Ángel Di María recovers, available for Argentina for World Cup final


Ángel Di María has recovered and is available for the Argentina national team for the World Cup final.

Di María will be available to play on Sunday. The Argentina national team trained on Thursday for the first time before the World Cup final and according to TN Deportivo and TyC Sports, Ángel Di María has recovered and could start for Lionel Scaloni.

Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni has reportedly not yet decided if he will start him but he is available to play.


  1. Greetings to All the mundo members. here every one talks about how great this french team is. How great Mbappe, Griezmen, Giroud, Dembele is. Offcourse they are very good players. Mbappe very pacy player with limited talents. French side have improved a lot since Euro. We are talking about how we are gooing to stop french attackers and how we could dominate in the middle.why dont we speak about the strength of our team and gow they are going to stop our top notch attackers and how they can penatrate our rock solid defense. it seems most of the mundo members are pretty scared to face this french side. I tell you guys what. if u wanna be the real champs, beat the the best and be the champion with the pride. Without being bias i would like to point out:
    1. This Arg team has improved a lot and much stronger side than WC 2018. And this French side is very strong, however we have not seen thier best in this world cup and TBH this French side is not strong or impressive as 2018 WC winning team.
    2. We have to stop their top notch attackers, don’t they have to stop our attackers too. Our attacking players are not par with theirs or not dangerous or not world class? Offcourse not. We have the most dangerous attacking palyers in the world. We have the best player in the world and all the teams who played against Argentina have failed to stop Messi. France defense have holes and they really need to find a way to stop messi and thats not it. They have to find a way to stop Di Maria, Alvarez, and to block the faboulous run from Molina, powerful shots of Enzo. if they use three to four players to mark Messi, this will give plenty of space to Di Maria and Alvarez. Eventhough Messi and Di Maria are 35 and 34 still these two players are very pacy and dangerous to any defense, wich most of the so called world class defenders have failed to stop them completely. We have seen them in this world cup.
    3. This Arg team is more prepared mentally than ever, I beleive that our players are mentally stronger than the French side and our team is more united than ever which will boost the confidence and yhe morale. Furthermore hunger and the thirst of our players to be the champion will insha Allah show yhe difference in the final match. France have to do lot to beat this Arg team, more than Argentina needs to beat the French side. like emi martinez saying ‘they have to kille me if they want to score’.
    3. Argentina knows how to play under pressure which French side lacks. We have played under pressure in all the matches in this WC since we lost against Saudi, and they know how to win under these circumstances.
    3.Our defense line is more stronger than 2018 and than them. They need more than expected to unlock our defense, and they are really weak when on trial. Hope that our defenders will back pocket Mbappe.😜
    4. Our midfield has neutrlaized the best midfield line in this world cup. So my opinion is they will do the same against france. If our midfield functions as last match, I presume that they will perform beyond expection. This will totally cut the supply of ball from back line to their most outstanding player Griezmen.
    5. This french side is overrrated and they are overconfident which will give them a good lesson. They have talked too much about our team. Every team said that they were not going to mark messi with three or four players, however opposite happened. Can any one tell me how this french side is going to handle with one average defender.
    6. France defense is vunerable and have been exposed by England and Morroco. I am sure Scolani has perfect plan to penetrate thier defense with ease.

    This french side is arrogant and full of pride as european media is backing and bestowing undeserve praise. We have 100 percent faith on our players. vamos argentina. My prediction is Arg 2 – France 0

  2. Di Maria is our Angel, He is really good in scoring important moments especially in knockout matches. Depends on how Scaloni gonna field the starting 11. I am sure its gonna be a careful 11. Pragmatic approach. Its Final so you are suppose to be safer at start.

  3. This is good news, i’ve always said we lost wc 2014 because Di Maria missed it. He was in top form, the game would’ve gone completely differently if he were in it. Now let’s dance.

  4. Better to make 5-3-2 formation , because we want to stop mbape and Dembele. So i think this is better for us .
    Accuna- Otamendi- Romero- Lizandro-Molina
    Alvarez- Messi.
    if we getting any chance , it want to make goal, and we want to defend
    other wise 4-4-2 also good

  5. i really wish we win
    but we need to look at history against us
    last last 2 finals 1-0 vs western european teams

    argentina have only won 1 out of last 7 finals snce 2004.
    we need to win in 90 mins as we have bad recent histor losing penalties in finals. 2 vs chile 1 vs brazil

    the biggest reason is argentina are mentally flawed in finals given our record of losing 6 out of last 7. we need to overcome this.

    We must score as no doubt france will score with giroud at some point.

    • History will not give us anything. Only the work u do on the field gives us the result. History is ought to change always. Its not neccessary to repeat history. vamos Argentina. Have some faith fellows

      • Rightly said. We can’t just be worried about when Giroud could score, rather focus on the game and tighten up all our areas. We cannot allow panic to settle in, that rattles our game, that weakens everything that this team has prepared for. Fight, fight till the end, play your best match together as a team. Vamos!!!!

  6. We need Di Maria. He is sometimes even better than Messi in the national team in creating chances and holding on to his nerves. A defence of Montiel, Romero, Otamendi, Acuna supported by Enzo, Paredes should be able to fight tooth and nail with Giroud, MBappe, Dembele, Griezman. Montiel played his best against Brazil in Copa Final. Molina is good with his attacks and scoring ability. But if we have Di Maria on the right we might not need the right back to take so much load. Midfield can be Enzo, Paredes (subbed at 60th by MacAllister) supporting the defence and De Paul supporting Di Maria and Messi. And Alvarez can play the pressing game. Di Maria can also play a pressing game upfront. He can be subbed off around 60th by Dybala and Alvarez around 65th by Lautaro.

  7. This has been said many times on Mundo but it’s not possible to field the ideal 11 – 1 of Di Maria, MacAllister, Acuna/Molina, or Licha must be dropped. Which is the most balanced? Which provides the greatest attacking threat? Or the best defense? Which is the best against the Bustard Mustards? Find out next time on Scaloneta Ball Z!

    Ideal 11
    FWD – Alvarez – Messi – Di Maria
    MIDS – MacAllister – Enzo – RDP
    DEF – Acuna – Ota – Licha – Romero – Molina

    433 – Licha dropped to keep Di Maria and Mac Allister (3 man mid)
    Alvarez – Messi – Di Maria
    MacAllister – Enzo – RDP
    Acuna – Ota – Romero – Molina

    343 – Acuna (or Molina) dropped to keep Di Maria and Mac Allister (3 man mid)
    Alvarez – Messi – Di Maria
    MacAllister – Enzo – RDP
    Licha – Ota – Romero – Molina

    442 Di Maria and Licha dropped to keep Paredes and Mac Allister (4 man mid)
    Alvarez – Messi
    MacAllister – Enzo – Paredes – RDP
    Acuna – Ota – Romero – Molina

    523 – MacAllister dropped to keep Di Maria and Licha (2 man mid)
    Alvarez – Messi – Di María
    Enzo – RDP
    Acuna – Licha – Ota – Romero – Molina

    532 – Di Maria dropped to keep MacAllister and Licha (3 man mid)
    Álvarez – Messi
    Mac Allister – Enzo – RDP
    Acuna – Licha – Ota – Romero – Molina

    VAMOS ARGENTINA!!!! 🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷💪💪💪💪💪

    • It’s definitely a dilemma, since on one hand most of us believe that either a 3-5-2 or a 5-3-2 would be best BUT at the same time Di Maria has that thing about him where he has to start in a final no matter what. To play either of the “ideal” tactical formations we have to sacrifice him. Maybe a species of 4-4-2 with Fideo like against Brazil? Still You’d have to drop Licha. Tough

  8. Scaloni stated he believes defensive minded teams win tournaments (yes im paraphrasing before you uppidy douchebags try to straw man) so I doubt fideo will start this match. Will come in as a sub without a doubt though since it is his last game with Argentina.

  9. Morocco missed a lethal finisher.
    And in other two knock out games, France conceded 3 penalties..3..!
    Just imagine, What Argentina can do against them with an inform Messi, DiMaria and Alvarez.. 🔥

  10. I just now watched again 2018 Argentina vs France match. What I liked was Otamendi’s and Di Maria’s performances. Masche, Mercado, Tagliafico too did a decent job. What I didn’t like was Armani’s, Fazio’s, Rojo’s (that penalty conceded) and Pavon’s performances. On the other side, Griezzman was instrumental in stopping Messi at critical times, and also we know about how good Mbappe was on that day. With the better technical and intelligent players (De Paul, Mac Allister, Enzo, Alvarez, Romero, Licha, Dybala) we have this time around, we can hopefully beat mighty France.

  11. Hey guys I have been reading every single article & every comment here since the 1st match , just logged in to put in my prediction…….
    I’m pretty confident for the final
    It will be 3-1

  12. ADM has to start. The media and pundits have fallen in love with Theo Hernandez but I’m not sure they have seen the games. Against top class players he has struggled and been rash with challenges. Saka had his way with him and Theo was responsible for the pass into the box for the first PK. He casually came to help the CB and Saka slipped the pass between them. He obviously trucked Kane for the second PK.

    He similarly had trouble with Ziyetk (sp?) and certainly Hakimi. A lot of the second half Morocco pounded his side. Morocco should have been awarded a penalty on one of his challenges. Arg has not gotten the benefit of the doubt when the defender slides but gets the ball first.

    Di Maria will eat his lunch. ADM loves more than anything to abuse the defenders on the sideline so he can create space for his left foot to feed Messi or shoot. It will be a long day for Hernandez.

  13. Rumors that Benzema may join the team for the final. He was injured before the tournament started but never replaced with another player. So, technically he can join, if not in action on the field. He was training with Real Madrid and reportedly was on his way to Qater.

  14. On paper France is stronger and I guess we won’t be able to stop them from scoring. But I think this time our players will be fully charged up , everyone will give their 200% , quite similar to COPA 2021 final where passion and dedication will make the difference . I have a very good feeling with this match. If we win , it will be Arg 3 – France 2. For France it is just another match , but for Argentina it is the match of life; I guess France will find it very difficult.

  15. As I said yesterday, 442 will be best against France, or even 433 with DiMaria being a hybrid MF cum forward. I Hope he’s fit enough for the role.
    I am not a fan of 532. It’s too defensive and France is better than Netherlands in finishing. You will be in danger of conceding any time.
    Never allow Mbappe free space to run. Griezmann should be followed through out the game. He should feel like hell. Enzo can frustrate him. DePaul can frustrate Mbappe.
    We already scored 7 goals in knock out of the world cup even with out Di Maria.
    When Messi and DiMaria in form, together with Alvarez…who can stop us..?
    France defense is weak..attack is their defense.

  16. 5 defenders will not stop Griezemann, Mbappe, Giroud, Dembele (and apparently Benzema may be there as well).

    The way to beat France is to exploit their weak defense and a score a bunch of goals, more goals than they score against you.

    Best case is the French themselves freak out thinking about dealing with Leo Prime, Alvarez, Di Maria, and go extra defensive themselves. That would be a gift, because neither can the French defense withstand Argentine attack.

    • Firstly benzema is not coming to the world cup finals, please get your latest news updates….. Next of all not all world cup games are won by being ultra aggressive…. France if you have watched tend to go hard in first 45 minutes and then defend…. So if you don’t give them space or pace upfront half the job is done… This means not playing completely defensive but breaking their lines and then attack and pounce which this current Argentina team is really good at and take their defensive and midfield weakness apart

  17. It is important to not go too defensive especially our right side. If we are too defensive for example we put Montiel and 4-4-2, that gives an access for Mbappe and Theo to keep attacking us non stop. We need to put Di Maria. So France would know that if Mbappe keeps attacking us with Theo, Di Maria is ready to punish them as there would be a big hole there on their left.

    I would say start Di Maria. It is his last game for Argentina. The guy is hungry, healthy and will play with a chip on his shoulder. Hope by the time he leaves the pitch, we will have already won the game for sure.

  18. For me it is very simple. France is weaker than 2018 France. If you tell me they are stronger now, u dunno futbol.

    Argentina of 2022 is 5 times stronger than 2018 of Argentina. In 2018 we just lost 3-4 not like 0-4 or something. So why you scared?

    The same as when we faced Brazil in Copa last year. I said the same thing Argentina of 2021 Copa with Emi and Cuti are stronger than Argentina of 2019 that lost against Brazil. Brazil of 2021 was about the same as Brazil of 2019. And u know who won.

    Don’t worry that much guys.

    • You’re right, those who understand football will know we can score against France, it’s a matter of keeping things tight in the back, now the question is, what tactics Scaloni and his staff have in mind to play against the French, do we give them the ball? Do we attack? We’ll see on Sunday, turst Scaloni, this management has impressed so far. And Messi said, and I also trust his words.

    • A big difference in 2018 and 2022 is Emi and Cuti, they’ve stabilized the defence, then there’s massive additions of Enzo, RDP, Licha and the Spider. I have much confidence in this team, not a single bit scared of France, i said from the start of the tournament, we can beat any team in the competition and we have to, to take the cup. Vamos.

  19. LET’S GO ARGENTINA LET’S GO 🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷💙💙LET’S CAPO DEI CAPI 🫵🫵👏👏💪💪💪💪💪💪🫡🫡👽👽

    • Argentina’s fans, please be calm. This World cup is ours. I know a true Servant of the Lord Jesus Christ who says that He saw Argentina ‘s flag very high, He saw people rejoicing this Sunday. Don’t worry, I am already glad for Messi and all people that support the teams

      • I am conflicted.
        I love attending the holy mass. The game will also be starting.
        I hope to find an evening mass where I can go and worship so that I can first watch the game.

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