Ángel Di María scores for Benfica, receives standaing ovation


Ángel Di María scored for Benfica and received a standing ovation when he was substituted out in their 5-0 win vs. Arouca.

Di María started the match for Benfica and when they were awarded a penalty kick, he tried to convince Rafa to take the penalty but Rafa refused. Rafa is leaving Benfica at the end of the season and Di María tried to get him a goal but it was Di María who took the penalty and scored.

Casper Tengstedt was substituted in for Di María in the second half and Di María received a standing ovation as he was leaving the pitch. There have been reports that the Argentine could be leaving Benfica at the end of the season and join Inter Miami.


    • Wait. For me currently he is useful for argentina as a sub. His pace is useful and can make opposition in their toes. We do not have this type of a player. Nico is not at all good in the final third. Garnacho is still better. And i agree on that garnacho is just a normal player currently unless he improves his level from next season. Nothing extra ordinary. His step over move is just a fancy footwork which wont work against quality defenders. If we select him it is still better than nico.