Gonzalo Montiel to join Nottingham Forest on loan deal


Gonzalo Montiel will be joining Nottingham Forest on a loan deal with an obligation to buy.

Montiel will be playing in the Premier League. According to Gastón Edul, he will be joining the club on a loan deal with an obligation to buy for €11 million.

He will be flying in the next few hours to sign his contract. The 26 year old right back joined Sevilla from River Plate after winning the 2021 Copa America with the Argentina national team.


    • Very underrated GK IMO, I wouldn’t mind seeing him as no.2. Speaking of GKs I read that Musso did very well for Atalanta, maybe I’ll try to watch some of that game later. Hope he ragains his starter status after suddenly losing it last year, he -like Ledesma- is an excellent GK.
      Lastly I read that W.Benitez is doing well in Holland, which is good to know considering his disasterous start for PSV last season. It’s gonna be interesting to follow his progress this season since he’ll be playing CL football, after all one can never have too many good GKs.

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