BAUZA releases list of players for WCQ’s


Here it is everyone!


Sergio ROMERO (Manchester United)
Mariano ANDUJAR (Estudiantes)
Nahuel GUZMAN (Tigres)

Facundo RONCAGLIA (Celta)
Mateo MUSACCHIO (Villarreal)
Ramiro FUNES MORI (Everton)
Emmanuel MAS (San Lorenzo)
Marcos ROJO (Manchester United)
Martín DEMICHELIS (Espanyol)
Pablo ZABALETA (Manchester City)
Gabriel MERCADO (Sevilla)
Nicolás OTAMENDI (Manchester City)

Matías KRANEVITTER (Atlético Madrid)
Javier MASCHERANO (Barcelona)
Lucas BIGLIA (Lazio)
Augusto FERNANDEZ (Atlético Madrid)
Ever BANEGA (Inter)
Erik LAMELA (Tottenham)
Nicolás GAITAN (Atlético Madrid)

Lionel MESSI (Barcelona)
Ángel CORREA (Atlético Madrid)
Lucas PRATTO (Atlético Mineiro)
Sergio AGUERO (Manchester City)
Paulo DYBALA (Juventus)
Lucas ALARIO (River)



    • I like Line up
      Def. Mercado. ottemendi. Funes mori
      Defm. Machcarano

      AMF .dimaria.banega. Pastore

      Formation. .4-1-3-2

  1. A solid list with small changes (as expected).
    My biggest complaint is Demichiles called up over Garay! Where the heck is ‘negro’? He’s Argentina’s finest defender by far! His exclusion along with that of Icardi’s leads me to think that Bauza may continue with the arbitrary exclusion of players (Pasarella with Redondo, Pekerman with Zanetti, maradona with Zanetti and Cambiasso, Tata with Icardi) that has plagued the team for decades; I really hope I’m wrong here.

    Lastly what the heck does Rulli have to do to even book a spot on the bench for god’s sake?

    • Exactly my thoughts on Garay. It’s a mystery! My only guess is that he is being punished for playing in Russian league which is obviously subpar.

      I hope Rulli at the very least makes it to the bench, sooner rather than later. No way Andujar and Guzman are better than him even despite his age.

  2. I think Mundo people have short memories or lesser understanding of modern football. Messi, Mascherano, Di Maria, Aguero, Maxi, Demichelis and even Higuain have been in the NT since Maradona was coach. Some even came from the Pekerman tenure. They have gone through different coaching ideas. We have seen all these same players reflect their coaches ideas on the pitch differently.
    So it’s about how the coach sets up the team. It would make no difference if the coaches man managing and tactical skills are flawed.

    Bielsa, Pekerman and Sabella are excellent coaches but they all made mistakes at the crucial moments but they all had their teams well organized and capable of competing with the best. Sabella’s lack of international tournament experience cost us dearly.
    Basile(2nd), Batista and Tata were flops because they’re tactically flawed coaches who couldn’t read games and couldn’t not deal with situations like park the bus or physical sides.

    Maradona was not a coach to start with but I think his ego got better off his football brain vs Germany. But he did relatively well for his limitations. One good thing he did right for me, was he got rid of Riquelme with his chameleon pace football and brought back some traditional Argentinian football values of flair and tenacity.

    I’m surprised to see how only a few people have mentioned about how Olimpia or San Lorenzo won under Bauza. And how he will set up his team NT eg will he play with 2 out and out strikers or is going to continue with the failed one striker system that has cost us dearly in the in the past? Is he going to use conventional wingers or fullbacks to attack the flanks? How is the pressing and the ball recovery work? Is the team going to play according to his philosophy or is he going set up the team according to his players strengths?
    These question matter more than who is playing? what if we have Dybala, Icardi and Messi leading the attack but each time the ball arrives to them the opposing defense has already set up their shape? They will still struggle to score.

    So until we’ve seen Bauza’s first matches, there is no need for bickering over favorite players or line ups. A team can play park the bus even if their line up is 3-3-3-1, 4-3-3 or 3-4-3 systems and vice versa. An ultra attacking team can line up 5-3-2 or 4-4-1-1. What matters most of all is how the coach sets up his team with the players at his disposal.

  3. Folks, just leaked!

    Martin Demi’s Ponytail has written the following for you all:

    Oh how I’ve missed you, my blue and white loving friends…
    Y’all forgot me, opting for blondes, mohawks and other cool trends.

    Otamendi came and so did a Fuming Mori..
    They replaced me when I didnt achieve world cup glory.

    But did you all see them at the Copa, where they were a massive fail?
    They ain’t better than me, the divine effing ponytail!

    I may be old, but I am still all slick and shiny.
    Demi changed the hair conditioner and told Bauza , “Go ahead and try me!”

    Sure, laugh at me, say “Demi’s ponytail is too old and slow”.
    At least I aint fat like Higuain, who by now has a pregnant glow.

    And so, here I am again folks, back without a hitch.
    In the next game, you’ll see me make Suarez my B#%ch 🙂

    Vick out.

    • Vick…. Hehehe…. infact the moment i read the list… my thoughts were about you and how you might bring in a hilarious touch to Demichelis selection…
      It looks like Demichelis might not only get to play 2018 World Cup but also the subsequent 2022 and 2026 World cups (and he importantly promised to play in 2026 with a walking stick) (better our chances of winning as he might just scare Opposition Forwards with his walking stick!)

  4. This selection seems logical given Bauza’s recent statements. Until 2 weeks ago his focus was on his Sao Paolo team. Unlike us, he wasn’t checking out other leagues to find out which Argentine players should be in the national team. Players like Rulli, Icardi, Cervi, Tagliofico and others simply weren’t on his radar. Only his team players and the ones Sao Paolo wanted to recruit.

    In Barcelona he spoke with Messi, Mascherano and Demichelis. Therefore it is no wonder the latter was called up too. He said he will introduce new blood in the team and he will do so. He will start with the team that reached 3 finals in a row and as soon as all the leagues have started keep an eye out for those who could improve the team. Come November players like Demichelis, Biglia and others will be replaced by younger and better players.

  5. And we have a place for Demichelis but have not for Lavezzi who did good impression in Copa unlike most of old guard.

    Midfield isn’t very inviting if there are all the same old names without any exception.

      • What a relief that there’s someone who always is ready in underground to point your mistakes.
        But, Csabalala, don’t be too dedicated in this role because I may to point easy a lot of your mistakes but it’s not my style. Such rivalry is ‘infra dignitatem’ for me. So please don’t compel me to do this. You know what I mean. Your Lo Celso and ‘my’ Ascacibar… Who was better in Olimpic Games? You know the base game. So It will be better for you if you won’t start with your mole work. Try to find something more interesting to do busy body.

  6. Dybala was a must. If only Bauza want to be serious he had to call him. The question: is Dybala starter in his plans?

    I was wondering why Higuain isn’t there but Roy resolved my doubts. It’s only exceptionally without him. Unless Alario or Pratto will do something special.

  7. The best news of all is the inclusion of Dybala in the squad…. Should give ample time for youngsters (only youngsters) to show their mettle… Hope more good news will follow….

  8. Good to see Alario. No guarantee he will be something special, but it’s worth trying. Apparently he is in Higuain place instead Icardi.
    No doubt our coaches have some problem with Icardi. Maybe even behind the scenes problem.

    • Alario doesn’t deserve a call up ahead of Icardi. No justification is sufficient for this selection.

      And yes, I can smell players in the squad lobbying against the entry of Icardi in the NT. It’s quite visible. And if this continues, be prepared to see another phenomenal Argentine talent go into drain.

  9. Messi is back….i am never mind to see Messi at 2026 World Cup..if Dami can do it for Argentina so why not Messi 2026 World Cup …..I am happy to see first time messi and Dybala together for Argentina….It will better for Argentine attack…I think messi must be attend quater 2022 World Cup..he may be attending 2026 World Cup…he will there at 38-39 years…
    Messi is a deferent kind of player..he will be remaining at 38 in good shape…like totti and buffon..So it is expected for Messi..

    • “I think messi must be attend quater 2022 World Cup..he may be attending 2026 World Cup…he will there at 38-39 years…”

      Don’t be so pessimist. I think he may even make that in 2030. Why not? After all he is Ubermensch.

  10. There is no hope for Di Maria if his muscles are out always when it’s near to final. And no matter who is a coach. He just is phisically to weak to play on 100% in a final.

  11. Martin Demichelis should have been on the 2006 World Cup squad but wasn’t .. but here he is, not leaving the squad nor the squad leaves him 10 years later in 2016…
    Looks like he will shake Vladimir Putins’ hand in 2018 :))
    The first grandpa to represent a country on the world stage – Martin Demichelis

  12. I think Bauza made it very clear there won’t much change from previous squad as there is not time for that.But the it seems most people has goldfish memory or just looking for any excuse to release their anger.

  13. guys don’t be panic.keep yourself be positive.I really happy with this squad,insallah,argentina will do better in upcoming future.

  14. We cant expect a sudden brand new team with lots of youngstars. we need the combination of experienced and fresh bloods. in this prospect the team is well balanced to me
    only thing i dont understand the inclusion of Demichelis, he mus has some qualities in side or in dressing room, rather he shouldn’t taken by any coaches
    Pratto is a very clinical finisher, but not that technical, Alario is more skilled, but lacks at composure, IMO
    Icardi and Rulli is eventually coming, dont sure about Garay
    need to Taglificao and Gomez, hope in his 2nd or 3 rd call ups

  15. He had to drop Dimaria Aguero also.. these two fcuekrs cant be trusted… they have never been of any use for us… higuian,dimaria,aguero,rojo,demichelis(??),funes mori.. these players can’t be in the team

  16. List is ok..not complaining about defense or forwards.but not seeing any creativity in midfield..looks very defensive..except pastore..Many of them are very fragile..would have loved to see new faces in midfield it all depends on the formation of starting 11..

    • Add me to the ok list.
      Its a Shame iccadi is not their but demi wtf.
      Im going to allow bau some leniency as he is just in the job but demi wtf oh did i say demi…….

      • Yes Pablo..same as you..Lets give Bauza some room to tinker….don’t worry abt Demi…Looks like a good bloke..Sabella liked did is Bauza..can be good motivator off the field..There should be reasons for it..Not a national team material anymore..Even he knows it…

        Aguero – On a really thin line as Neymer said..

        Icardi – where is the place for him? If aguero is injured then i think Icardi has a chance..Pratto offers more variations..That might be Bauza thinking..for the rest such as Correa/Alario – it is a good experience to be part of senior team..

        • Agreed and bauza has time from me to stamp his mark on the team.
          For me id drop kun and put icardi in his place as kun needs a wake up call to realise he does not have the shirt for all of time while he is alive.
          Kun needs to work far harder while donning the n.t shirt and needs to know that.

        • Icardi and Aguero are not similar players , how could an injury to Aguero open door for Icardi? The place for Icardi is right there where Alario is sitting. Even a blind can see that!

          • agreed they are not but the problem is kun style has not been a good fit in the n/t for a long time so why keep taking him again and again and if bauza wants a number 9 icardi has earned that chance as for alarino for me he has not yet earned that over icardi and ive said before kun needs to be dropped totally for now to give him a massive wake up call.

            icardi should be given a chance to start and alarino will be after that and why not take them both?

  17. Sergio Romero
    Mariano Andujar
    Geronimo Rulli
    Ezequiel Garay
    Ramiro Funes Mori
    Mateo Musacchio
    Nicolas Otamendi
    Pablo Zabaleta
    Marcos Rojo
    Nicolas Tagliafico
    Javier Mascherano
    Matias Kranevitter
    Augusto Fernandez
    Javier Pastore
    Ever Banega
    Erik Lamela
    Angel Di Maria
    Lionel Messi
    Sergio Aguero
    Paulo Dybala
    Mauro Icardi
    Ezequiel Lavezzi
    Gonzalo Higuain

    I would start with Icardi and leave Higuain on the bench for qualifiers only, no more finals for him. Higuain is still a lethal striker, but a choker as well for all the finals we’ve suffered. I’d would like to see what Icardi can do for our team.

  18. Apparently, Higuain himself asked not to be picked this time because he wants to stay with Juventus and repay them for the confidence they have in him.

    Great to see Dybala and even Correa (even if he doesn’t play, great experience). Honestly, not even angry about Pratto or Alario. We know what Higuain, Aguero and the rest can offer. I’m pretty sure Pratto and Alario can’t do much worse than the other two. Always nice to see fresh faces.

    Bauza himself said that the first list would be similar to Tata’s which makes sense. Can’t do massive changes the first time around. My only question mark is Demichelis. No idea how he’s still there.

    If Pratto plays and impresses, would be interesting to see what happens. I really think Aguero is on thin ice but that could be just me. Icardi is missing but I won’t complain about that because it’s only the first list.

    • roy: if that its true from hig then he never should be called again as to choose your club over you country is nothing short of disgraceful and has he forgotten what he owes to his country and the confidence that some placed in him.
      he should do the correct thing and retire from n/t football, not make me and others despise him more then I already do.

  19. No panic please!!! Chilax😊
    It will change alot in next call up. I am happy with the squad and happy that Bauza has guts to say bye to Higuain(sorry you messed alot). I thought Demi retired!!! I hope in his next call up he shuffle the midfield and defence a little

  20. Guys, don’t judge Bauza’s team just now. No Higuain in the list means a lot. It’s only the beginning. Most importantly we get our captain back again alongside Masche!

    Dybala & Pratto’s inclusion in attack are huge. We have the variations now in offence. Hopefully our coach will bring Rulli, Icardi, Garay & others too in the right time.

    Since the Copa final, I felt myself like a dead body. So happy to join with Mundo again. Lets ride for a new journey.

    Vamos Argentina!!

  21. If it’s any consolation Bauza kind of hinted that his list for Urguay and Venezuela is going to include the old guard. Hopefully, going forward he will start dropping the dead weight and adding the long overdue youngsters. Still, Demichelis is baffling!

    And what the heck is going on with Garay? How come our best defender at WC is not even on the radar any more? Is he being punished for playing in a crappy Russian league?

  22. Back to bacis… 🙁
    Sensing that we might break the world record for the oldest squad in the world… come the world cup.
    Nothing changed guys… nothing… its the same old rubbish AFA… and the nonsense title called coach of Argentina

    • Its Bauza’s first list, so why you act like this is the list for the World Cup? All managers call-up players that the former manager called up early in their tenure.

      For goodness sake, Sabella called the likes of Jose Sosa,Clemente Rodriguez, Burdisso, Desabato, Monzon,GUINAZU,Brana, Denis when he first got the job.

      How many of those players ended up going to the World Cup?

      So, chillax. It will be a working progress.

      • Call-up for Alario shows that his plan has a place for No 9 in the team, then why is Alario called over Icardi who’s one of the best strikers in the world right now? What sort of selection parameter is followed here ? This is surely more than just performance based selection.

        Bauza must abort the Messi friends quota (Aguero, Di Maria, Pastore etc) from the team and pick players who really want to play for the shirt and have guts to win trophies , we need warriors not ballerinas…

      • Jack, agreed totally. Why people don’t see Bauza cut Higuain from the team. We have a new attack with Dybala & Pratto. And for God sake, he succeed in his first mission as coach to change the retirement idea of Messi & Masche!

        It’s not the time to criticize, but to get unit again.

  23. He called Lucas Alario who has been average at the best for River and overlooked Mauro Icardi once again!!!!! I can smell players lobbying against him and if this is happening, Icardi can very well say a goodbye to the NT forever! This is so sad.

    What a regressive bad decision that is. Tbh, this team doesn’t have anything that excites me watch them.

  24. The good: Dybala, Musacchio, no Higuain

    The bad: Roncaglia (should have Buffarini instead), Andujar (should have been Rulli for God’s sake!), Rojo,

    The ugly: Demichelis(are you f@#%$%ing kidding me?!)

    • overall it’s a good list, without drastic changes. No Higuain is the best news. But little surprised to see Lavezzi missing unless he is injured! He did give his all in the last Copa. Demichelis makes no sense either.
      But some positive changes on the forward line and hoping for full 6 points in September!

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