OFFICIAL: MESSI back with Argentina team!


Hey everyone,

It is official.  MESSI has confirmed that he has not quit and will be returning to play for Argentina.  He has actually written a formal letter to the press. Here is what he had to say:

“I love this country and this shirt too much.  I see there are a lot of problems with Argentine football and I don”t want to create another one.  I don’t want to cause any harm, I have always meant the contrary, which is to help in all I can.  We have to fix a lot of things in our Argentine football, but I’d rather do it by being in rather than criticizing from the outside.  A lot went through my mind the day of the last final we lost and I seriously thought about quitting, but I love my country and this shirt too much.  I’d like to thank all those people who want me to continue playing for Argentina, I hope we can give them all something to cheer about soon.”

It is not officially confirmed that he will be there for the September WCQ’s, but the rumors that are out there are leaning towards this.   We will know later tonight when Bauza officially releases the team list.



  1. welcome back MESSI.

    argentina still needs you despite of you being SELFISHNESS in the final copa, your “no wide perspective” on the pitch, making lot of “blunders”, not being “smart” as a player, and haven’t been modest, and so on and on and on.

    • Nobody is Mr.Perfect here on earth… everybody has their weakness and failures. Messi or Maradona have theirs…
      We are just depicting that…
      Its an universally accepted truth that Messi could have done lot better for Argentina – when it mattered the most.

    • Let prodigal son to come back. But if prodigal son want to deserved for feast he just needs to acknowledge his mistakes. To acknowledge that he was waster in last final. If he will do it then will be better.

      • if this news just making you guys disappointed and sad, then i feel sorry for you guys, really i am.

        i think messi done a lot these few years for the albiceleste alone despite all the unfortunate outcome, and i don’t think all the harsh ridiculous words especially from Gonzalo (who just got out from some kindergarden school from where he stumble earlier) well-deserved to be thrown at messi.

        • You also avoid my general and uncomfortable for you question. What was that in Copa America final if not selfishness? Any alternative interpretation?

          ‘ad rem’ man, ‘ad rem’

          You hav not any argument ‘ad rem’

          And you even can’t read correct: no one is disappointed by Messi come back if he is going to do in other way some things.

  2. This is great news and was expected. If Argentina was at the top of the qualifying and safe may be he would have skipped this year. But given the dangerous position Argentina is, I did think he will play.

    I was reading some of the posts in the internet and from our own Gonzalo in the other thread. Really disappointing. For these reasons I would have been happy if he did not come back.

    I don’t know how old our forum members are here but I cannot call myself too young anymore :). I have seen many so called great Argentine players and what they have done for the team. 3 finals in 3 years and we blame one guy. A part of me would have really loved to see what Argentina achieves without Messi. I am seeing the Olympic team, cannot even get out of a group, forget the final.

    I read posts that Messi plays for Barcelona in the final but not for Argentina. Earlier it used to be Messi plays for Barcelona and not for Argetnina. Now people have started qualifying the sentence with “final”. We will see how many back to back finals we go to once this guy is truly not there. I don’t understand the argument here: Messi deliberately does not perform in the final for Argentina? Why? Why would he do that? Will he be considered greater by doing that? If that is what is in his mind, then why take the team to the final? Might as well concede defeat earlier and go for vacation!

    Hope there is a collective team now. One should never lose hope. We should keep the same team for now, though I don’t know how Higuain can play, he is fatter than me. But slowly get rid of these players. Only ones to keep are Messi & Mascherano.

    • I hear what you are saying but I think the argument is a slightly more nuanced one. It’s not that Messi is deliberately trying to sabotage Argentina in the finals, I think it’s more about the fact the team tends to be built around him but I think it’s like we are putting all our eggs in one basket, even if this basket is the best player in the world. By doing this we are inevitably depriving ourselves of other weapons at our disposal. We need more options, for Messi’s sake and for the sake of much more likely success. Messi need a better quality supporting cast in order to succeed.

    • What’s dissapointing in facts? The only disappointing was Messi performance. No on can describe Messi final of Copa in meritoric and factual words. What was that if not selfishness? Name this.

      • in this world only u said messi is a selfish player..i am sure that ronaldo can’t say this type of shit about messi..argentina played 3 consecutive finals just because of messi.if u dont like messi that’s fine but u should respect him because he deserves this.

        • “argentina played 3 consecutive finals just because of messi”

          Oh really? Where he was in semi against Netherlands? for example.

          Just because of Messi? As We see Messi fanboism can delete all Argentina just for him.

  3. Now it’s up to Bauza to get the best out of him. We need the right mix of players to complement Messi.For example, attacking fullbacks that can benefit from diagonal passes. We also need a strong creative midfielder to take the burden off Messi if needed. We also need a box-to-box fighter, full of energy and running to make our midfield more dynamic. We need proven goalscorers (Dybala, Icardi anyone?) to take advantage of chances created in the area.In my opinion, then and only then we will succeed.

  4. WELCOME BACK BROTHER, we all love you no matter what is said here and there by Argentine faithfuls.

    We don’t retreat and we don’t surrender, we fight until the job is done, winner or loser we still try and try again.

    • I can’t wait to see the Kid and La Pulga side by side and hopefully Icardi will get a shot. Maybe these two are not as talented YET as Kun and Higuian presently but as the saying goes, ‘its not the size of the dog in the fight, its the size of the fight in the dog’.

  5. Welcome back. Although we were 70% certain you would return for qualifiers but not so soon.
    It’s all about having the right players to make sure that what you find easy to do with players like Rakatic and Busquets you can also do with our boys. I am sure we’ve got equally as good midfielders as Ivan Rakatic!?

    • We have better midfielders then rakitic but we had bad luck with coaches(except sabella) untill now.with bauza at the helm i expect things to change and argentina will be organized team again.

      • I don’t think we have better midfielder than rakitic. we have some defensive midfielders and some attacking midfielders but not many central midfielders.

      • Raktic is the kind of box-to-box dynamic midfielder that we really need. Augusto is the closest that I can think of but he is a lot more defensive minded, although we’ve seen the flashes of what he can do in attack too. I think Pereyra could possibly play that role.

  6. wahooooo that is great news and well written messi,
    now add dybala and icardi as stated by Richard.

    I hope later today we get to see some new names in bauza’s 1st team selection and it is important we do, its time to part start again and move on quickly as time is not on our side to pontificate again.

  7. Well written Messi.
    Now play with Dybala on the left, Icardi in the middle and yourself on the right side.

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