South American 2026 World Cup qualifiers set to start in September


The South American 2026 World Cup qualifiers are set to start in September.

A meeting between the 10 South American football associations will be held on Wednesday and the topic of the World Cup qualifiers is expected to be confirmed. According to Fernando Czyz, there could be six World Cup qualifiying matches this year.

World Cup qualifiers would begin in September with two matches and two more in October and November.


  1. Two different news..

    “Pep he talk with Mac Allister and now he is a serious option for Manchester City in the summer..”

    “Messi may return to Barcelona. Raphinha and Fati could be departed..Number 10 jersey will be waiting..!”

    • WCQ is only experimenting for us, let it win for mighty brazilians before they would fail on the big stage as the “best NT of the world, the biggest favourite”, same old story.

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