Lionel Messi gets an assist for Inter Miami in 2-0 win vs. Real Salt Lake


Lionel Messi had an assist for Inter Miami in their 2-0 win vs. Real Salt Lake.

Messi and Inter Miami started off their MLS season with a win. The Argentine had several momence of brilliance, one of which was a free kick which was cleared off the line and a second where he dribbled over a player that was down on the pitch.

With the score at 0-0 in the first half, Messi played a pass to Robert Taylor and he would score to give Inter Miami the 1-0 lead. The team would celebrate going into the second half.

Inter Miami coach Gerardo “Tata” Martino made several substitutions in the second half, one was Tomás Avilés being substituted out. Minutes after the changes, Messi started a counter attack as he played the ball to Luis Suárez who found Diego Gómez and he scored Inter Miami’s second goal of the match.


  1. Toni Kroos: Real Madrid midfielder comes out of international retirement for Germany 😂😂 they are in desperate situations while Argentina has blessed with good midfielders.

  2. Tapia has done a good job since he came to the office
    But he is not without criticism and can’t get away with it, amount of low ranked nations we have face in the friendly matchs it’s totally unacceptable
    1 Estonia 2022
    2 Honduras 2022
    3 Jamaica 2022
    4 United Arab Emirates 2022
    6 Panama 2023
    7 curaçao 2023
    8 Australia 2023
    9 Indonesia 2023
    10 el Salvador 2024
    11 Nigeria 2024

    • His finishing hasn’t been the same ever since he moved to PSG. One obvious reason is aging , he doesn’t have the same reflexes anymore but due to his sublime futballing IQ he is still able to play at the highest level. Additionally, he has been playing extremely safe for couple years now. He doesn’t want to take unnecessary risk and get injured.

      He still plays in that free role and not always is in the box or scoring position and unlike before where he would dribble past a group of defenders after receiving the ball, nowadays he looks for a pass to cut through the defense and expects a pass back after getting in a goal scoring positions but those passes never came at PSG. In Inter Miami, he is always surrounded and marked by opposition and which is why he will help his team mates score more goals this season. In the last couple years he has transformed into the greatest playmaker after Maradona.

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