Pep Guardiola praises Argentina national team, comparison with FC Barcelona


Pep Guardiola spoke at a press conference on Friday and praised the Argentina national team while also commented on the comparison with his FC Barcelona team.

Guardiola held a press conference on Friday prior to Manchester City’s league match against United on Sunday. The City coach spoke about Lionel Messi’s comments about the current Argentina national team being compared to his FC Barcelona team. With quotes courtesy of Dan Murphy, here is what Pep had to say:

“With the intuition and quality that Messi has to analyse what happened on the pitch in world football and he has been on both sides, why should I not believe him? I cannot talk about Argentina because I’m not there. He was in Argentina and Barcelona so it’s nice.”

He also spoke about Argentina at the World Cup:

“If we are close to the world champions, it’s nice. I’m really surprised in tough moments like the QF against Holland when they were two up and immediately it is 2-2. Normally the teams go down in knockout games. Emotions are so important, how they handled their emotions.

“They played better than before. The first half they played in the final against France is so difficult to find. it was one of the best finals I have seen. The reaction from France was fantastic but in that moment you see the trophy there, immediately at 2-0 it was 2-2. Teams can be destroyed but they reacted in extra time better than ever. That is so difficult.

“That’s why they’re champions. You’re not world champions if you don’t have something special in all departments but also the mentality. We were able to win the Treble last season because we were so strong.”