Ezequiel “Equi” Fernández could go to the Copa America with Argentina


Ezequiel “Equi” Fernández could go to the Copa America with the Argentina national team.

Fernández could be on the Argentina national team’s radar. According to Hernán Castillo, the 21 year old Boca Juniors midfielder has a good chance of being with the team for the 2024 Copa America, taking the spot of Guido Rodríguez.


  1. I beg to disagree. Some will be very annoyed with my opinion. Franco Mastantuono is 16years. Playing for a country is a different level. Meanwhile I prefer Angel correa over Dybala. Most of the goals Dybala has scored are penalties. Furthermore he has low energy levels in the pitch. Against physical, aggressive teams, Dybala’s presence will put defense under great pressure. He lacks explosiveness. Angel correa has. good work rate and makes good defensive contribution. That’s my defense for angel correa. Messi, Dimaria, echeverri and even correa are good. Now you add Lautaro, Alvarez, Gonzalez/ Garnacho/ Soule. Inclusion of Dybala will be wastage of spot.

  2. As West Ham gear up for Thursdays Europa League quarter final. C&H take a look at yet another player from Bayer Leverkusen‘s impressive squad.

    Player Profile: Exequiel Palacios

    Age: 25
    Club: Bayer Leverkusen
    Position: Central midfield
    Country: Argentina (28 caps)
    Achievements and Style of Play
    River Plate: Palacios played a pivotal role in River Plate’s success, including their Copa Libertadores victory.
    Bayer Leverkusen: Despite injury setbacks, he has become integral to the team, known for his endurance and improved defensive skills.
    Argentina: A regular international player, Palacios was part of the squad that won the 2021 Copa America and the 2022 World Cup.
    Palacios is versatile in midfield, capable of defensive, attacking, or box-to-box roles. Simon Rolfes, who is Bayer Leverkusen’s behind-the-scenes mastermind at Bayer Leverkusen has called Palacios ‘The complete midfielder’ and it’s hard to disagree.

    Most Read on West Ham News
    He probably doesn’t get as much attention as some in the all conquering Bayer squad, but he’s one of their best players.
    Palacios is one of many that West Ham will have to watch out for. The irony is that he’d fit right in to a David Moyes team.

    West Ham fans liking Palacios

  3. Unpopular opinion,
    I don’t think lo celso deserves to go copa America likes macallister, Enzo and palacios will do better job than him , it’s ridiculous that coaching staff are loyaly for some players because they are friends with messi, di maria and otamendi.
    Argentina have top talents no player should get free pass imagine scaloni leave out bundesliga champion palacios because they like lo celso more .

    • I honestly don’t see the need of his inclusion. Unfortunately/fortunately he will be selected. I said fortunately because Locelso might proove us wrong in the he tournament, but return back to his default settings once the season resumes.

  4. replacement for copa 2024
    1) montiel with agustin giay
    2) pazella with balerdi
    3) licha (injured) with senesi
    4) acuna with barco
    5) guido with valera
    6) nico with garnacho
    7) armani with leandro bray
    8) almada with echevierry
    9) popu gomez with kevin zenon
    10)A corea with mastantiono

  5. Absolutely agree, Equi should be in Olympics Game Paris or in the Copa, Scaloni have the spot as Thiago Almada is joining the Olympic team

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