Éver Banega scores for Al-Shabab in 2-0 win vs. Abha


Éver Banega scored for Al-Shabab in their 2-0 win vs. Abha.

Banega continues to play and score in Saudi Arabia. The 34 year old scored the first goal of the match, an effort from inside the penalty area to give Al-Shabab the 1-0 lead.

The Argentine joined them in 2020 from Sevilla and has two goals and two assists this season in the league.


  1. Why is brazil able to make friendlies with Morocco while we are playing Panama or Suriname. I mean I get it why but it is little bit disappointing for us fans

    • Bro, who cares, we just won the world cup, and these friendlies are just an opportunity to wear a new 3 star shirt. Brazil can play 5 friendlies with France for all I care, does not mean anything.

      • Enganche bro you said exactly what it was my mind and I could care less who we play against friendly matchs Cus we are world champion when world Cup qualifier starts in September we will start kicking ass and probably will be favourites to win copa America in us
        With young fresh hungry players coming to the show too.

      • The only place where I share a fraction of Rhaelyn’s disappointment is I wanted to destroy England in the Monumental, the last bit of unfinished business. Could you imagine 80,000+ Argentina fans in the newly renovated stadium after just winning a world cup against England of all teams? It probably has to do with an inability to get European teams down to Argentina, it’s no coincidence that we never bring Europeans down to our soil and I’m sure Brazil have the same problem, they think they’re too “good” to come far down here, although they don’t hesitate to go to the Middle East or USA with the same length of flight times. At least Panama and Suriname are guaranteed wins so the focus can be the World Cup victory.

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