Lionel Messi scores for PSG in 2-0 win vs. Angers


Lionel Messi scored for PSG in their 2-0 win vs. Angers.

Messi scored his first goal of the new year. The Copa America, Finalissima and World Cup champion scored PSG’s second goal of the match.

A lovely string of passes by the league leaders ended with Messi getting the ball inside the penalty area and scoring with his right foot. He has now scored eight goals and has 10 assists in 14 Ligue 1 matches this season.

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  1. I read an interesting article. About 12 players have their transfer at least $100 million in the history. A lot of them fail to live up the expectation. They are:
    1. Bale 100 m euro from Hotspur to Madrid. (Yes)
    2. CR7 100 m euro from Madrid to Juve (Yes)
    3 Hazard 100 m euro from Chelsea to Madrid (NO)
    4. Pogba 105 m euro from Juve to MU (NO)
    5. Dembele 105 m euro from Dortmund to Barca (NO)
    6. Lukaku 115 m euro from Inter to Chelsea (NO)
    7. Grealish 117 m euro from Villa to City (NO)
    8. Griezmann 120 m euro from Atletico to Barca (NO)
    9. Felix 126 m euro from Benfica to Atletico (NO)
    10. Coutinho 145 m euro from Liverpool to Barca (NO)
    11. Mbappe 180 m euro from Monaco to PSG (Yes)
    12. Neymar 222 m euro from Barca to PSG (Yes)

    Enzo to Chelsea for 127 m Euro would have made him number 5 most expensive ever. I understand why Chelsea hesitating now because 8 out of 12 have not lived up the expectation. Only 4 do. Plus Chelsea had spent 115 m euro just last year on Lukaku and they wasted their money big time.

    Antony also costed 100 m euro it seems like he won’t live up the expectation either as Garnacho already looks more lively than him.

    • Higuein was so close. Current players with high ceiling are Lautaro,Garancho,Enzo,Cuti and Mac. Regardless of the transfer fee, these players should be in UCL every season.

      In unrelated note Ballerdi and Medina should step up for the LDC role.Ballerdi is improving and has height advantage over Martinez and Medina. Senesi is too slow for the task.

  2. Messi is the best player in the world, according to Galtier. Oups. Seems like Qatar is finally realising who is the man and prioritising extension with the goat and accepting the ninja turtle might walk away.

  3. Luis Enrique is now the manager of the Brazilian NT. This is going to be HILARIOUS. Please get me some popcorn so I can watch this dumpster fire happen!!!

    • It is happening? Not official yet right? I think Enrique is worse than Tite for Brazil. His style is a bit outdated for today’s futbol. In 2010-2013 such tiki taka style seemed flawless but now people already have the counter to that. I would be totally fine if Luis Enrique takes care of Brazil honestly as I believe it is a downgrade not an upgrade.

      Tiki taka style always weak against good counter teams. No wonder Spain struggled against Marocco or in 2014 against the counter attacking Netherlands. In EPL City always had a big problem facing the Spurs who relied on counter attack.

  4. Gone are days when River produced world class forwards at will. Now they don’t have a decent CF and there’s nothing coming thru their youth pipe line and there’s no one half decent in the local league that they can go for. They can’t attract talented youngsters from other South American countries as they have direct routes to Europe. They are going after veterans like Rondon.

    • I mean we just had one of the best forwards in the world six months ago. It’s really hard to develop someone world class at will with a few months. Just wait to see what a few like Echeverri, Ruberto can do in a couple of years. When you sell youngsters so fast (Alvarez, Enzo, Palacios, etc) you need a couple of years to expect someone of that level to appear again. Many of our most promising players are just starting out in their first year in the reserve team or will soon. Those gaps happen. They went for Jose Lopez a while ago but he chose to be a fourth choice striker in Palmeiras.

  5. The best transfer so far is Enzo staying put at Benfica.
    Alcaraz move to Southampton is a blessing for Argentina. He has a tough job in hand signing for relegation threatened team. But given Scaloni’s liking for guys from EPL, if he performs well good for the NT if he is proven wanting then too bad for him.
    Ramiro Enrique of Banfield is some one I thought we could keep an eye on. He has just moved to the MLS. Better than rotting at a poor Banfield side.
    Barcelona are negotiating to sign Lucas Roman from Ferro. It is not Xavi that is signing him but rather Mexican Rafa Marquez, who is Juvenile coach for his team. It is strange that he rejected AC Milan in the last window stating he needs a bit more time in Argentina.
    A move to Barca youth is nothing but disaster. After Messi there have been 6 or 7 players who made a move to Barca Juviniles and disappeared without a trace. Guys like Sergio Araujo, Rolon brothers, and most recently Santiago Mingo, who has been released.

  6. Mbappe and Hakimi are close friends, that’s why Messi didn’t get balls from him. They won’t win champion league because of this.
    Psg now plays very similar to psg under Pochetino, wastful in attack, weak in defense

  7. Mbappe and Hakimi still didn’t come back to PSG? Hahaha, such a shame! It shows how weak they are? To be fair, Mbappe is a weak version of Ronaldo at peak.
    I never saw such a low life 😀 I think they protest Messi signing for PSG.

  8. Licha vs. Alvarez… AND garnacho in action at the same time possibly in Manchester Derby day.. on Saturday… what good times do we live in Albiceleste fans!

  9. Messi played relaxed, tried but not too hard, defended and made pressings much less than in NT. Without Mbappe he will score goals, with Mbappe will give a ton of assists.

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