Lucas Ocampos scores for Sevilla in 2-0 win vs. Cádiz


Lucas Ocampos scored for Sevilla in their 2-0 win vs. Cádiz.

Ocampos got his second goal in La Liga since coming back to the club. Having spent the start of the season on loan at Ajax, Ocampos returned and and scored his second goal in three matches for Sevilla.

With the score at 0-0, Sevilla had a corner kick and the initial effort on goal was saved by the goalkeeper. The ball fell to Ocampos and he would score the rebound to give Sevilla the 1-0 lead.


  1. Argentina u-17 today won against Bolivia by 1-0. Claudio Eleverri again excellent after coming of the bench. Victor Acuna scored only goal of the Match..

  2. Members need to keep an eye on Claudio Echeverri. While we talk about Garnacho and others, I think Echeverri may be the best of the young stars coming up and he may be better than them by a lot. The kid is incredible.

    • He is number 7 on my top 30 under 22 list below: Enzo, Garnacho, Prestianni, Paz, Almada, and Alcaraz. But potential wise he is 4th just below Enzo, Garnacho, and Prestianni.

      Claudio is good yeah. But Garnacho among our below 18 is still number 1 man, no doubt. He is the only Argentine makes the top 9 best wonderkid on earth, based on FIFA Nextgen along with 8 other world top talents like Gavi, Moukoko, Leiva and 4 others. I’d say among below 18, Garnacho is AT LEAST second in the world just behind Gavi.

        • Mati Soule 8th on my list. Luka Romero unfortunately has stalled because Lazio never gave him any minutes or loaned him out but garbage minutes. Alan Varela top 20 for me.

      • Yes agree with el_principe grancho is our best young teen talent no doubt about that infact he is the best teen talent in last decade or so, i mean no other teenager able to play for such a big europian club in last decade or so.,
        He is our biggest teen talent to emerge for now and post 2010

  3. Messi should definitely stop renewing contract with PSG, toxic place, from Mppable, PSG supporters, the directors and more …
    Why not Mbappe got whistled but Messi instead? This is so ridiculous.
    Messi got everything. If I were him, I would either go to asia or MLS.

    Barca is not able to win CL either. Xaxi is too weak of a coach. If in Europe, he should only play for Man City, he may get more Ballon D’or and keep his form at the highest level.

    • Barca will have to get rid of lot of players to even pay him half of what he is making right now. Unless their accountants come up with something magic, Laliga rules won’t let them sign him. However Barca will make a lot of money if they can bring him back.

      P-$hit-G fans started booing him from the players announcement to the end of the match today even though he has been their best player this season. Mbappe has been playing average since the world cup ended and he doesn’t get booed, today he was pathetic. Those shit fans don’t want Messi’s contract extended. Once he leaves, nobody I mean nobody will give a flying fcuk about that club. Messi most likely won’t sign until the end of the season and will explore his options in Europe. He is a free agent and the revenue he brings alone will covers 5 times his salary. Engish clubs can easily afford his Salary but he won’t go to any team unless they are in Champions league. Tottenham, Newcastle, Chelsea can easily pay his salary. Inter, Juve and Milan can pay 50 to 60% of his Salary but right now Barca seems to be the best option even if it means significant pay cut. He can always go to MLS to end his career where he will be getting certain percentage of entire league’s revenue. But Mbappe and his bitches won’t let him play in peace especially after he beat them to win the world cup. Very Sad Situation for Leo.

    • Last week I was in Paris and talked to several PSG fans about Messi. They all admired his skills but hate his attitude in PSG. In Qatar he showed grid and determination and worked hard. In PSG he does not show that. They consider him lazy and think he is not worth his huge salary. They rather see French players in his place with less talent, but with better attitude.

      To be clear: that is not my opinion, but I understand what they are saying. I countered with stating that Mbappe is not working hard either. Like Messi he does not defend much. Yesterday’s defeat at home will not help.

      • Thanks for the valid points, however Messi is not the PSG captain, he can’t speak french/english well either I guess.
        Those french are very difficult, better leaving them.

        Back to the days, they have a host of stars: Ibrahimovic, Di Maria, Cavani, Silva, …

        Now they only have Messi and Mbappe, Neymar is a different player now. PSG supporters are delusional!

    • Better than Lautaro Blanco. Scaloni should have chosen Bernabei as a project instead of Blanco. Bernabei is a former left winger like Acuna so his offensive skill is better than most LB.

  4. IMO ,my list of U20 should be:

    Goal Keeper:
    Leandro Brey ,Gomes Gerth,Álvaro Killane

    Valentin Gomez,Tomas Aviles,Franco Carboni ,Julian Aude,Valentin Barco, Francisco Marco,Tomas Palacios,A Giay

    Midfield :
    Mateo Tanlongo,Federico Redondo,Equi Fernandez,Nico Paz, Valentin Carboni,Bruno Zapelli,Tiago Geralnik,F Bounanotte,Perrone

    Matias Soule,Garnacho,E Zeballos,Gianluca Prestianni

    Abiel Osorio, Maestro Puch

    • Some players you listed are one year too old to play for the WC u20. They have to be born no later than Jan 1st 2003. So among your list Equi Fernandez, Bruno Zapelli, Abiel Osorio, Exequiel Zeballos, and Leandro Brey are too old to be considered.

    • I am a huge fan of him but right now he is way behind the q, @28 i will back young wingers like grancho,almada, soule instead of him since di marria already into his high 30s

    • In my opinion, even if Ocampos was at his best today, he would still struggle to get into the squad, the competition is fierce, we have too many good players for most positions. If we need wingers or wingbacks then Nico Gonzalez is 4 years younger and much better than him right now, plus Garnacho who is very promising. Plus Angel Correa, who can play on the right wing if necessary and Molina who can play a right wing back very well if we go with a back three. So Ocampos does not get in. I used to think he had a unique profile but that ship has sailed. It’s Argentina National Team and the amount of talent is abundant.

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