Champions League Round of 16 preview: Nicolás Otamendi, Enzo Fernández


The Champions League Round of 16 continues with Nicolás Otamendi and Enzo Fernández both playing for their clubs.

Nicolas Otamendi and Benfica are away against Club Brugge in Belgium. The World Cup winner had one assist in the group stage matches.

A former team mate of Nicolás Otamendi, Enzo Fernández, will play his first match for his new club in the Champions League. Chelsea are away against German side Borussia Dortmund and the Best Young Player of the World Cup had two assists in the group stages while with Benfica. Here are the matches for the Champions League on Wednesday:

Club Brugge vs. Benfica (Nicolás Otamendi)
Borussia Dortmund vs. Chelsea (Enzo Fernández)


  1. So I notice that these Argentina haters (including CR7 fans) have a new trick now. They ignore the fact that Argentina won the World Cup in every of their attack. For example…

    Someone posted on twitter, a Barca fan, that Gavi would never have done the poor marking Enzo did to Adeyami (meaning that Gavi is a better player). Then I posted this to the poster:

    “Gavi would never win the WC in his career for the next 4 WC for sure with the way Spain play. Very unbalanced and totally outdated football. It is a fact! His team couldn’t even beat Marocco. Let alone Enzo comparison”

    Then he replied this “Are we really talking about the World Cup here? Hahaha”

    Then I said “If you shine in the biggest tournament, that is enough said. Nothing more to add. Esp if you won the best young player. Nothing else to prove.”

    So what the haters did is, they find a perfect timing when our players do bad and then they will make a comparison with their favorite players saying that our players is overrated/worse/nothing compared to their favorites. When I mention about the fact that we won the world cup, they avoid it (because they know they can’t argue with that). They act as if the World Cup is L’audicia (however you spell it) or Toulon tournament that nobody cares about.

    The other day, I also saw on twitter, a picture of Messi got tackled by a Bayern defender and Bayern started a counter attack against PSG because of that. Then a CR7 twitter page saying “It would never happen to CR7”.

    • Christina fans are what they are pitiful pathetic and clueless….they have nothing to talk about except bullshit and the best thing to do to a barking dog is IGNORE IT

    • Don’t worry about them, the fact of the matter is they celebrated nothing for their country and haven’t had joy with their club yet in years either. There will always be these people on social media and I promise you half of them are under the age of 15. I mean seriously, if you are going to jump on the less than 1% Enzo has done wrong when the other 99% has been brilliant and world class (for much longer than they knew who the player was) I don’t think they have much of a life — I spare calling them “dumb” because you can’t be that blind and it’s obvious they are nitpicking purposely because of their emotions or to annoy people.

      • CR7 fans were Destroyed on December 18th. They know as well as everyone that debate is over. I have a lot of Portuguese friends and they have all admitted it as much as it hurt them to do so. Just look at how Man UTD is playing now that he’s gone…It’s no secret.

    • Few facts :

      1. Argentina is WC champion , Copa champion, Finalissima winner
      2. Messi is WC U20 winner, Olympics gold medalist, Copa champion, Finalissima winner, WC champion
      3. Messi is WC golden ball winner.
      4. I sleep soundly every night knowing those 3 facts above.

      That’s all.

  2. So that mothafucka team Arsenal lost again against City 2 blonde players lol. Eat that shit Arsenal! A team who believes they have the best center backs in EPL in Brazilian Gabriel and French Saliba. Oh they also believe they have the best player in the world the English Saka.

    Best in the world my ass! Keep collecting Brazilians, French and English Arsenal. U are doing a wonderful job. Don’t forget buy Germans too. Sorry Arsenal fans, eat ur shit!

  3. So Chelsea spent more than 300 millions, still no forward who could score goals and no real defensive midfielder. Bravo. Enzo should have stayed in Benfica. They could reach even the UCL final.

    • Chelsea was way better than Dortmund. Dortmund have no chance in second leg. Felix wasted 3 golden chances today. That’s why they lost. Felix went Higuain mode. But it should have been 3-1 at least easily for Chelsea. Enzo had a chance in the 93rd minute but his shot was blocked.

      • Agree… Felix was one of their best players… Havertz couldn’t score if the goalie faced the other way..

        Enzo true potential will be unleashed once they get good striker and he settles in next season.

  4. Over the past 2 decades, which Argentina player has disappointed you the most when playing for the national team? Whether that was due to personal/political reasons, performance or injuries. Ortega was someone I felt like should have had a better career. I am just curious because we had so many great midfielders which ironically never translated to any championships. I am singling out midfielders because we always had great attackers and decent defenders.

    • Pavon and Pastore.

      I remember watching Pastore skills highlights and replayed his games a few years ago and it baffled me how he wasn’t more effective. He has ball control, vision, and he is rather tall so he could be fast if he wanted. He simply didn’t reach the potential we expected from his Palermo days!

      Pavon on the other hand was just all speed and burst! Such explosiveness should not have gone to waste. He got a bad rep from 2018 WC run but I think he had more in him.

    • Veron in 2002, out of form. Higuain 2014-2016 finals. Aimar not reaching his full potential

      Requelme quitting the national team. Can you believe it? Requelme only plays a single WC.

  5. Tough goal vs Enzo, he stayed with him the whole way despite his electric speed and only way to stop him was to foul in inside the box….great goal though

    • Enzo should have taken him down. It’s 1-1, if it’s Romero or Otamendi, they will run straight into him and got a yellow instead. A lesson for Enzo, he’ll learn, I don’t worry too much.

      Here it’s champion league football, it’s never easy. I can’t believe the keeper can stop his shot

    • Huge mistake from him, he is def not a lone 5, could work only with another two defensively good zentral midfielders as Mac and De Paul. Enzo should have attacked the ball before Adeyemi first touch or made a foul instantly for a yellow, he was lot of time to react. So called rest defence.

    • I’ve pointed this out before, Enzo was never a “destroyer” type DM, though I do think his ball recovery has improved from what it was six months ago. Like Diego said it’s a lesson

    • Yes, that son of a bitch WILLIAN ESTRELLA keeps pumping spam and fake news articles. Hope he gets fucking fired. I wish browsers had a native way to blacklist websites!

  6. What happen to mundo forum it gone quiet, don’t see regular guys commenting except enganche, SulaV, dfox and el principle nevertheless I never enjoy watching ,talking about or even comment on it football the way I’m enjoying now since Argentina won world Cup its best time since I became a football fan.

    • I remind everybody I see that WE ARE THE CHAMPS everywhere I go, I’m still celebrating the COPA win nm the WC, I added another bumper sticker on the back window that says, WORLD CHAMPION 2022 and 3 stars to the Albiceleste ones that I already have and refresh them whenever they fade so strangers behind me KNOW THAT WE ARE THE CHAMPS…..cant wait for the weather to warm up to wear my 3 stars KIT with the WC Gold badge or my t-shirt with the 3 stars and a pic of Messi with his hands up…….I have waited and I’m enjoy representing like I always have but with the world CHAMPS attached to it

      • Totally with you man , can’t wait to wear the 3 star shirt with golden badge I will also buy for my two kids as I promised them when we won world Cup back in December 22

    • Its sporting fatigue for me. I swear I must have refreshed mundos site 25,000 times during the World Cup. Just taking a little mental break and for the season to advance.

      • Yeah, I also got burned out for a couple of weeks because the WC and the month or two before it I might have even spent hours a week reading the huge amount of comments, news, and posting. After all the work and the victory I think we got a vacation just like the players haha

    • this is “dead” period of time for the national teams so it is normal people turn their attention elsewhere till national teams football return again.
      Personally this periods of time my fully attention is to my beloved River plate.

  7. Am I the only one, I wonder in thinking that I don’t care as much how and where Messi, Otamendi and Di Maria play any more? Of course, I want them to enjoy themselves and make even more money or whatever but I personally could not care less anymore about Messi’s season with PSG.

    I am more interested in how our younger players develop, where they play, etc. We just won the world cup and it’s so liberating and relaxing to watch football after that. What a feeling!

    Somos campeones del mundo!

    • I’m absolutely same boat with you bro again I love them all but I don’t bother to follow them that much anymore, as u said I’m just looking forward the young players coming through and the one already there
      Like enzo macallister, lich, cuti, Julian, molina, medina, Palacios and many more and af course Garnacho

      • WE ARE ALL in the same boat, Messi accomplished what we all dreamed about and MORE, he brought home the biggest footballing prize by beating the WC Champs, beat the best Europe had to offer and Beat Brazil in Brazil for the Copa…..he simply DID IT and was man of the Tournament in ALL 3,
        Retire or not, makes no difference mission accomplished.
        PSG is a cesspool, all the big names in the past and nobody
        ever won anything and now worse than ever.
        The camel jockey fans on the other hand sucking on one another as if she won the CL after scoring 4 against a team that about to get relegated.
        Unfortunately, we live in a time of ignorance and unimaginable stupidly never seen before.
        Lack of a better word, ARGENTINA IS LOADED with talent and the future is bright.

    • I watch for several reasons. Firstly, like you, I watch players to see how they develop and how they will impact the national team. Secondly, I simply love the sport so I’ll watch even if it doesn’t impact the national team. For the three players, I don’t really care to follow Otamendi anymore. For Messi and ADM, I still enjoy watching great football and they still deliver, so I’m still glued to whatever they’re doing. I know Messi (and ADM) have done it all for the NT, but I still follow him because we’re most likely never getting another player of his quality again, so I’m going to enjoy every minute.

    • Fully agree Enganche.
      After the lost final in 1990 I have looked forward to winning the WC again. Now it has been accomplished, interest in club football is largely gone. Wish the old guard a nice farewell in March and June. With no tournament on the horizon until summer 2024, the new generation has plenty of time to develop and mature.

    • Yep, before the World Cup and the couple of years leading up to it and the Copa America I was much more concerned about their club situation, minutes, injuries, etc. I’ve only watched videos on Messi and Di Maria’s individual games (where they show every touch/intervention of the player) and Fideo has actually had some quite brilliant games for Juve. But it’s not more than that, live games I only watch River now like usual and some minutes of the young players in England since I still have a subscription to the Premier League on the same package as the World Cup.

  8. Messi wasn’t fully fit yesterday and Galtier had him play very high up even though PSG midfiled wasn’t able to win any ball posession battle for the entire first half. In second half Messi dropped deep but he missed two great chances, one was a great block by a defender and the other one was poorly taken by Messi when the ball fell to him when he was totally free at the edge of the box in dying mins. But 1-0 loss is not bad given the nonsensical form PSG has been in. Next match they might knock Bayern out if Messi regains his fitness and Neymar and Mbappe show up!!

  9. Messi was injured yesterday. Also Neymar Messi friendship could be great friends off pitch but it wont work in field, two 10s occupying same position.

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