Valentín Barco presented as new Brighton player


Valentín Barco was presented as a new Brighton player.

Barco is now with his new club. Brighton put up pictures and videos of the Argentine wearing their kit on Friday.

The 19 year old joined them from Boca Juniors in the last transfer window and flew to England after qualify to the Olympics with Argentina.

Fellow Argentine Facundo Buonanotte also shared his advice for Barco joining the club. Speaking on Brighton’s website, here is what Buonanotte had to say:

“The first thing is to study English, obviously. Don’t miss a day,” Facundo said. “And then that you are keen to learn, that you always want more, that you don’t settle for what you have.

“To train a lot and try to be as ready as possible for the coach to bear you in mind as soon as possible. Make the process take as little time as possible.

“And surround yourself with family and friends. At first, I didn’t enjoy it because I’m close to my family but my family were far away.

“I got home and I didn’t know what to do. It was very different.

“If anyone came here [in a similar situation] I’d try to give them my support. whatever they needed. If they wanted to go out for a coffee, for a chat, to do whatever, I would always be ready to help in any way.

“I think that is the way to help, especially a young boy who doesn’t know the language.”