Lionel Scaloni reportedly verbally agrees to new contract


Lionel Scaloni has reportedly verbally agreed to a new contract and will remain as Argentina coach.

Scaloni has won it all as coach of the Argentina national team. After coaching the team to the 2021 Copa America, he would win the 2022 Finalissima.

His legendary status would reach new heights as he would go on to coach Argentina to the World Cup. According to Doble Amarilla, a verbal agreement has apparently been reached between Scaloni and the AFA, keeping him on until the 2026 World Cup.

The Argentina national team coaching staff would also receive a substantial raise.


  1. Foyth with a late winner goal.

    Facundo Medina is the player with the most carry progress (5358 meters) in 2022 among the Top 5 European leagues.

    Romero, Lisandro, Senesi, LMQ, Foyth, Medina, Perez, Balerdi.

    ARG is the world number one in CB talent pool, plus number one in midfield talent pool.

    GK Emi enough said.
    RB Molina, Foyth, Montiel TOP3 easily
    LB more problematic, Acuna and Tagliafico will be over 30 in next WC.
    CB TOP1
    MID TOP1
    CF Julian, Lautaro TOP3 easily too
    LW and RW, the positions we need to find new talents.

  2. Can anyone think of any other argentine striker who can outperform Julian’s brilliance in this wc? I mean in this Argentine squad there is no wingers available and di Maria was also injured. Just imagine if lautaro sub was icardi or Simeone? No it’s not possible. So is it possible with prime Aguero or even batistuta? I know if it is a typical team with good wingers means it’s any time batigol or Aguero would be there. But with this tactics can they replicate what Julian did? I don’t think so. I am not comparing Julian with those legends. But we are just blessed to have a striker like Julian. Not at all a typical no 9 and that’s all scaloni needs.

  3. It has been a great year. Does anyone know if we have any strikers coming up behind Lautaro? Looking at some of his past games, Toro looked a lot thinner than the WC. It seems we are producing many wingers and midfielders and defenders but no strikers anymore.

    Also, on the Maradona Messi Ronaldo debate….This is all nonsense. Ronaldo, is a great player no doubt, but nowhere near Maradona or Messi. I would frankly have Cruyff over Ronaldo, and even Beckenbauer, and probably Zidane. Maybe Ronaldo is the best of the bunch in plastic surgery. Somebody go take a look at him from 15 years ago and he has had more cosmetic surgery than Pamela Anderson.
    On Messi vs Maradona, I am old enough to have seen Maradona play his entire career. It isn’t even close. Maradona was brash and outspoken and the confidence of the Gods. He dominated everyone and everything. However, all that said, Messi is the far better player if you consider these things. Football is a lot more sophisticated these years, and more strategic and tactical with all the analytics. Maradona would have been fantastic now but the game is different with nutrition, sports science, etc. Second, longevity. Messi did it longer at a high level than Maradona and its not even close. He has won everything Maradona has won and more, scored more goals, at the absolute highest levels. Those goals for for Messi came at Barcelona, not at Argentina Juniors, or Boca. I love Diego, but his demons shortened his career, and I would say aside from leadership which Maradona was a born fighter and leader, every other box goes to Leo

  4. Fabrizio Romano

    49 mins
    Chelsea will push again in the next hours and days to sign Enzo Fernandez. Plan is to get him immediately, not in June. Deal depends on Benfica decision now. 🔵 #CFC

    Enzo already accepted Chelsea’s contract bid, but he played as he’d never disrespect Benfica.

    Up to Rui Costa

    —- I think it is just a matter of time before Enzo becoming a Chelsea player. I am ready to root for: Spurs, MU, Villa, and Chelsea now.

    But I really want Emi out of Villa to one of the other 3 teams.

    • I think it would be nice if he goes to either Liverpool or manu. I didn’t prefer Chelsea because Chelsea is a very volatile team one year they Top. Next year struggling and history of sacking coaches on a continuous basis…

  5. Julian Alvarez’s welcome at City

  6. World Cup team of the tournament is never released and I don’t think it will ever be released. However, some well known sites published their version of the team of the tournament. There are 9 (from Wiki only) of them such as Guardian, Globosport, UOL, Diario AS, Kicker, Del Spiegel, ARD Sportschau, etc. I will add more from the famous ones such as Sports illustrated, Skysports,, yahoosports, CBS. As many as 10 of our players receiveing at least 1 vote to make the team of the tournaments. Here they are:
    1. Messi all 14 votes
    2. Julian Alvarez 11 votes
    3. Emi Martinez 7 votes
    4. Enzo Fernandez 4 votes
    5. Nicolas Otamendi 4 votes
    6. Cristian Romero 2 votes
    7. Alexis MacAllister 2 votes
    8. Angel Di Maria 1 vote
    9. Rodrigo De Paul 1 vote.
    10. Marcos Acuna 1 vote

    For me it is fair.
    This is my team of the tournament (no biased): Emi Martinez; Hakimi, Cuti Romero, Gvardiol, Luke Shaw; Enzo, Sofyan, Modric; Mbappe, Messi, Alvarez

    • Yeah you’re not gonna find an official ”team of the tournament” list because FIFA stopped publishing them along time ago. Infact FIFA only published an official list from 1994 to 2006.
      Needless to say, Dibu, Enzo, D10s and Alvarez seem to feature in most of the reputable lists while Alexis and Nico also received several mentions.

      • Interesting. At first I assumed FIFA stopped publishing TOTW (“all star team”) due to FIFA avoiding controversy but who am I kidding, they live for attention. Wonder why they stopped? Seems like something straight forward and repeatable to complete.

  7. Whoever says Ronaldo is the same as Messi or even better is a fucking clown………the two are on the same page and that is all. I would not even say they are close Messi is def better by a good distance……OMG this whole time we have been fed a lie by all these people and so called experts…

  8. Scaloni is the best coach in the world….He outcoach every other coach that he plays against. His only mistake was to take Arabi Saudi too casually. Unfortunately we concede a lot of goals in the tournament but we are one of the teams that allow less touches in our surface….. Great job Scaloni

    • I think the squad and Scaloni were at fault for the Saudi loss.
      Tata certainly out coached Scaloni for a good portion of the game.
      Swampy LVG also out played Scaloni for 10 horrifying minutes by deploying giants, including Van Dijk, to striker position. We literally had no solutions and looked completely overwhelmed. Thankfully LVG reverted back to tactics from the first 30 because they could have kept the momentum going and might have bagged few more goals.
      He also messed up with player subs like Dybala instead of Toro and went defensive a bit too early in some games.
      He also took off ADM too early and the French immediately took advantage.
      Overall he did a fantastic job, probably had the best overall tournament but he wasn’t perfect which is normal for any great coach. Anyway, I’m sure he’s learned and will only improve. Great job Scaloni!!

      • Sorry to disagree. LVG never out coached Scaloni. He knew LVG plan so he took off Licha to put Pezzella however our players panicked and it was cunning gaol at the end. Also Cuti was on yellow so he needed to sub him. So far Mexico we were nervous also our game plan was cautious coz we did not wanna concede any goal in such nerve wrecking encounter. I think Scaloni should be coach of the tournament. Him and all his coaching staff was phenomenal even with Saudi he knew Saudis plan but that stupid offside thing also unlucky to concede those two goals.

        • He took off Romero for Pezz instead of Licha only because of the general height disparity. I do not believe Scaloni anticipated LVGs mad tactic of sending all tall players to striker position and everyone kicking long balls to them. I remember at one point De Jong was playing center back while Van Dijk was 9. I also noticed most defenders and Emi clearing the ball by kicking long when that was perfect for the Dutch. Every time Emi kicked long I screamed in disbelief. No clue why they weren’t playing out of the back and retaining possession towards the end. 90% of the match Scaloni out played LVG but it flipped for those horrific 10 minutes.

    • Many teams suffer after great victories so it will be interesting to see if the squad remains hungry and more determined than ever. I’m personally still very bullish and loved seeing the team progress and play wonderfully towards the end. I think we’ll see more improvement and consistency and player rotation without performance degradation.

      • We won two major trophies recently but look like we’ve just started the journey. Unlike Spain and some other nations that had one great generation per several decades, Argentina have been always very strong since 1978, what we lacked in the 90s and 2000s are great coaches

    • I think our story isn’t even complete yet. Remember:

      World Cup 2014 ❌
      Copa America 2015 ❌
      Copa American 2016 ❌


      Copa America 2021 ✅
      World Cup 2022✅
      Copa America 2024❓

      Of course there were more decades of hurt before that, more finals lost, and other tragedies but those three finals are the ones I think are most fitting to get vengeance for. In fact in the past few days I’ve already started contemplating how our squad will look like in 2024 and how we will gear up. I think Messi can make it to 2024 so it will truly be his last cup. This isn’t the end of the road at all. Let’s hope to inject some hunger through young blood and also find our new 3rd center back to replace or understudy Otamendi, since neither he or Pezzella will be in 2026. After technically missing out on two World Cups, I think Lo Celso will be hungry to have an impact and maybe even more so Dybala.

      • Copa America 2021 ✅
        Finalissima 2022 ✅
        World Cup 2022✅
        Copa America 2024 ✅
        Finalissima 2025 ✅
        World Cup 2026 ✅
        Copa America 2028 ✅
        Finalissima 2029 ✅
        World Cup 2030 ✅

        Ok now I’m getting real greedy. Deserves a triple nullification – ANULO MUFA ANULO MUFA ANULO MUFA

      • You’re right about the perfect vengeance although I’d add we need to beat the Germans although I’ll admit im a bit softened now seeing Germans rooting for and celebrating the Arg victory. We also need beat the hell out of the swamp Germans (Ned) again. The Dutch were so irritating and sore losers calling the ref biased, argies dirty, etc.
        it is a bit alarming that we lack power upfront given the importance of Messi and ADM. Alvarez was great with his system contribution, Toro awesome but inconsistent, Dybala is closest in quality to Messi and Di María. Most others still need to prove themselves but if history repeats, we won’t lack quality front line firepower.

        Midfield is stacked and defense needs a bit of work. I def want to see Licha+Romero but need 3rd with similar quality. Left back also a ?

        • I need more than an exhibition or friendly with the England Team now. English media is still rowdy about the fact that Scaloni and his men didn’t have to face the “English juggernaut”..The idea is to crush Southgate and his bunch of imbeciles.

      • Who says we can’t? Just make sure SorinxCrespo keeps doing asados and keep on anulo-ing mufa. And keep Di Maria until 2030 and only play him in the final 🙂

        I agree with your points. Seeing Gotze celebrate Argentina slightly recalibrated my “feelings” for him. I feel like all this World Cup needed for us was for us to eliminate Germany. The quarterfinals was a thing of dreams, us through and then Portugal, England, and Brazil all out at once. Though seeing them out in the group stage twice is a nice compromise. And after this WC on top of the previous history, I feel that we can now call the Dutch a European “clasico” for us. Luckily when it comes to firepower Argentina only have “blips” sometimes but never a dry era like when it comes defense, luckily now our starting CB’s look prepped for at least 8 years. With Alvarez, a Lautaro that I know will come back into form, Garnacho, Soule, Dybala, and others we should have options.

        And about the third center back I completely agree, in fact that is one of the main things I’ve been contemplating these days. Not only do you always need a good third center back for depth but we need an option for Scaloni to continue switching to a 3atb when needed, which proved useful and allowed him to be very flexible to our advantage this tournament. My prediction for these Otamendi and Pezzella replacements in WC and potentially in the Copa will be:
        – Facundo Medina: (23) – 25 at Copa and 27 in WC
        – Nehuen Perez: (22) – Will turn 24 mid-Copa and 26 in WC
        – Marcos Senesi: (25) – Will be 27 in Copa and be 29 in WC

        • SorinXcrespo, I forgot to respond to your confession about your failure to fulfill your duty against the Saudis. as penance, you shall fully commit yourself to the burden of making a wonderful asado until 2030 🙂

          Olive, i can picture di María in year 2030..misses out of years of games but genius coach subs him on for 1 minute and fideo scores!!

        • Think you’re right the euro clásico. Every game from now with the Dutch will be tense and warlike.
          10 total games in World Cup – 4 wins, 2 draw, and 4 losses. We’ve done well since 2006 – beat them 2022 and 2014 and drew in 2006, loss 2003. They are definitely out for revenge!

        • – Facundo Medina: (23) – 25 at Copa and 27 in WC
          – Nehuen Perez: (22) – Will turn 24 mid-Copa and 26 in WC
          – Marcos Senesi: (25) – Will be 27 in Copa and be 29 in WC

          Predictions noted.

        • > Not only do you always need a good third center back for depth but we need an option for Scaloni to continue switching to a 3atb when needed

          Exactly. It’s quite amazing actually we were lucky enough to have the perfect trio in great form.

          LCB Licha – LCB Otamendi RCB – Romero RCB

          In case of an injury, Scaloni had the perfect replacement without degrading defensive quality and the option to switch to 3ATB.
          The ideal Otamendi replacement will be a player that is exactly like him…. comfortable at both right or left CB and dominant in the air.

    • Agree
      Despite the joy of last 2 years
      I always still feel we should have won atleast 2 of those lose Copa finals if not all of them and we should have won the wbc 2014

    • He should, but AFA barely became financially stable this year. He may have less in guarantees and more in incentives.

      Sampaoli knew how dysfunctional and corrupt AFA was and ensured that he gets his payday even if they screw up.

      • Yeah you’re probably right with the first part. They might be more conservative trying to balance books. And Part of it will be Incentives but I’m curious how much the World Cup bumped the guarantee. We’ll know soon enough. Aimar, etc also deserve it although I remember Samuel wanting to take off so they may save a bit on increases with his replacement.

        For the second, I’d assume the fraud knew how desperate AFA were to hire so he negotiated hard and bled them dry. His contract ensured he got his golden parachute no matter how much he screwed up. He still got $1-2m for the horror show after 5 months of work. What a great life, monumental screw up and still paid millions.

          • “Oh poor Sampa” makes me want to slam my head on my desk repeatedly.

            Yes the Sampa white knights deserve an eye roll but I’ve noticed there’s an explanation for some. There are more reasons but I’ve seen these repeated the most by different groups…

            First, some are just misinformed (to your point). They incorrectly claim he took the job pro-bono when he was contracted for $8-9m and the sleaze ended up with ~$2m.

            Along the same lines, others claim he gave up a much greater financial opportunity in Europe when his NT contract was within the salary range of Spanish contracts. It might have been a bit less but by no means was the difference significant.

            Lastly, the final group are the oldie haters. They absolve Sampa of blame because of the desire and priority to fault the Masche/Messi gen.

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