. He basically played like a Messi when he was in Liverpool.

        On the other hand, Muller the cunt was always same. His greatest strength is his absolute world class ability to find space and run into there. His game reading ability is monstrous and he pressed a lot when he was young, still does it. And he was world class in scoring goals. Every coach he played under loved him, like all 3 of Gallardo, Scaloni and Pep already loves Julian. He is the coach’s player.

        Sometimes Julian makes that long diagonal ball to switch play and he reminds me of Luisito for sure, but most of the other times when he is making those channelizing runs and staying in spaces for his teammates to find him like yesterday after the Messi’s dribble? He reminds me a lot of Muller.

      • I think Alvarez is faster, Suarez is an amazing player with the ball, Alvarez is more versatile. the player who made me think of him is Saviola, I wish julian a better career than Javier

    • He is a good finisher, makes runs, removes his marker, strong enough to play hold up, can play quick 1-2s. He’s not a great dribbler or tricky but as a #9 you don’t have to be. Sometimes his touch can be as bad as a wall and other times he shows tremendous control like the goal against Poland.

      Only worry is how long he can play at such intensity which is a huge part of his game.

    • Actually Alvarez is much more skillful and versatile than Lautaro. His off the ball movements are great and can dribble and most importantly is very clinical!

  20. Many suggest that keeping 442 in final…it’s too early..!
    Let the second semi final finish…!
    I think,
    If it’s France, may be we will continue with 442.
    If it’s Morocco, we will go back to 433.

  21. What a match! Our boys simply didn’t give any chance to the Croats. We played a match like Finalissima today. We lost the first match, now in final!! What a superb achievement by the team. A very big thanks to make us so proud!
    Scaloni surely learned from past. He wasn’t too defensive after scoring 2nd goal today, continued to press, so the result became 3-0. Finally we got some solid defenders & a spectacular keeper. Also a mastermind coach. Alhamdullah for everything.
    This time we’re going to lift the world cup trophy inn shaa Allah!

    • Vamos 🇦🇷 🇦🇷 🇦🇷 🇦🇷 🇦🇷 🇦🇷 🇦🇷
      Scaloni proving he’s a master mind, his coaching staff are incredible too, watch carefully Messi’s words, everything about this team is special, they will fight for the cup I’m sure of it ❤.

    • Yep, we did exactly what we needed to do while we kept a lead, didn’t panic like last game and pressed and also remained dangerous and continued our counter attacks

      • yeah, many of you said the KSA shock and jolt was needed, brought the team and its confidence crashing back down to earth and the unbeaten run to a shuddering halt, and what was important was how it picked up and reacted. it hurt and the team remembered.

        as it that was not enough, more lessons in the form of AUS. a 1-0 lead is never enough. hell at 2-1 it is going to be dangerous. and then a shellshocked in the form of HOL. a 2-1 lead with 1-2 mins to spare is also not enough. going through extra time and a penalty shootout. you guys better learn game management and how to close off the game.

        yes, i thank god for the loss to KSA and our teams reaction, the AUS and the HOL games, the soft penalty for the foul on Julian, and peaking at the right time and the further build up in confidence going into final match. i’ll take all of these together again anytime.

        just win the next freaking match (i don’t care who is it FRA or our revenge) and the third star over our crest. messi for messi and argentina and the fans all around the world. please god please……

    • It’s a clear pk. Remember, a foul inside the box is a pk. If you run and crash into a player and fail to win the ball, that is a foul in any part of the pitch. Inside the box it’s a pk. All pro refs are saying clear pk.

      And most are saying we should have been awarded another for the deliberate handball.

  22. I want France to win vs Morocco and Argentina to get another revenge match. Mbappe needs to eat his words about South American football. He also has to witness Messi winning the golden boot and player of the tournament.

    France is overrated. The most dysfunctional assembled Argentine team to enter the world cup in history faced the most complete France side in history in the 2018 World Cup round of 16 and we lost 4-3 due to coach error, and goalkeeper, among other personnel. That Argentina team came from the ashes of disorganization, debt, and turmoil. Even the fans turned on them and they shut off the media. They played France in that game in protest to the coach and were winging it on the field most of the match.

    Now we have a complete team. One assembled for the last 4 years, with a true belief in the system, the coach, the philosophy. The fans are in complete support. Here in Mundo, we are beginning to get along. Everyone that didn’t believe, is believing. We are praying, we are hoping, we are wishing, and we are united all over the world.

    Who will make the documentary on how this NT has suffered since 1990 and how they overcame all adversity (losing 3 straight finals), went to 2 world cup finals in the last 3 world cups, and won this one beating the last runner-up and winners of the last World Cup in route to becoming Champions?


    • We just need Morocco, no need a revenge. When I was small, revenge was important, but not now, winning WC is much more important than revenge.

      France has weakness, but they have lots of stars, Mbappe, Griezman, Girou, and Dembele they are all super scorers. In big games, a few moments of big players decide the game. Do you see how easily they score against other. teams including England?

      In the 2000s, Arg played much more organized football than Brazil, we also have superstars but not as good Brazilian superstars. They won quite a lot of important games against us because of their superstars.

      It’s best to avoid teams with superstars at all cost. You see why Croatia got to Semi, it’s Modric and their keeper. How Arg in WC90 got to the final, it’s Maradona, Cannigia and Goycoecha, ..

    • No need to be cocky. We will struggle against France. They have real speed in wings proper destroyer in tchoumeni. We don’t need this kind of opponent in final

  23. Granacho not even posting a singpe status that we reach final☹️ the kid have no love for US, he is too selfish like his idol cr7 i mean even if he didnt selected how can he not celebrating his teamates success. With this ego he surely think he is the best young talemt we have,
    I want to unearth a new youngster as good as him cmon if we can produce alverz and enzo from local legue we can produce better player than grancho

    • A) who cares, we are in the final.
      B) social media is not real life. He is probably drunk celebrating with his friends and family. Not checking his social media for validation .

      Vamos Argentina!

    • Give Garnacho some time to come to terms with his newly acquired stardom. It is easy to get carried away by media glare. His club coach has a responsibility to keep him grounded. Also not being included in Argentina side surely have hurt his feeling too. Scaloni and Messi’s humility and attitude would surely impress him as he grows in maturity.

  24. Another *MISSION ACCOMPLISHED* today (subs playing like starters)

    The following remain to be completed:

    ~DiMaria will celebrate with the heart gesture, symbolic love of all Argentine fans ~WORLDWIDE!
    ~Dybala will have his moment with his signature celebration!
    ~Paredes will finally have one of his rocket shots on target!
    ~Lautaro will set a record!
    ~Messi will hold the trophy when it’s all set and done!
    ~In every major city in Argentina, the confetti will rain sky blue and white!
    ~Babies will be born 9 months from now!
    ~Broken marriages restored! “What were we arguing about again?”
    ~The world will sing a new song for Argentina!
    ~Here in Mundo the troll, the agitator, the opinionated, the hater, and the fanatic will be in harmony and we’ll realize that we all loved our national team all along!

    Cuti will be a rock! *MISSION ACCOMPLISHED*
    Emi will be a Giant! *MISSION ACCOMPLISHED*
    DePaul will be an engine! *MISSION ACCOMPLISHED*
    DiMaria will celebrate with the heart gesture, symbolic love of all Argentine fans WORLDWIDE!
    Dybala will have his moment with his signature celebration!
    Enzo will get his chance and he will shine! *MISSION ACCOMPLISHED*
    Paredes will finally have one of his rocket shots on target!
    Alvarez will become the 9th Wonder of the World! *MISSION ACCOMPLISHED*
    Lautaro will set a record!
    Even MacAllister will be KEY and he will unlock defenses! *MISSION ACCOMPLISHED*
    Every sub will play like a starter! *MISSION ACCOMPLISHED*
    Messi will hold the trophy when it’s all set and done!
    In every major city in Argentina, the confetti will rain sky blue and white!
    Babies will be born 9 months from now!
    Broken marriages restored! “What were we arguing about again?”
    The world will sing a new song for Argentina!
    CR7 will sing don’t cry for me Argentina! *MISSION ACCOMPLISHED*

    Here in Mundo the troll, the agitator, the opinionated, the hater, and the fanatic will be in harmony and we’ll realize that we all loved our national team all along!

  25. So happy.. but we must be grounded..we must not be too carried away with celebrations..we must be purely focused.. France will be a different beast.. enjoy the occasion but please don’t be distracted.. don’t be complecent..our team need rewatch the 2014 German final to get the close.. don’t miss it and mess it guys..vamos..

    • 4-3-3 wether France or Morocco is a must in second half.

      1. During France Molina wont overlaps , man marking Mbape
      2. France not as good as Croats in midfields dominance
      3. France will be prepared arg to continue 4-4-2
      4. France defense a little bit shaky and by us switch 4-3-3 expect quite good numbers of good chances

      On the other hand,
      5. Morocco defence is solid , 3 front is a must.

  26. Possession
    Argentina 39%.
    Croatia 61%

    Total passes
    Argentina 399
    Croatia 608

    Shots on target
    Argentina. 6
    Croatia 2

    Argentina 3
    Croatia 0

    Welcome to La Sclenosta

  27. Tbh I don’t believe him. He said he’d only play for Barca, he said he’d retire and 2016 and didn’t. I don’t think he can resist and I don’t blame him. I look forward to watching him in 2026… if Pepe can play at age 39, so can he

    • He’d probably skip qualifier and friendlies but I can see him participating at least in next Copa America. He’d be same age as Modric in this tournament.

      Athlete physical fitness in 2022 isnt the same as in 1986, we’re way ahead now. We’ve seen athletes such as Federer, Manny, Mayweather, GSP, etc are still dominating younger guy even in their late 30s. That’s a fact.

      The only reason Messi decided to step down from national team would be to let the younger generation takes over the national team. Its better to rebuilt as soon as possible.

    • Well if we have a very strong team before next WC, and Messi is still playing in Europe, he may join the team. It’s unreasonable to have Messi playing through the whole WQ of 18 games at this age.

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