Argentina’s rumored list of 23 for the World Cup

Argentina National Team players
Players of the Argentina National Team during their friendly match vs. Nigeria

Per a report by Fox Sports, Argentina coach Jorge SAMPAOLI has already decided on his 23 players for the World Cup.

With the provisional list of 35 being released on Monday, Fox Sports are stating that the final list of 23 is already known because the AFA have already put up the names of the players on the doors of the training ground. Following the report, here are the players that will reportedly miss out on Argentina’s World Cup squad and be reserves:


Cristian ANSALDI



The final list will be announced next Monday. If this turns out to be true, it would mean the final squad of 23 players would look like this:


Sergio ROMERO (Manchester United, 31 years old)
Wilfredo CABALLERO (Chelsea, 36 years old)
Franco ARMANI (River Plate, 31 years old)


Eduardo SALVIO (Benfica, 27 years old)
Gabriel MERCADO (Sevilla, 31 years old)
Nicolas OTAMENDI (Manchester City, 30 years old)
Javier MASCHERANO (Heibei Fortune, 33 years old)
Federico FAZIO (AS Roma, 31 years old)
Marcos ROJO (Manchester United, 28 years old)
Nicolas TAGLIAFICO (Ajax, 25 years old)
Marcos ACUNA (Sporting Lisbon, 26 years old)


Manuel LANZINI (West Ham United, 25 years old)
Ricardo CENTURION (Racing Club, 25 years old)
Lucas BIGLIA (AC Milan, 32 years old)
Guido PIZARRO (Sevilla, 28 years old)
Ever BANEGA (Sevilla, 29 years old)
Giovani LO CELSO (PSG, 22 years old)
Angel DI MARIA (PSG, 30 years old)
Cristian PAVON (Boca Juniors, 22 years old)


Paulo DYBALA (Juventus, 24 years old)
Lionel MESSI (FC Barcelona, 30 years old)
Sergio AGUERO (Manchester City, 29 years old)
Gonzalo HIGUAIN (Juventus, 30 years old)


  1. A BULLSHIT squad – I can’t see a system behind this squad.
    In 2014, I can see we will play counter attack with deep defense line.
    This year, I can only see that we will be destroyed by Croatia and Nigeria.
    MARK MY WORDS: 1-0 Iceland; 1:3 Croatia; 1:1 Nigeria —> If lucky, 0-4 France in round of 16; If not lucky, we will have another nightmare since 2002.

  2. I’m not shocked to see all the old fart gang there like Higuain, Aguero, diva, mascherano, rojo, banega, biglia, BUT the omission of Meza in final 23 was like jaw dropping for me considering we don’t have a better quality players in his position, so why Meza is not there, the only reason I would think of as everyone in the world knows that he’s not part of the magic circle.

    The 23 player list is rubbish from A to Z. At least in 2014 we had better defence, but this time around, oh Lord we will concede goals like Amazon’s Rain.

    • We have to be realistic guys, most of us saw him only once in a crazy game. He was good but he wasn’t exceptionally good as many of you think. I went back and watched the game just for him. He was invisible during a large part of the game. I beleive Lanzini and LoCelso are above him. One game can’t determine if a player should be in the world cup. I m sorry for him.

  3. Nothing but only corruption in AFA management can include Mascheranho and Higuain in 23 man squad. Di Maria and Biglia both are good, but they will be injured in WC any time. I request AFA to believe in young energetic talented players rather than old fat slow player. At least these 5 players should be included in playing 11 Maxi Meza, Ricardo Centurion, Rodrigo Batagglia, Lautaro Martinez, dybala. But dybala must have to physically train with Messi to understand the playing style. These players are full of fast, energetic and confident of thier skills that every Argentina fan wants them to play in WC not the player who is slow and playing unwillingly and lacking confidence.
    In defense Otamendi, Federico Fazio, Marcos Rojo, Mercado look solid but 2 defensive midfielders need to be fast and accurate while defending or bringing back the ball.

  4. Nothing but corruption in AFA management can include Mascheranho and Higuain in 23 man squad. I request AFA to believe in young energetic talented players rather than old fat slow player. At least these four player should be included in playing 11 Lo Celso, Maxi Meza, Ricardo Centurion, Rodrigo Batagglia, Lautaro Martinez. These players are full of fast, energetic and confident of thier skills that every Argentina fan wants them to play in WC not the player who is slow and playing unwillingly and lacking confidence.

      • Pizarro or battaglia I don’t think there is so much to debate. The difference if at all is marginal. Biglia injury I hope is fully understood & validated so that we don’t have a scenario where he breaks down & one player become totally wasted.
        The worry is on defense. In a 8 member defense , salvio, acuna & mascherano don’t sound comforting. If mercado breaks down or suspended, will salvio be the RB for a full match? I don’t think sergi Roberto comparison is relevant as salvio never plays in that position. He is always rw or rm. Roberto has played in that role many times & gained experience. This can be our Achilles heel

  5. Csabalala
    Some of our player are ghosts too, but they dont get dropped. Ozil plays great for Germany. Gomez was not at the world cup. And You will see Petersen the born “joker’ if he makes it. you will see that most of the Germans sleep for 4 years but come the World cup explode. I expect them not to win, but I wish if not us than they the country where I spend 8 years of my life.

    Do you watch football?
    Mario Gomez scored: 8 goals for Stuttgart since January.
    Not that I think he is any good.

    I personally think Argentina has a better squad this year than in 2014. We have better reserves. We didn’t have player like Dybala, Pavon, Centurion(or his alternataives) on the bench.
    Just like 2014 and the Copa I worry about fitness. We have a knack of taking injured players who end up not being sharp because lack of playing time.
    Mercado, Biglia, Aguero, Rojo, Di Maria, Lanzini are injured or as history has shown are risk to be injured.

    The other thing I worry is the central midfield. Beside Banega I don’t see any player, who can set the tone of the game and we know Banega is inconsistent.
    We are thin there because Sampaoli ‘ s plan seems to be playing with 2 midfielders so he opted to take more wide players than Central midfielder.
    Biglia (starter) – Pizarro (Back up) —- Banega or Lo Celso the other midfielder.

    I fully expect this to be Sampaoli’s team in the first game.
    ———————–Biglia———Banega/Lo Celso————————–
    ———Lanzini————Messi————————Di Maria————–


    Salvio for Mercado
    Acuna for Tagliafico
    Mascherano for Otamendi
    Rojo for Fazio
    Pizarro for Biglia
    either Banega or Lo Celso
    Pavon for Lanzini
    Centurion for Di Maria
    Dybala for Messi
    Either Higuain or Aguero

    Sadly Rumors have started that Zenit wants Sampaoli/Gallardo as coach. This is not the right time. And if Sampaoli moves to Zenit I hope Paredes moves from there.

    • I think Sampa will stay till 2022 unless something terrible happens post WC. He didn’t come for this WC alone.

      Regarding the squad, I too agree with you. This is the best squad in the past 3 WCs. Sampaoli has selected the best possible squad. There is a logical reason why each one of those players were selected or not selected.

      Hopefully those selected would reach the world cup at the best level in both fitness and form.

  6. Centurion is gambling. He may do something great in every game, disarm avery defence but may do also horrible things and give not a single positive moment during whole the tournament.

    And his European failed period has nothing to do here. Centurion is so much talented. Still Meza over him as for me.

    • “Centurion is gambling”

      Hahahah, well said Gonzalo. Centurion is the epitome of “unpredictable”, which in football can be a good thing sometimes but what is always more important is consistency and that would be Meza, whom I would take over Centurion any day of the week and twice on sunday and if Sampa is willing to take an unpredictable livewire like Cent over a player like Meza who already showed his stuff against Spain then baldie should join Maradona in the pantheon of idiotic coaches.

  7. Csabalala

    “Don’t really matter Meza or Centurion will sit on the bench on the whole tournament, Icardi or Lautaro, the first 14-15 players matters only”

    Really? Don’t you think that’s more likely Di Maria and AGuero will sit on the bench in most important matches because of injury and actually players like Meza can play important role just like did that Enzo and Lavezzi in 2014. Enzo barely was selected to be on WC at all but was our engine in the late stages.

    Excluding Messi -only new blood can make difference on this WC – if there will be something positive at all- just like Meza and Lo Celso were only positives against Spain. I’m not sure who of the new players but they could be the only vital strength that will bring something surprisingly good. Do not expectate nothing special from AGuero, DI Maria, Higuain, Biglia, Banega, Mascherano, Rojo, Mercado.

    • Perroti is way ahead of Centurion, Pavon etc.. He has the experience of playing in the champions league. His stats for both domestic and champions league are very impressive this season. If he was fully fit Roma would have defeated Liverpool. I still don’t believe in the rumors Sampaoli is going to go with Pavon and Centurion and Drop Perroti. His finishing might not be as good as Dimaria but as a winger his crosses and Passes are far more accurate than headless chicken Dimaria. And mind you he scores a lot of goals. If he was in French league i wouldn’t be surprised if he had more goals than Dimaria.If he is fully fit Sampa most likely will pick him..

      • Actually it is the defense reserve which is scary. If u look at 2014, zab & garay was established, Fernandez was shaky & rojo emerged well in tournament. Today otamendi & fazio are established as top CBs , tagliafico coming strong & can become the rojo of 2014 & mercado’s national exp cannot be discounted. But in 2014 , our reserves played well -demichelis & basanta. Our 2018 reserves don’t look strong with 1 above the hill star, 2nd one rusted & 2 makeshift full backs who actually could have added great value as wingers or wide midfielders. Our tournament success actually depends on Messi & how our defense reserves raise levels beyond their current form & ability.

  8. Good to see Ageuro mascherano (special permit from his club) among the 1st group to start the training.Mascherano is older now , but he is not that old.33 is not that of a old age.You can see chelini etc of same age. He may not have it all to compete at an elite level for entire season , but may be good enough for a month of 5-7 games. I just have a feeling that he may have still 20% of fuel left in him and he choose to preserve that for an entire season ,just to serve his country for this very month .Good luck..

  9. Main and cover

    Romero (Armani)
    Mercado (Salvio- should ideally be Ansaldi), Otamendi Fazio (Mascherano, Rojo), Tagliafico (Acuna, Rojo)

    Bigilia (Pizzaro), Lo Celso (Banega)

    Pavon (Lanzini), Messi (Dybala), Di Maria (Centurion)

    Aguero (Higuain)

  10. Biglia banega dimria messi aguero/higuain is going to start for sure…
    Only one slot left for lanzini/ lo celso….i dont think sampaoli will use lo celso alone with biglia in a 2 man midfield…lanzini/lo celso will start but not both at a time…

  11. Why all of sudden Centurion in 23…where as no place for Perotti/Meza?
    I still think Battaglia is the type of a player Argentina missing in NT. I wish one of Battaglia/Paredes/Enzo going to WC.
    If Mercado is not 100% it will be a big mistake to rely on Salvio as the first choice RB. It will be better to go for Ansaldi instead of Salvio.

  12. Player list
    Goalkeeper- Romero Armani Caballero
    Defenders-Otamendi Fazio Ansaldi Taglafico Acuna Pezella Mascherano(I do not want him)Mercado
    Midfielder-Lanzini Meza Centurion Lo celso Biglia Banega Di maria Enzo/Battaglia
    Forwards-Messi Augreo Higuain Dybla/Pavon

  13. I think this is more bullshit. If the list is already on the door then what’s the point of those players even showing up for training or for anything for that. They can just go & leave for their vacations.

    Ansaldi, pezzella, Paredes, Meza & Icardi are a must no matter.

  14. i dont understand you people. how can you select rojo, funes mori when these players didnt play at all this season. i cant understand why garay didnt get selected… he had a good season.
    Banega has to start in our midfied. he s the only player who dictates the tempo of the game. he can dribble, he can pass, he can shoot.

    • Garay, still a solid defender, plus WC experience, plus a great penalty taker. Between Fazio and Pezzella, Fazio for me because he is such an asset with his height in our otherwise rather short team. I would take Pezzella over Rojo though, because Pezzella played on a regular basis this season unlike Rojo who missed most of the season. Theoretically, Rojo has some advantages over Pezzella, he is faster and a better passer but if you need a defender to defend well, Pezzella is your choice.

  15. Garerh southgate dropped Joe hurt but sampaoli has no balls and guts to dropped biglia banega mascherano rojo funes mori higuain..sampaoli again proves he is mediocre..he proves he is same as bauza Martino..if this rumoured list is real then I don’t know what would be waiting for us..salvio acuna right and left back it is horrible…there has been no perfect right and left back for the team except mercado and tagliafico..just pray to God..

  16. Germany just dropped GOTZE the man who scored in the final.
    Germany dropped SCHURLE who scored important goals.
    They aren’t good now.
    Past achievements don’t matter now.
    They did their duty for their country – thanks for doing your duty but you aren’t good enough anymore and the team and country is bigger than you. Consider an honor that you had your chance to defend and do your duty. Your country doesn’t own you anything. It was your duty.

    Different mentalities.

    In Argentina it seems the players are bigger than the team. If a player did something good we have to thank them and keep them even if they do bad now just because they did something good in the past. Consider it a honor and do your duty. We do’t have to thank you for anything especially when you have 0 Titles won. By that standard we have to call Maradona back because he won us the World cup. It’s not right. This team doesn’t owe any of the players a thing. When you are not good anymore you have to be sacked because if not you are harming your country. Only a traitor harms his country or team.

    • Gotze is a ghost nowadays, Schurrle too, they have better players, not a big deal (Draxler, Sane etc). Özil is still there, Khedira is there, Müller is there, still Gomez LOL is there, Neuer with an 3/4 years long injury!!!! will be the starter if he’s healty. Different mentality? Cmon Müller is not a world class striker anymore (Higuain, Aguero still are), Özil?, the injury-prone Khedira? the porcelain legged Reus?

      • @Csabalala: Not only that, Draxler was barely starting for PSG this season and when he do get a start for PSG his form was not all that great. Gotze was even bad before the 2014 world cup. Gotze was only good when he was at Dortmund for a couple season early on in his time at the club. Gotze was just a one to two season hit at Dortmund. Schurrle was just a squad player at the 2014 world cup for Germany and he didn’t even made Germany Euro 2016, 23 man squad. Mario Gomez haven’t score in his last 13 or 14 straight games for Stuttgart in the Bundesliga yet he will be one of Germany main attacker. Muller scored zero goals at the 2016 Euros for Germany and he was abysmal for the entire tournament yet he will make the 2018 world cup Germany squad.

      • You must be an idiot to call Ozil average. He lacks stamina yes but he is twice better than any midfielder we have. Reus is a bad player? Khedira plays for juventus and is a starter for them he was brilliant at Madrid & is brilliant for them.

        Lol you talk as if we have some amazing talents in the team. More than half of the team either plays in garbage teams or are bench warmers.

        • LOL, yes all of these germans are genius, Özil a lazy dick, khedira is brilliant ohh yes in which universe? 90% of these players are only good robots, without their migrants Germany would be nothing. France without the whole Africa too.

          • Provisional Germany squad:
            GK: Leno, Neuer, MATS, Trapp

            CB: Boateng, Hummels, Rudiger, Ginter, Sule, Tah

            FB: Kimmich, Hector, Plattenhardt

            MID: Gundogan, Ozil, Draxler, Khedira, Kroos, Goretzka, Rudy

            FW: Petersen, Werner, Mario Gomez, Reus, Muller, Sane, Brandt

            So –

            Gk: Mats, Neuer, Leno
            CB: Boateng, Hummels, Rudiger, Tah, Sule
            FB: Kimmich, Hector, Plattenhardt
            Mid: Gundogan, Ozil, Draxler, Khedira, Kroos, Goretzka
            FW: Reus, Muller, Sane, Werner, Mario Gomez, Brandt

            How is this not world class? They have all the essential element to play possession based attacking football. They have great fullbacks who can attack wide and tackle. Then they have midfielders, real fucking midfielders like Kroos, Gundogan and Khedira. And they have CBs that are accustomed to play in a high-line. On top of that they have Mats and Neuer.

            So whats the weakness here?

          • @ istiaque

            This guy’s logic is too weird. how is that Germany team not world class in every position?
            Add that these players actually perform for their country while the flopguero has 1 goal and no assist for argentina in 5 tournaments. Then there are eternal flops like Higuain and biglia.

          • Their Striker is not like banging goals left n right and center and I’d say its the weakest position for them, but that’s nothiiiing close to our problem in fullback or center of midfield. We are a below average team in those areas.

            Our Goal Keepers – Below average
            CBs – One is world class and another is acceptable
            Fullbacks – extremely average
            Midfield – Poor
            Forwards – World Class

            It’s us we need to worry about and not Germany, Brazil or Spain. We are like the 10th best team in the world and without Messi our team is like any other or worse.

            We need to be humble and hardworking with respect for the oppositions. Be cocky and another 2010 or 2002 is on the cards.

          • @csabalala1

            Argentina without Messi would get pounded in the ass by Arsenal. That team would rip apart this team without Messi.

            This team is worse than 2014 or 2010 which had better plaeyrs than 2014.

          • You really have no clue about football do you? Ozil is almost turning 30 while dybala is only 24.

            Mids cost much less than forwards do. Ozil would easily go for 45-50m no less than that.

            as for your price tag. Umititi cost 23m while shaw cost over 50m. David luiz over 60m. are they better than Umititi?

            Toni kroos – 24m
            Pogba – 105m

            csabalala’s logic Pogba> kroos.

      • Huge difference between Germany and Argentina players,when those Germany players put on the national jersey they all perform their best and our world class players are pure garbage when they play for Argentina,you troll Germán players all that you want but they are the champions

    • Götze=Pastore, Schurrle=Lavezzi, their argentine counterparts…Sane=Pavon etc., but i don’t really see the Lo Celso, the Lanzini or the Paredes in the current german squad, but they have a lot of talented defenders, where is the big difference?

    • Haven’t you heard?


      Who cares about the present form? And what do you know about football? Are you Argentine or support Boca/River? Go support your Banana Republic team lol.

  17. This list is not a real surprise to me, even though Maschereno and Rojo are not in good shape, seems that their experience more important to Sampaoli. I guess Samp use them only when someone get injured because they can get in the match easily with their experience. Well, that’s what I hope. I really don’t see how they can be in the starting XI for handling intensive matches. .

    Really glad for Dybala if he can make it, I believe he can make the difference when we need him, he’s that kind of player. Pizzaro’s presence would be a little good surprise because we definitely need to have a sub for Biglia, so either him or Battaliga. Personally I prefer Enzo Perez, he can also be used in this role. The only big surprise to me is Centurion. I haven’t seen him playing so I cannot judge. But why him? Meza, Perotti, Papu Gomez, Joaquin Correa and Cervi can play in his position and the first 4 of them are already tested. Meza did quite well against Spain. I am happy to see him in the list.

    My favorite 11 would be:
    Salvio—Lo Celso—Biglia—Acuna

    The main strength of Argentina is their wingers. We have many world class players in these positions and we should use them as much as we can. Salvio and Acuna are mobile, agile with high work-rate and they can provide many solutions to Messi when there is no more space in the middle. They will be similar to Maxi Rodriguez-Sorin in 2006. Dybala is not a right winger but kind of right playmaker cutting from the right, just like Di Maria. Messi as forward-playmaker false 9 and Pavon left-forward but free to cut inside or switch to the right.

  18. If this rumored list is true, it can only mean 1 thing; CENTURION is besties with Messi and Meza is not. LMAO … Anyhow, you guys need to chill, there is nothing wrong with the list honestly, aside from a few changes here and there. I would take Ansaldi over Salvio or Mecardo… I would also replace Rojo with Pezzella … and Maybe Meza pick over CENTURION since he showed a lot of promise vs Spain. Realistically, there is not enough space to include all of “our favorites”..

    What is the obsession with Battaglia anyway? I am confused. I have seen him play and I don’t think he’s that special. Is he really that much better than Pizzaro? Biglia? Why are you guys upset about Sampaoli omitting someone he may not be familiar with? Or he may not deem suitable for his style of play? As far as I know, no past coaches have selected Battaglia either.

    • @Yves Bruno, you make some really good points..your suggestions are fair–I could not agree with you more. I am not the kind of person that would easily criticize the team but, I agree with you not tasking Rojo, I am not sure the purpose–he is not solid in defense neither is he good going forward. I have not followed ANSALDI much, so I do not have an opinion but Salvio is certainly not a defender…I would take Pezella—I disagree with you regarding Pizzaro–in the games he played for Argentina he found it difficult to go forward…not sure he is a good fit for this team.

  19. It’s odd that Centurion who never even played for us would be preferred to Meza who was one of the only players who played well against Spain. If this list is true then at least Lo Celso, Lanzini, Tagliafico, Armani, Pavon, Pizarro, Fazio, Acuña, Salvio and Dybala are going. It could have been worse.

  20. The 4 big names missing out will be

    Icardi–>The Management wants to go for Higuain for obvious reasons.

    Ansaldi–>Coach has more trust on Acuna and Salvio. Unlucky guy!!

    Rojo–> This will be absurd as Rojo had a very poor 2014 WC qualifying campaign and he has been even worst post 2014 WC. Pezzlla deserves to go especially with aging Macherano also going. Such a shame. Man utd will sell Rojo soon after the wc.

    Perroti–> He is our best LM and reliable backup for Dimaria. Look at his champions league stats for this season. He is a big game player.May be his injury made sampaoli change his mind.

  21. If this was the final cut… i will go out to say this is the starting eleven v Iceland:

    Di Maria.

    The only changes I can see is Taglifiaco as LB and Rojo slipping into left CB replacing Fazio. Higuain over Aguero. Otherwise I don’t see any other changes. It will be the slow midfield of Mascherano, Banega and Biglia being over run.

    • ——-Romero——-


      ——–Pizarro———–Lo Celso


      Messi—————————Di Maria


      I don’t see any indication Sampaoli would start with your lineup. Lo Celso and Lanzini are both in the Argentina squad to provide link up play in the attacking third of the pitch with Messi, Di Maria and Aguero/Higuain/Dybala. If not Pizarro it will be Biglia in front of the back line. I just don’t see Masche, Biglia and Banega all starting together at the world cup in the same team.

        • Banega—–Pizarro

          ——Lanzini/Lo Celso

          This might also work…. but if you already have Pizarro on the field you don’t need Biglia and likewise if Biglia is on the pitch from the beginning you don’t need Pizarro (unless the team is defending a lead with 4-10 minutes remaining in the game). Like myself, Sampaoli learnt a lot from all the friendly games, he has seen what worked for certain players and what did not work. Like the Spain game, playing Banega behind the striker is a none starter period. Banega play deep at Sevilla, and should be use as such in the national team. Mascherano should be used sparingly during the tournament. Pavon and Centurion will give Argentina creativity, skill and speed on the flanks. Dybala will finally show up, I believe he will live up to the expectation of the moment.

          • What you’ve stated is great. And worthy of arguing the case.
            I just can’t see it happen. When it comes to the crunch I just can’t see past the starting 11 i had put out.
            On evidence the Biglia and Mascherano combo has been proven in competitive games. Allow the recent injuries and conditioning. Keep aside the beating we got from Spain I truly believe Sampaoli was going to install at least 1 of Biglia or Mascherano in the holding role. Banega is a shoe in to start. Playing him alongside the holding midfielder might work as it does at Sevilla.
            Maybe then Lanzini or Lo Celso can play the advanced role?

            But I do like your starting line up. I hope it does pan out like that.

      • @kid I get where your coming from but I bet Sampaoli throws his football ethos out of the window in fear of being torn apart.
        Lo Celso is not a defense minded midfielder regardless of how he was deployed at PSG.

        The only difference between both our teams were the midfield. Otherwise near enough the same. I can see Taglifiaco replace Rojo.
        I can’t imagine Sampaoli drop both Biglia and Mascherano out of the starting eleven.
        And Lanzini over Banega….come on!

      • ——-Romero——-


        ——–Biglia———–Lo Celso


        Pavon————————Di Maria


        Messi can’t afford to be too wide. He needs to be the creative engine along with LoCelso. also Mercado won’t go down the wings much so need Pavon to provide the width down the right.

      • Thumbs up!! Most probably the starting line-up against Iceland; If Sampaoli opts for 4-2-3-1 formation;
        Sampaoli may opt for 3 at back against Iceland(who may park the bus);
        The rumored list clearly indicates that Sampaoli wants to switch between 4-2-3-1 and 3-3-1-3 formations;
        It looks like all the players are selected based on their flexibility for these formations;

          • I am a little scared by the inclusion of salvio and acuna. either this could mean a three man defense with these two on the wings making it effectively 5-1-3-1 (bad idea) or sampa could use them when we have to chase games by replacing the full backs in a 4-2-3-1 (ok with this)

  22. I can’t remember if past 23 man squads for previous world cups had surprise inclusions?
    What i mean is to add players like Ricardo Centurion on to a rumoured list is abit too much.
    Your basically throwing a name into the den who we haven’t seen play for the national team over a player like Meza who showed glimpses of his potential against Spain. It just doesn’t make any sense to me.
    Granted that Centurion is having a blinding season with Racing, but selecting him over playersshowing promise and have minutes under their belt is dangerous. You would not be forgiven if it didn’t work and your excuse is he needed time to gel or climatise to the system.
    I imagined players who played against Italy and Spain would’ve made the 35 at least. Being told your not going to make the first draft and in your place it will be someone we haven’t tried is slightly disrespectful.
    Who am I to judge. I hope Centurion does fit in and hit the ground running. I hope Dybala can bring his A game and that Aguero regains match fitness and that Higuain gain redemption.

  23. If true very disappointing.ansaldi and pezella should have been there over salvio and rojo and battaglia over that make us no proper replacement of Mercado in right back.salvio is not a natural right back.Argentina converting a midfielder for right back just like Barcelona did to sergi Roberto.its too much risky.i don’t know what to say.