Guido Rodríguez signs pre-contract with FC Barcelona


Guido Rodríguez has signed a pre-contract with FC Barcelona.

Rodríguez will be joining the Catalan club. According to Gastón Edul, the 30 year old has signed a pre-contract with FC Barcelona and he will be joining them in July.

There have been reports that Guido was expected to leave Real Betis and not renew his contract with the club. The midfielder joined Betis in 2020 where he has played over 150 matches with them and won the 2021-2022 Copa del Rey.


  1. SorinXcrespO
    May 10, 2024 At 12:54 pm

    Messi di maria
    Macca, paredes, palacios, de paul
    Tagla otamendi Romero


    🙏🇦🇷🙏 Hopefully at least one Of those 3 currently injured as Acuna, Licha and Molina will be available as also Senesi, Balerdi, LMQ and Perez will all rightfully deserve a chance🇦🇷

  2. Guido is a decent DM but is he a Barcelona type of pivot? They typically want their pivots to be exceptionally good on the ball, more of a deep lying playmaker than simply a shield in from the defense. Is Guido that? His passing is underrated but still…

    Palacios was oozing class yesterday, so good…one of the best versions of him I’ve seen in a while…

    • Bro, Palacios has been playing like this most of this season, he massively improved very underrated imo
      He is key part of this successful bayer04 Leverkusen team.

      • Yeah, I know he’s been good but yesterday was even more. Xabi Alonso certainly knows how to improve a central midfielder. We have good midfield depth, so even if Enzo is not sharp enough we have options.

        • Yeah we blessed in the area and defensively we have good options but scaloni is reluctant to gamble likes senesi and belardi who has been great form. For me palacios , MacAllister and paredes should be our midfielder three in copa based form

    • Palacios would had been better option to suite the way Barca play, though i’m not sure if Barca even deserve a player like Palacios🇦🇷🙌, but that said is purely based on my personal issue with Barca as even before they kicked out LEO’s family they were not making the right moves and choices neither with their Coaches and even more so with the players they signed from Ney-Money💰 transfer + i dont feel that they never treated ARG🇦🇷 players as they should have since the days Of DIEGO🇦🇷 etc…🇦🇷

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