Gerardo “Tata” MARTINO close to Atlanta United job


Former Argentina National Team coach Gerardo MARTINO is in negotiations with Atlanta United.

The former FC Barcelona and Argentina National Team manager is currently negotiating a deal with Atlanta United, who will be joining the MLS next season. MARTINO was reportedly in the United States last week negotiating a deal.

According to AS in Spain, MARTINO will be changing up his coaching staff as Jorge PAUTASSO (assistant) and Elvio PAOLORROSO (physio) will not be part of his staff. Instead, Jorge THEILER will be his new assistant with Gustavo ALFARO his physical trainer and Damian SILVERO as his video analysis guy.

MARTINO has been without a job since he stepped down as coach of the Argentina National Team following the 2016 Copa America.


  1. I believe it’s Atlanta United, I know because I live here lol.

    I doubt the club will last long, maybe 2-3 years in my estimation before they pack up and leave for another city or for good.
    This is American football territory here down south and I doubt good Ole Tata will make it any different.

  2. And my subiective list future players to watch in new season of Primera:

    1. Lucas Janson LF (Tigre)
    2. Santiago Ascacibar CM (Estudiantes)
    3. Gonzalo Martinez AM,LM,LF (River)
    4. Nicolas Tagliafico LB (Independiente)
    5. Alexander Barboza CB (Defensa)
    6. Jose Luis Gomez RB (Lanus)
    7. Augusto Batalla GK (River)
    8. Guido Vadala F (Union)
    9. Giovani Lo Celso AM (Rosario Central)
    10. Ezequiel Barco AM (Independiente)
    11. Martin Benitez LF,RF (Independiente)
    12. Adrian Cubas DM (Boca)
    13. Jorge Figal CB (Independiente)
    14. Elias Gomez LB (Defensa)
    15. Cristian Pavon LF,RF (Boca)
    16. Maximiliano Romero CF (Velez)
    17. Lucas Rodriguez AM (Estudiantes)
    18. Lautaro Gianetti CB (Velez)
    19. German Conti CB(Colon)
    20. Julian Marchioni CM (Estudiantes)
    21. Leandro Gonzalez Pirez CB (Estudiantes)
    22. Luciano Perdomo DM (Gimnasia)
    23. Ezequiel Bonifacio RB (Gimnasia)
    24. Lucas Villalba CM,LM (Atletico Tucuman)
    25. Nicolas Gimenez CM (Talleres)
    26. Maximiliano Meza LM,AM (Independiente)
    27. Gino Peruzzi RB (Boca)
    28. Santiago Rosales LF,LM (Racing)
    29. Lucas Alario CF (River)
    30. Nazareno Solis LF (Boca)

    • your list shows the strenth of argentina! all i can say is that if bauza may watch them!
      by the way, has lo celso not moved to psg? i think he has.

      • I would like to see in NT top 6 players of the list:

        Gomez as our RB, Tagliafico as our LB, Ascacibar and Barboza to learn and for few minutes; Gonzalo Martinez and Lucas Janson as Di Maria and Aguero successors.

        Lo Celso will join PSG in December.

    • Peruzzi, Tagliafico, Ascacibar – enough said. But anyone remember Hugo Nervo?

      He was part (as RB) of wall-defence on World Cup 2011 U-20. Nervo, Galeano (Pezzella), Gonzalez Pirez, Tagliafico. Now only Gaelano is on down (but he has potential; omce in Rayo Vallecano). All the rest of players are just great for his clubs.

      Nervo plays now as CB. Despite his 1,81 cm he is far best header in all league. Average 6,7 won head challanges.
      The times when we were so much lacking of good defenders are far behind.
      Conti is great. Gianetti keeps level. But Alexander Barboza (Defensa Justicia) is absoultuely best. He is running CB like Pique. Very good technical skills. Very unfortunate he was not part of Olimpic team. COnti as well.

        • Honestly I cant wait for tagliafico and ascacibar to get their respective senior trials very soon..perhaps its high time that rulli gets the call up to jostle his way to the first eleven too..
          Im gonna just reserve my opinion on the more glaring political decision not to call up the italian league superstar..we all know that even if he scores for fun season after season even till he grows old and gets arthritis, he can only dream of a call up!

          • As I have already mentioned, Rojo debut in NT was in his 20. Tagliafico is 24. Masche debuted as 19 years old. Ascacibar is 19. It’s good age for him to learn with NT.

  3. He was out of his depth with Argentina. Last year, I said that by this time, this year, this guy will not be the coach as he would fail to deliver the COPA. As painful as the 2nd final loss was, it paved the way for the end of the Tata Martino circus with the NT. The only good thing he did was to give players like Dybala, Funes Mori and Mecardo a chance. Tata and Batista are the worst coaches to coach Argentina in my time as a supporter. Billardo if he was not WC winner, he’d be in that category too.

    • so true and add to it…. the only reason dumb ass tata gave dybala his chance was because of injury’s to others but then to tata’s horror dybala looked fantastic for the n/t giving us speed, depth, another goals scoring threat but wait come the copa time when it seemed dybala being in the n/t was a 100% no brainier tata did not pick him and decided taking an injured pastore was a far better plan- congratulations tata you are and will always be a fool of mega preporations.

  4. That what exactly suits him and based on his coaching level….not a team like Barca or a power house team like Argentina….losing 2 finals to Chile with all team stars…..evident on how limited is his coaching experience.

    • Agreed this is his level.

      Every time i see him i get angry at this baboon/circus clown, tata you failed us twice big time and definatly learnt nothing after the 1st final failure only to fail by exactly tbe same way the 2nd time.
      Good riddance.

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