Alejandro Garnacho gets assist for Manchester United in 3-0 win vs. Bournemouth


Alejandro Garnacho had an assist for Manchester United in their 3-0 win vs. Bournemouth.

Garnacho started the match on the bench for United but he was brought on for Donny van de Beek and played a role in the second half. With United leading 1-0, the 18 year old would receive the ball out wide and play a pass into the penalty area which found Shaw who scored to give United the 2-0 lead.

The Argentina U20 national team has the Sudamericano which will be starting later this month but the club will not be releasing him for the tournament. Lisandro Martínez was also back with the team after winning the World Cup and was brought on as a substitute. Per Statman Dave, here are Garnacho’s numbers from the match:

100% pass accuracy
20 touches
2 ground duels won
1 shot off the woodwork
1 shot on target
1 big chance created
1 assist


  1. Spain is trying to hijack Nico Paz. Reports coming from Spanish outlets that he preferred his country of birth but Argentina called him and showed him affection, so he opted for Argentina.

    I think Nico Paz switching for Spain is unlikely. His father Pablo was team mate of Ayala in 1996 Olympic. Also a member of 1998 wc.

    Given Argentina won world cup just now and Enrique’s supposed favoritism for Barca players, I think Paz choosing Spain is unlikely.

    Nico Paz is due to be called for SA U-20 tournament and Real will release him. So I think this concludes any confusion. Spain is just salty that they are missing out.

  2. I don’t care if his idol is Penaldo, as long as he is playing the way he is for ManU, he deserves a callup. Having said that if it’s true that he hasn’t posted any congratulatory message for the National team as yet, that’s really pathetic.

    • He already did via another channel I think. Good news to have big ego and talented, it meant more motivation. He’s young, he would need a mentor.

      I think all Henry, Treguegez and Ronaldo are all average when young. The first two had WC/Euro champion to motivate them, the third had a big ego and jealousy to het him here

    • I still think that Garnacho should have been called up in place of Almada, in my opinion. How much did Almada play anyway? It would have given Garnacho first team experience and a World Cup at 18. I hope he still picks Argentina when the time comes.

  3. I cant wait to see the 3 stars NT back on track with new inclusions. Still 4-3-3
    Romero Lisandro
    Molina Medina
    Enzo F
    De Paul Mac Allister

    Messi Garnacho
    G Simeone

    • Enzo is a fighter just like lisandro. I am sure he will give his all for the team and can enjoy the challenge infront of him. During last 4-5 years many Argentine players not reached their potential and it’s may be due to many factors and one of it is lack of consistency especially in these long league competitions. Players like lisandro, Romero, has shown that intensity to give all for the team even if it is a club friendly. But at the end all I want to see is to perform great for the NT. That’s all. I consider our players shining well in the club as an added bonus only coz for their career to advance. And I can tell that Enzo has that lisandro mind to give all even if it is club or NT. And that is one hell type of a player. Players like lo celso, de Paul or Paredes sometimes not reached their potential in the clubs but for me they are great and admire more than players like dybala or Aguero or Higuain.

  4. Messi always performed outstandingly for NT. But people recognize performance when we won the championship. So it’s not about performance. It’s about cup.

  5. My brothers, im still in shock that we won the cup. I’ve been watching the games again and it just makes me even more happy every time I watch.
    The road we took, the fashion of each match we played. The tough opponents, each with different attributes, from almost every continent! Only an African opponent was missing for us to have played a representative from every region. 😂 I included conmebol automatically because we obviously spent the last years playing them to qualify to this glorious triumph.
    There’s so many crazy attributes to this tournament especially when it comes to our team. This was the best tournament ever, all of the stats and records that were broken and the nature of them are extraordinary.
    Even the final match…, maybe the best football match ever, and it was a freaking world cup final final match!!!!!
    And to top it off, it seems our future looks promising and our veterans will stick around to transition . This is more than I have asked for when I dreamt of Argentina winning. Sorry for the rant, but I will probably be posting a longer rant about us winning the world cup…. sooner or later.

      • what a response my rant 😂
        I might as well only post about food. Am I the gaucho of this blog??? 😎
        I made vacio sandwiches, a little bit of bife ancho that I didn’t cook from the Croatia match and some eggs.

        • Lol 😂 sounds good man. I’ve been meaning to ask you especially after you admitted failure to full fill your duty against the Saudis 🙂 (that post was hilarious btw). So, you sir are the official mundo gaucho until at least 2030!

          In any case, I’m still over the moon with joy and pride. I’ve also watched the game few times and plan to watch it few more this month. Loved how we played, loved seeing us dominate teams, loved Scaloni with his great to near perfect tactics. Loved seeing All players contributing and dying on the pitch…..special nod to Enzo and MacA for stepping up, creating a formidable midfield without much time and experience. There isn’t a single person I’ve read that thinks we didn’t deserve it. Quite the opposite actually. So glad for the boys, so glad for Messi, so glad for Scaloni and co!

    • We sort of, kind of did play an African team….in the final, France would be nothing without the talents it’s former colonies offered them, from the genius of Zidane to Mbappe.

  6. Just saw clip right after victory and Messi with a stadium mic loudly said “Vamos Argentina la concha de su madre somos campeones del mundo”
    😆 unexpected choice of words and I love it!

    • Messi always performed outstandingly for NT. But people recognize performance when we won the championship. So it’s not about performance. It’s about cup.

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