COCO preparing to face Spain


While the Champions League is entertaining us today (with Nicolas FRUTOS scoring for Anderletch), Coco BASILE will announce the list of players he has in mind for the second friendly of his second tenure as Argentina manager.

The date is confirmed: October 11th at the Nueva Condomina Stadium in Murcia, Spain.

Now the main actors will be known today and the biggest comeback is a fan favourite who has been impressive in the last World Cup and during the last week of action in “La Liga de España” scoring two goals to help Atletico Madrid comeback against Sevilla to win 2-1. Of course I’m talking about Maxi RODRIGUEZ.

Yes, he has a couple of games he will have to miss out through a suspension after that post-match brawl against Germany in the last World Cup. But he’ll have to miss official dates: Copa America or WC Qualifiers, so he is elegible to play this friendly against Spain.

Roberto AYALA will also be on COCO’s plans and will probably become the next captain.

Those appear to be the biggest names in this, the first list after RIQUELME’s international retirement.

I’ll give you the full list later on tonight, once COCO announces it.

Other players almost certain to be a part of the list are:

Lionel MESSI
Carlos TEVEZ