Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni: “Alejandro Garnacho will be at the Copa America”


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni has confirmed that Alejandro Garnacho will be at the Copa America.

Lionel Scaloni spoke at a press conference after Argentina’s 4-1 win vs. Guatemala on Friday. When talking specifically about Alejandro Garnacho, here is what he had to say:

“Alejandro Garnacho will be there (at the Copa America)”.

Garnacho did not play for Argentina in their two matches against Ecuador and Guatemala this week.


  1. There will be only two scenarios for us in this Copa: 1) Winning the Copa 2) Failing to defend the title

    IMO, the first scenario will cause the continuation of some of the old guards like Otamendi, Pezzella, Acuna, Armani, Tagliafico, and Guido (if selected for the Copa). Their continuation will definitely cause WC qualifier disaster. The second scenario could be bad for the short run, but good for the long run. If we fail to retain the title, Scaloni and co. will use more younger players who will make the team better and brighter in the long-run.

    What do you think, guys?

    • Dadir, with all due respect, you are presenting a strange contrast. Let’s take a closer look. First of all, it’s a bit unfair to lump all of the players you mentioned in the same category because they are not at the same age. For example Tagliafico and Acuna are still doing relatively well, especially Tagliafico. It’s not like we have immediate options available to replace them. Barco is one but he needs a bit more experience because being a fullback is much more demanding and unforgiving than being a young striker or winger. I am with you on Armani but he is 3rd choice at this point and likely we won’t see him after Copa.

      Also, I am pretty sure Scaloni has brought and integrated and even reinvented more young players that anyone before him and yet we fans always want more. It was Scaloni and co who scouted younger Molina at Udinese, brought Palacios when he was still at River, converted De Paul from left winger to an elite box-to-box midfielder, etc, etc. Right now we have Garnacho who is going to the Copa, is that not worth praise? Carboni has also been given a chance.

      Like it or not, older players bring invaluable experience and leadership qualities, which are crucial in high-pressure situations like international tournaments. Their presence helps stabilize the team and guide younger players, contributing to our team cohesion and tactical understanding. Players like Otamendi (yes his lack of pace is a concern, I know) have a proven a decent record and usually deliver results in critical matches, making them reliable choices for coaches. They are familiar with the Scaloni’s tactical system and have developed strong chemistry with their teammates. Experienced players also have better mental resilience, essential for international competition. National team coaches have limited time to integrate new players, so relying on experienced players ensures continuity and stability. Successful teams blend youth and experience, gradually integrating younger players while maintaining a core of veterans to achieve the right balance, which is what we see now, no?

    • I agree. Unfortunately those are the 2 scenario I see too. Keep the aged champions for WCQs and face a rude awakening like we did with Uruguay in the WCQs. But hey, Scaloni and Co have earned the right to do things as they see best for the team.

  2. This particular commment of Scaloni about Garnacho means he played players who he is not sure about and wanted to experiment and try. Others are good to go.

    Friendly matches are not clear indicators. It’s like exit poll of an election. So let’s see.

    Anyway we have won a lot, so defending the title will be hard.

  3. Some players need to be replaced from NT.
    Guido, Pezzela, lo celso, nico Gonzalez, and otamendi, di maria leaving after Copa… Scaloni will get another 2 year from 2024 – 2026 to make another solid team who will try to win WC.

  4. 3 players should be removed :
    1) Lo celso (bench warmer in club)
    2) Barco (Great player but we already have 2 players for same position)
    3)LMQ (we already have better players in that position)

  5. Everyday I thank god for letting Lo Celso and Nico Gonzales both injured prior to WC 2022.

    Now I am praying that Scaloni at least can drop one of these two idiots. I would rather have a MLS player here, because even Cambodian clubs won’t sign Lo Celso and Nico.

    • Why so much hate are you a Brazil Fan in disguise????

      Both did a lot for Argentina please resoect every player and the decisions out coaching staff is having!!

  6. Here’s my prediction for the final roster.
    Argentina Potential Copa 24 squad
    E. Martinez
    De Paul
    Mac Alister
    L. Martinez
    Lo Celso
    Di Maria
    Li. Martinez
    L.M. Quarta

  7. I dont care what Nico actual role in Scaloni’s team but he played like the whole game against weak opponents and couldnt score after multiple clear chances. Dybala would have finished those blindfolded.

  8. Lionel Scaloni: “I already have the final list of 26 defined, but first I will communicate it to the players. It’s the most difficult list of all; we’ve had complications.”

    The list will be released tomorrow.


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