Video: World Cup champions welcome for the Argentina national team


The Argentina national team had a World Cup champions welcome by everyone in attendance at the Monumental.

When Lionel Messi and his team mates took to the Monumental pitch on Thursday, they were greeted with a roar of the crowd that is practically not seen anywhere else. The festivities were already under way with singing and chanting but what the fans gave the team will never be forgotten.

Prior to the national anthems, both Argentina and Panama stood and the fans used the opportunity to thank the team. Below is a video of it all, one that is very much worth watching.


  1. We playe again in 4 days my 11 will be.
    Foyth pezzella licha blanco/acuna
    Palacious Enzo almada
    Messi alvarez Gonzalez.

    For Armani and pezzella it has to be last match.

  2. Just incredible.i never ever see this kind of video in my life.pure love.pure emotions.thanks emi.thanks messi.thanks our beloved argentina after that final big relief in our lives.thanks Allah.

  3. Starting line up in 4-1 victory over River Plate according to “Ole” (two 30minute halves)
    Rulli; Montiel, Pezzella, Lisandro Martínez, Acuña; Palacios, Guido Rodríguez, Lo Celso; Dybala, Simeone y Nico González.

    2nd half subs:
    Nehuén Pérez, Lautaro Blanco, Máximo Perrone, Juan Foyth, Leandro Paredes, Emiliano Buendía, Ángel Correa y Facundo Buonanotte

  4. i don t know if all the friends here and Roy are able to understand the historical importance that cover this video.
    this video show history. it will be eternal because it will remain to remind to future generations and people that will born after that era what happened in the first game after world cup that legendary MESSI and the rest world champions enter the stadium in Argentina.

    it is history and that video is the evidence of that history for future people.
    Just like me and people like me that i wasn t live in 1978 and i watch videos to see and feel the taste of that era. And just like young people that didn t see DIEGO in 1986 and watching videos of that era to taste that history.

    Roy this video is exactly the evidence of history. the MESSI era history.
    this is gold. pure fucking gold.

    • More than correcto my friend! Like you said it is now part of super important history of Argentine football as the Messi era history and it is so precious as Gold or even more than that as i can’t find any word to describe how precious history of Argentine football it really is as like u said my friend the -78 era when young Diego was allraedy knocking on Menotti’s door, but that was not yet his time as sometimes things in life come as exepected and sometime’s they don’t…etc

      And so as disapointed as the whole Arg team of -82 were so was Messi and many more other X LA SELECCION players even before Messi era trying desperatly to win the WC for after -86 when Diego bounched back and wrote the second chapter of Argentine football history to remain forever in history with his LA SELECCION team mates who were all coached by Bilardo and won the second star for our beloved ALBICELESTE and then 4 year’s later,

      well were obviously hurt and disapointed again such as Messi and Co. at 2014+those 2 Copa Finals lost against Chileno’s, but now the third chapter as the third star was won at 18.12.2023 as the 3rd WC for Argentina and the way it was celebrated, well i honestly can’t speak about 78 or 86 as i only saw them via TV as not being an Argentine or even if i would be i don’t know if i could compare all theese different 3 era’s the greatest ever chapters of Argentine football,

      because all were different era’s by them self’s even -86 was won only 8 year’s after 78 Still for me all are completly 3 different era’s as the greatest of Argentine football ever,

      but what happened after the 18.12.2022 in Argentina til’ now as i just watched yesterday for hours and hours different, but same in the most happiest way in my life as because i did with my kids just like when i was a kid i did it with my father and garandfather, but obviously back then there was no utube, so before what happened in Monumental or hours before that or after the plane arrived from Qatar with La Seleccion and with in landed the 3rd WC trophy won by Argentina on to the Argentine soil,

      well i do know something about passion, but what i have witnessed after 18.12.2022 thanx to Mundo and utube goes way beyond any passion i have felt from far away distance since -78 and now by watching the all different celebrations, that i been able and i must say that it really made me even more emotional than ever before since 78 mainly,

      because luckily thanx to Mundo and utube there has been a lot see and just constantly more an more to enjoy a day after another and now this latest celebrational moment of history from Monumental before, during and after the game against Panama was and will allways be the moment of history that i have witnessed no doubt in football terms, but not only even in history of football as if i’m affraid and correct, that, i won’t live long enough to witness someting like global world peace in this whole wide world,

      As speaking in general this is truly remarkable and very, very unique written history done by the whole Argentina as nation and country while they are such a happily with pure joy and bliss celebrating the 3rd star winner’s who won the 3rd WC for Argentina as LA SELECCION captained by the one and only MESSI himself together with his amazing teammates and their wonderful coaching team and staff lead by LA SCALONETA and companied with PABLO AIMAR, WALTER SAMUEL, ROBERTO AYLA and the list just keep’s on going on as all those great person’s who whether they been X players or not been involded in this AMAZING PROJECT of LA SCALONETA which brought MESSI back to ARG NT and started sometime ago before Copa Varzil and has now achieved COPA VICTORY AT MARACANA, LA FINALLISIMA AND THE ULTIMATE PRIZE OF FOOTBALL AS WINNING THE WC FOR ARGENTINA FOR THE 3rd time since 36 YEAR’s, whew…!!!!

      and the way how it was won and how it was celeberated will simply be history forever of THE MESSI ERA as i won’t even mention his trophys and achievement from club career only that until now 800 goals has been by the King Leo himself and currently on 99 with LA SELECCION, well those achievement are way beyond knowledge of football itself, indeed! + all his assists and the importance which has made the real difference etc…the list keep’s on going on as eternal space….

      But, as knowing MESSI and this is what makes me so happy for him to happen as now he doesn’t need to care about club career or personal trophies , though he has more than deserved every single one of them nor has he really to proove anything anymore neither to himself or no one else as finally for after such a hard work for so many year’s he has finally been given what he has allways desired the most and has now achieved everything with LA SELECCCION !

      As he has filled all the hearts of Argentine people and also those who have allways supported Arg from all over the world with his eternal joy and bliss and with his amazing teammates and coaching of LA SELECCION by writing history and the most beautifull end to this was what has happened in Argentina after 18.12.2022 and how that has been celebrated together after and just recently now in Monumental !

      Such a eternal beautyness of common joy and bliss will be sanged in the history as we know it forever and forever it will remain there as the history of MESSI era led by LA SCALONETA AND CO and fullfilled with the CAMPEONS DE MUNDO 2022 ARGENTINA, DALE CAMPEON!

  5. The national B team played against River Plate today. Not much info yet. They lost 1-0? Goal Nacho Fernandez.

  6. Everything that has to do with this team, its football, the players, the passion, the fans, everything, its just beyond any words, its pure joy, pure excitement, pure beauty, pure love, pure feeling!

    I love this team with all of my heart and i am so proud of being just a minor part of supporting this extraordinary team, our beloved team, our beloved Argentina!

    Sometimes words are just not enough!


  7. Thank you so, so much @roy nemer for posting this video and other ones too before from the actual game! Like you said so greatly:

    – I swear, I have never seen anything like this before. Argentina, best fans in the world. 🇦🇷

    Absolutly more than true as i could not maybe even be on the amongst the stands even if i would had the oppurtunity( well, offcourse i would have if i could have), but just watching 4 min’s + got me and both of my kids very, very emotional so i can never ever even try imagine how the whole Argentine nation, all the fan’s who were able to bought tickets and those fans who were not, but gathered outside of Monumental and offcourse all the fan’s supporting Arg for life all around this planet etc…

    Wow, just like @enganche said: – INCREDIBLE !

    And so, so proud of this team as also from previous one’s too and ofcourse specially from -78 and -86, but those times if u were not an Argentine or happened to not live or stay in the country, well u could not obviously get any acces literally only trough press and that was also very limited obviously compared to theese wonderful days again in history of Argentine football!

    I will go immeadeatly on utube and try to look for the whole match from the start to the end ! As last night could not stay up, because 5 am (cet) had to get up and start to prepare my kids for their training as they did not go to school today instead they had whole day training session with many different kind of exam’s and test’s involded etc.

    As me they are and have allways been and will allways remain fan’s of Arg forever!

    Good Bless Argentina as a country and as nation and Good Bless LA SELECCION OUR BELOVED ALBICELESTE !

  8. Well.. our lives are blessed with eternal calmness and happy silence since that devastating stormy night.. the toughest three hours in our lives.. really nothing matters much hereafter..both in life and football.. thanks Emiliano Martinez once again.. enjoy and flow with every moments in life without expectations friends..

  9. everone needs to watch this video. hair tingling. when you see the tears well up in everyone’s eyes, the lump on their throats, hearts pounding as one, hands waving in unison. everyone’s minds go back to that very night of rollercoaster emotions…

    and i’m watching it at 0 volume.. gonna blast it out and rewatch it later. thanks so much for uploading this.

    an albiceleste fan from singapore

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