Video: Alexis Mac Allister speaks on winning the World Cup, goal


Alexis Mac Allister spoke about winning the World Cup and his goal vs. Poland.

Mac Allister is back with his club team Brighton and received a big welcome back after winning the World Cup. He also speak with the club about winning it and his goal vs. Poland and what it meant to him.


  1. Where is Mr annapurno??
    Where are all Alexis macalister haters?
    Where are those who thinks scaloni isn’t a good coach and he is dumbass??
    Where are they all??

    • Anu is supporting Varzil, Portugal and England. Once those teams are out, he disappears into a thin air.

      I’m not Mac supporter at first, although I never hate him in first place but the guy really step up and played brilliantly. We lost the opening game in which he didnt start.

      If you watch his game in last qualifier match against Ecuador, he wasnt convincing at all.

  2. I don’t know about you guys, I don’t have any habit whatsoever don’t drink don’t smoke definitely no drugs But football is my drugs since Argentina won copa America back 21 I couldn’t stay awy this forum I was enjoying and read comments try to engage with everyone in good manner even though this guy anuparno gave me bad mood with his consistent negativity .Came to world cup I was desperate Argentina to win
    There is no day passed during the world cup that I didn’t put my hands up and looked the sky begged God to give Argentina this world Cup and my prayer answer it thank to God almighty. My point is this I tried to stay away little while from this forum but I couldn’t everytime on my phone and open page I see myself typing 😂😂
    I want say thank you very much for Roy nemer to give this beautiful platform to share our opinions and talk about our beloved albicelestes . One more thing to say we are world champion 3 🌟 🌟 🌟 bby

  3. Good game from garnacho… Burno Fernandez totally a hater of Argentina.he always ignored garnacho to pass..too many time garnacho was good position but he never pass ball. Rasford also close to bruno both are selfish players..
    Macalester gets some good minutes also.

    • I thought it was just me but now I’m convinced that Bruno is not just an asshole but an asshole that hates Arg. Rashford was never a good passer but looks like Luke shaw is the only nonArgentine looking for Garnacho…

  4. So once the qualifiers start again in March, I hope that Scaloni calls up some new faces to the team. I think Garnacho should make the list, hopefully Senesi too. When the qualifiers for 2022 started people like Enzo and Dibu where practically unknown, at least to me. Who do you guys think might be the next big surprise?

  5. Looks like the petition from France paid off and they are getting their wish! The final WILL be replayed ……..on ESPN this week , so they can watch it again! Ha ha ha ha!

  6. Cr7 said in his welcome speech that he is a unique player and his work in Europe is finish cause he broke all records in Europe. This guy is so full of himself. Oh and he said many clubs wanted him but he chooses Saudi. Lol.

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