Ángel Di María speaks on winning the World Cup, criticism, Argentina team


Ángel Di María spoke about winning the World Cup, the criticism he received and the Argentina national team.

Di María is one of the best and most clutch players to ever wear the Argentina national team shirt. Scoring in in the World Cup final, Copa America final and the Finalissima, he is a man for the big matches.

While everything seems beautiful for him now, it has not always been easy for Di María when playing with the national team. Speaking in an interview with Sofi Martinez Mateos of Tv Pública Argentina, here is what he had to say about the criticism:

“The criticism that hurt me the most did not come through sports. My family listens to everything. Those things killed me because they suffer because of one person.

“My mother told me: ‘why are you going to continue to suffer (regarding the criticism)?’ And at the end, one day everything ended up changing and I gave them the greatest joy: being world champion with the Argentina national team.

“The short time I went to a psychologist, it helped me a lot. To control my head, I think that those from the outside are full of shit. I realized that if I was in the national team for 15 years it’s because I earned it and fought for it.”

He also spoke about winning the World Cup and the final itself:

“When I put on the shirt, I usually start praying. I have my Jesus there, my Virgin Mary, my cross and on my phone I have a photo of my wife and my daughters. I always light a candle but the final.

“The final was the only match in my career that I didn’t ask, I gave thanks for the moment I was going to live. While I was giving thanks, a few tears fell and Leo (Messi) also spoke. It was not like at the Copa America, it was more direct.

“I wanted with my life to be able to win it and thank God it happened.

“I took it as just another match. Winning the Copa America and the Finalissima helped me. I didn’t feel the pressure of having to win. I took the pill and slept well. At least 8 hours, calm.

“I knew I was going to score a goal in the final against France.

“The moment I had waited 8 years for was there, within my reach. My whole family was going to be supporting me and I depended on God. Playing the World Cup final was the game I had dreamed of all my life.

“I was hugging Pablito (Aimar) during the penalties (vs. France). My legs were fading and there were moments when I saw double. I almost dropped because of the tension I had. The suffering was something you just can’t explain.”

After Gonzalo Montiel scored the winning penalty and Argentina won the World Cup:

“I knew at that moment that our lives had changed forever. After that goal, we became eternal.”

On the support he receives now:

“I wanted a pitch to give me an ovation. I turned the tables, today, everything changed. It makes me happy that people are happy. We brought great joy to the country.

“I have been told ‘you taught my son to believe, to dream, not to give up and that dreams come true’. And that is priceless. It’s one of the most beautiful things I could have left in my career.”

Regarding his future with Argentina:

“I’m not one of those who wakes up and says ‘I’m a world champion’. I’m sick and want to continue winning.

“I know we are eternal but I want to continue and hopefully I can be at the next Copa America and we win it.”

About the 2014 World Cup:

“I’m left with the thorn of not having been able to win it with the other guys. Masche, Pipa, Kun, Lucas, Pocho, it was a beautiful group and they deserved it. When I enjoyed myself and sang and had the Cup in my hand, I remembered them.”


  1. Thank you from the bottom of our heart fideo!
    I have been watching football at about 35 years, i have seen the two greatest players to ever play the sport, Diego and Lio, i have seen many greats of the game and i can surely say that you are among the 10 greatest players i have ever seen! You are a phenomenal and special player and you have a big heart!

    Most likely you will never read this but it doesn’t really matter. You and the rest of the boys are eternal indeed, you are eternal in our hearts and we will always love you!
    GOD bless you!!!

    Salute legend!
    From Greece.

  2. Thank you so much sir.i always respect you.you are our warrior our world champion.every day i watch your beautiful goal against france in the final.and always tears comes from my eyes.thank you sir.i love u.keep it up world champion.

  3. thank you forver Fideo!!

    He has suffered a lot and boy he was been rewarded for his suffering and hard work and never say die attitude. Go for it one more time. He is definitely the most underrated player ever. If he was English or French or Brazilian, he would have won a Balon Dor.

    Now, he did play like headless chicken for Bauza, Batista, Sampaoli etc. It is a fact. I have always said, why is that he doesn’t play like that for Ancelotti or Zidane or Mourinho? Finally we got Scaloni and company to get the best out of him.

    What a player. Surely in top 5 of Argentina for me.

  4. You will always be remembered like MESSI and the rest of the team. Perhaps you don’t have any idea how much happy you have made us. We love you a lot and bring in more success to ARGENTINA NATIONAL TEAM. THANK YOU A LOT.

  5. Fideo, one of my favorite players of all time. One of the most underrated players of his time, while he is one of the greatest of the last decade. My favorite moment of his is when he scored against France and started crying and celebrating while running all at the same time. That was the 2nd time I cried during that game. The first was right before the anthem as they came out onto the field and I could see Scalonis eyes were a bit teary already.

  6. I, like many here called him a headless chicken just aimlessly running around and dribbling into nowhere but respected the fact that his passion for the NT never faded and was always ready to represent.

    2018 WC vs France, when he scored that beautiful goal and I immediately said to myself, WHY CAN’T HE DO THAT ALL THE TIME, WHY WHY WHY and boy did he deliver with flare and style when it MATTERED THE MOST….
    ARG won the WC because EVERYBODY contributed when they were called upon, EVERYBODY it was a team effort all the way around.

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