Papu Gómez banned for two years after testing positive for banned substance


Papu Gómez has been banned from football for two years after having tested positive for a banned substited.

Gómez will not be playing football, at least for the next two years. According to Relevo, the 35 year old was tested in November 2022 while with Sevilla.

He blames the failed test after having taken his children’s sickness syrup without consulting with Sevilla’s doctors.


    • Me too I never liked him especially after his comments on Julian Alvarez. He was one of the reasons why Argentina lost to Saudi Arabia. Especially when some fans labelled him better than dybala that pissed me off.

      • I don’t even remember some people were saying he is better than Dybala… LOL best joke ever… Fo me still Dybala and Lo celso are some of the best Argentine Players. Unfortunately both are very Injury prone…
        Papu war horrible at WC… Though he had some moments at Copa I still don’t like that guy

  1. And what this has to do with Argentina? I read that he was tested during playing for Sevilla in October 2022. By this logic, let us talk about Sevilla’s win in Europa league too.

  2. > [DiarioOle]: Papu Gómez was positive for Terbutaline, a banned drug present in asthma medication and some cough syrups, he was informed just hours before the World Cup final, and he informed Monza before signing that he was waiting for the second test results

    Pretty dumb on Papús part. Decades long professional should know better and be extra sensitive to taking anything without consulting the team doc

  3. He was tested when playing for Sevilla because may be he was able to come back from injury sooner than anticipated which is why they tested him. But he wasn’t involved in using banned substance during or before the world cup. It has nothing to do with Argentina! However his career is done!

  4. Okkaaay so was he tested afterwards?? during the wc? and if so why was he allowed to play?? it’s not like he is a super star that helped ARG win?!

    • and what was that banned substance?

      ARGENTINA has always been hated before and after Messi and before and after winning the WC…..let the dogs piss moan cry bark…. F…..’em

  5. Hear this Richard, no one can take away what Argentina nt suffered and fight for beat what was the best team in the world at the time France, Argentina is well deserved by world Cup win let the fucking haters talk , they are so jealous add to that another one is the way because we are going to win copa America in US insha Allah
    What will they say after that 😳

  6. I truly hate this message.
    There are already calls in Europe that Argentina should be stripped of the WC title… Sigh
    In 1978 Peru was bribed to let in so many goals
    In 1986 it was Diego’s handball
    About 2022 we already got stories about cheap penalties and Messi’s handball that went unpunished and now doping.

    The Olympic titles were so good. No complaints about the games, clear wins and no issues afterwards.

    • Richard, those haters will always remain haters. Argentina won the world cup due to the hard work of the players and the huge fan base in Asia. If FIFA really wanted to help Argentina why they let Saudi Arabia beat Argentina and disallowed 2 correct goals?
      In the second group game we played vs Mexico and we were on the verge of elimination. There wasn’t any bad officiating, and Argentina won the game very late. If FIFA was keen to help Argentina win the WC there would have been bad officiating, but that never happened.

      All the penelties Argentina got rewarded were clean penalties except maybe the Poland one.

      About Messi not receiving the second yellow and red card vs Holland, Antonio Lahoz was giving cards right, left, and centre cheaply and allowed the Netherlands to have a couple of extra minutes which earned them a second goal. That was really unfair.

      Did you watch Italy vs Australia in 2006 knockout game?
      The ref gave them the cheapest penalty I ever saw in the dying minutes of the normal time. Nobody talked about that.

      In 1998 FIFA organized the tournament for France in a way that they don’t meat Brazil until the final. And that final itself has thousands of stories.

      How about Brazil vs Turkey in the group stages game? I am 100% sure FIFA wanted Brazil to lift that WC and stop complaining about the 1998 one.
      What about FIFA letting South Korea beat Italy and Spain in a shady way?

    • Why dont you talk rather about when we were robbed? WC82 no red card for Gentile, WC 90 final, Copa 95 Tulio hand ball, WC06 quarter no penalty after Lahm fouled Maxi at the end, clear penalty, WC14 final no penalty and red card for Neuer, just check what Matthaus said about the match, Copa 16 final: a chilean played over the match with a red card, Copa 19 semi Brazil hacked the VAR etc. Argentina should have won much more without “mistakes” from referees. You will never hear these from the haters. Who thinks nowadays that not Argentina is the strongest NT in the world is completely delusional.

      • Csabalala. Excellent points. Good to repudiate such kind of strong and accusatory statements. I can see some riducling patterns against the National team and at times targeting some super stars of our NT. If any NT has to play ‘victim’ Argentina is the most entitled one, considering the bad refereeing decissions of the 02 finals against Germany-1990 and 2014.

      • Simple, because I am a fan.
        I know all these cases as I have been a fan for decades. The only WC where we did not have a chance was 2010 wheb we were completely outclassed. Could have been different if Cambiasso and Zanetti were selected.

        • Richard, you are not just a fan, but one of the oldest and most respected members of this forum. Hope you will enjoy watching Argentina win lots of trophies in the near future. Copa 24 will be the first of those many silverwares on the way.

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