New Edgardo BAUZA discussion and commentary!


Coach el Paton Bauza spoke with Radio Continental where he discussed and gave very specific information on his players.  He said there are three players that are set in stone for him.  They are: Otamendi, Funes Mori, and Mascherano.  I have tried my best to paraphrase what he said for those who cannot understand or read Spanish.

On Pablo Zabaleta:

“For the matches against Uruguay and Venezuela I decided on him (instead of Gabriel Mercado) because he may come out better with the ball but they are very similar.  I’m not worried about my decision because I know the one that I pick will be fine.”

On Sergio Agüero:

“He’s starting to lift his level for his club.  He looks a lot better physically.  I think it’s good that Guardiola makes his run more now, that modification has helped so that he could participate a lot more in the last 30 meters of the field.  We’ll see how he plays.”

On Sergio Romero:

“With him I have no doubt, today he is the starting goalkeeper for the National Team.”

On Ángel Di María:

“I think that his nervousness that he has does not allow him to finish what he starts. For all his dynamic, velocity, and technique he should be finishing a lot better all the plays that he starts.  From the tactical point of view he’s a very intelligent player but he needs to start contributing everything that he used to as it was different.  He needs to be calmed down, relaxed, so that he can go back to what he used to be.”

On Lucas Alario:

“He is the future of the national team and if he doesn’t play I still want him with the team, so that he could gel with the other players because that will him as he could play at any moment.”

On Lionel Messi

“When he gets the ball he can throw off balance a team.  Everyone is always expecting him to score or for him to invent something that will produce a problem for the rival but I think we need to learn how to play with and without him.”

On Marcos Rojo and Emmanuel Mas:

“They are the players that give me the most confidence even though a lot of people might not like this.  Defensively, the team hasn’t had big problems but you need to keep improving and we’re looking at other players in this position but for now they are the ones who could play.”

On Lucas Pratto:

“He holds the ball well; he knows how to play with his back facing the defense and he knows how to trick defenders.”

On Mauro Icardi:

“He’s a player that could be picked at any time but that does invalidate those players that I have selected because the ones that are there have the same priority and are doing well just like he is.  If he continues the way he is playing, he is part of the 60 players that we are following and they could be called up.  No player on this team has told me that if he comes there might be problems.  Whatever player that deserves a call up will be here.”

On Martín Demichelis:

“Everything that he contributes in every training, in every gathering, and in every discussion is invaluable.”

On another note:

Bauza also mentioned how he plans to line up the team before every match.  He said he’s going to play with a 9 well placed in the area; it could be Pratto, Higuain, or Alario, but someone will always be placed in this area.

In regards to his latest call up: “I called up the same players to repeat the training that we did.”  He also said that he is following closely various players: Emiliano Insúa, Santiago García (Werder Bremen) and Nicolás Tagliafico.


  1. i don’t see both alario or pratto doing well for their clubs this past 2-3 weeks, while icardi is just keep scoring.

    alario is not the future for argentina, not while icardi, correa and vietto are here and obviously better than him.

    that’s it from me.
    you guys can keep bragging about the impotent midfield, and full backs.

    • yes Alario is very average player and Correa, Vietto, and of course Icardi are way better than him in both goal scoring and technique.

  2. hahahaha…..the most bizarre comments that I have ever heard from any previous coach….now I appreciate Tata, at least Tata has a dignity and doesn’t make a fool of himself when talking to the media.

    This guy here really have no clue on judging player skills, contribution, potential and future development…..I wonder what coaching certifications and academic background does he have?

    Di Maria is a shitty player, I mean shit really. shit is shit.
    Demi is the godfather for a NT squad is just pathetic.
    ICardi is one of 60 player list to watch, so maybe and just maybe 1 or 2 will be selected out of this list is another fart talk from Bauza.
    I wish that we play Brazil and Colombia in October instead of November so we can see Bauza what would do without Messi…..Di Maria can win him both games. hehehe….We can see how Messi is getting hit by injuries every now and then at this time of his career….can you imagine what will happen in 2018? A smart coach won’t count on Messi, and I’m pretty sure he won’t be available for Russia…..This is a wake up call to build a team that doesn’t rely on him, pretend there is no Messi in the team because this could happen next world cup, very likely.

    This interview was absolutely horrendous.

  3. People here nowadays really frustrated and bashing everything for no reason. I am even seeing ridiculous line-up here. Maybe, people are so much suffered after 3 final loss and now asking for Savior for NT.

    Winning a trophy doesn’t concern with individual players. It is more concern with team play and understanding between coach and players.

    IMO, these players take a decade to form a good understanding. Mostly play together from U18 to this days. That is why we are getting to 3 consecutive finals.

    If I were Bauza , I wouldn’t change this squad much. This team need tactics and stregtegy to win the trohpy not new players. You guys bashing the player like Higuain, Aguero, Di Maria but not the tactics we have played. For me, headless chicken was the tactic. This year final, TaTa doesn’t know what to do after Augesto got injured, the play was pathetic.

    I am hoping this Bauza can handle tricky final this time. I still believe this team can get into the another final. I am just curious how will he gonna outplay the opponent stregtegy.

    I am okay with Icardi, okay with anyone else but bashing old players doesn’t do any good.

    I gonna repeat my old words, Higuain maybe miss the great chance in final but I afraid other would didn’t even get a chance but lost in the field and nowhere to be found like a Christiano Ronaldo in every big games.

    • Majority of fans here believe that we lost the finals because of the players. Therefore they have run out of patience and want to see these players banished from the NT. They want to see new line ups with average kids who have failed at Olympics and U/20 level and they think that will improve the team. Everyone is entitled to their opinion though. Then there is the minority of us who believe we lost due to weak tactical acumen of Tata and we think these players suffered the consequences of that. The issue right now is rebuilding the team. Some think wholesale change of the line up is the solution while others think we should stick with core of the same group and gradually integrate new players into the system. A successful proven approach.
      Let’s look at recent WC winners. ITALY, the same group of players from Euro 2000 & WC 2002 won in 2006. Spain 2010 was an exception, thanks to ‘Barca band of brothers’ group element. Germany the same group have fought and lost together before they matured and triumphed in Brazil. For Argentina, these final losses maybe painful but not the end of hope as some people see, they’re just cruel football lessons for this group. International football is a different arena from club stage and there is no time to teach youngsters things they don’t know in WCQs. Bauza knows that his objective to qualify will be easier achieved with experienced troops. Look at Brazil 2014 how many of their players had WC experience. When the going got tough against the experienced and battle-hardened Kraut troops who have lost and suffered together in the recent major tournaments, Brazil’s lack of experience was exposed. Of course some people’s understanding of rebuilding is changing the whole squad with youngsters.

      • Tell me how is that you are convinced it’s coach factor (and not players) is thing to blame for lost senior team and at the same time it’s players factor (and not a coach) is thing to blame for Olimpic Games lost? Tell me where from these schzofrenic double standards?

        Martino is still better coach than Olarticoechea. And what about all these AFA and other problems to field any team on Olimpic Games at all. That was our B team you know that. but yes: still a few players from that team are our very promising future and deserves to be as soon as possible in NT. Rulli, Ascacibar, Gomez, Correa. Most of players that team is not average.

        • Call me a schizophrenic all you like but the Olympics team you were excited about failed miserably and you still singing the praises of unproven young talents? Wake up from your hallucinations, I though you learned something with the Olypics but obviously your comments say it all.

          Now back to football matters. Like I said earlier some will choose to blame the players others feel it was Tata’s fault. I’m with latter. To answer you simple, I have seen these same players going thru different coaches. And all the time the team played differently. So does that not make any football sense to you? If you think individual players matter more coaching tactics, then I see the limit of your football knowledge.

          • Di Maria, Banega, Aguero, Higuain, ROjo, Biglia were players under 4 coaches (excluding Bauza) and they are still the same. And you want to keep thinking about coach factor that will change everything. Aren’t you one of those who was saying once Di Maria should play as LF and not LM. It’s the reason why he is not efficient. Now I hear something quite different: DI Maria shouldn’t to play as winger but midfielder to show his best. There’s always some excuse for the most popular players. You don’t see that you are operating still still with the same names just new configurations. It’s unfair for players who are out of NT but would be competitive.

            ABout Olimpic Games. Just don’t try to ignore obvious facts about situation the team just before tournament. They were together too little time before to make any chemistry. It’s quite different than Brazil team that trained together way back.
            And yes, I may to say one more time: players like Rulli, Gomez, Ascacibar, Correa, Lo Celso and maybe Gianetti, Pavon, Soto, Martinez will do good things for our NT in future. Just stay here some time and I will bring back these words to you. And I will bring back your words as well.
            Now just try to add to names above the names that weren’t in Rio for several reasons and you will see the future potential. Icardi, Dybala, Lanzini, Vietto, Kranevitter, Cervi, De Paul, Gonzalo Martinez, Janson, Mauri, Escalante, Ocampos, Barboza, Cubas, Conti, Joaquin Correa, Cartabia, BOye, Alan Ruiz, Martin Benitez.
            Most of the names tell you nothing I suppose. No wonder you are so much conservative. I always thought you are ignoramus about out young players along KidultHood.
            As I said I would like to see 6 players of Argentina league in NT: Gomez, Tagliafico, Ascacibar, Gonzalo Martinez, Barboza, Janson. How many of them were participated in Olimpic Games? Just Gomez and Ascacibar. And they are best along with Rulli. So what’s the problem actually?

          • Sometimes best thing to realize new unpredictable for rivals tactic is introduce new players because the old usually have their habits that preclude of possibilities to apply quite new tactic. There’s no 2 identical players so every new player means new tactic himself indeed.

  4. it’s funes mori, mascherano and Otamendi + 8.
    Do you remember Jonas+10, Maschrano+10?
    I was totally against Buaza, and wanted to give him a chance because at least he was saying the right things and now he is sounding like Maradona.
    He looks nurtured.
    My hope is that these kind of people change opinion fast, from Jonas+10 it gets to Arce+10 very fast.
    there are less than 2 years still and I hope people force their way into the team.
    My only hope relies only on the quality of players, we have great players and they can win games by sheer quality and a little luck.

  5. Pratto knows how to trick defenders ! Hahahaha and he’s knows how to play with his back towards the Defense , that my friend Bauza, Icardi can also do ! Is this your best reason to play an old outdated player instead of a superstar of tomorrow ? Try a better one next time !

    • Bauza is a retard coach without a slight doubt. I already said bye bye to WC 2018. We will get lucky if we qualify first, and if we qualify, our team will be knocked out either from group stage or round of 16. This coach can’t bring any better result with this fucked up mentality.

  6. Simeone is the biggest anti-argentinean coach of the world. Useless Carrasco plays instead of Angel Correa or Gaitan ? Again again and again. Where is Augusto btw? I hope Barca will win 5:0 against this idiot.

    • Simone is a choker in finals and a coach serving to the end of Madrid. I noticed that he implements his tactics hard to destroy Messi and other Argie players of Athletico only for the glory of Christina and Madrid. Madrid had never won a UCL trophy with all their investment till Simone comes. He will clear their path by injuring or destroying messi and then hand over the trophy to christina. Why was Correa ommitted in UCL final last yr but got picked today against Barca to equalize them? Cus Simone is as loser as others,forsure.Ansaldi,Salvio, Vieto,Kranevitter and then this season Augusto and Gaitan. God knows next? No Argebtian shall go there. Look how Sampoli is nurturing them,even vasquez is about to re consider his decission. J.Corea and Vieto,Krane, Mercado(he would find a place in any case for him to integrate even as Central defense)…

      • i dont agree sim is a choker at all, his players did not choke but lady luck was just not with them. the 1st final for some reason their was 4 mins of extra time at the end of the 90 and real some how managed to score when real simply did not deserve to. the 2nd game 1 inch one way its a goal but no its smashes off the cross bar and down, as for pens they suk and are a crap way to win and a crappier way to lose.

        as for us we style in 2 copa’s up to the finals only to go to the finals and both time look like crap and were out thought, out played, out maneuvered in both finals and that is choking.

        for both finals what exactly could sim have changed? the tactics were the same as he always implements and were working but luck some times is not yours.
        as for us we get to finals and completely change tactics in both copas from free flowing attacking football up to the final to trying to be totally defensive in the final and because of this we completely isolate the attack.

  7. i guess he has to say that about the players as it would be hard to pick a player and ridicule him as that would be bad on the player and bauza for picking him but if that is really what bauza thinks about some of the players and we all know who they are then im really taken back as all that talk when he took over was nothing but hot air.

  8. “On Marcos Rojo y Emmanuel Mas: They are the players that give me the most confidence even though a lot of people might not like this.”

    Yes Bauza, a lot of people don’t like this, at least Rojo.

    “On Martín Demichelis:Everything that he contributes in every training, in every gathering, and in every discussion is invaluable.”

    Is Demichelis Zanetti or Riquelme or Redondo? What can he contribute? Demichelis has had a mixed career and made enough blunders, a waste of space as far as I can see. Use another defender please.

    Also, Otamendi, Mascherano and Funes Mori are set in stone but Messi is not? That’s interesting lol

    • I don’t think Demi should be on the Argentina NT team right now, the guy has retired so many times already yet he is still being selected, this I don’t get. But to say a guy who played for Bayern, Man City, and Malaga (help them to the UCL quarterfinal) does not have anything to contribute to the NT is just blind ignorance. Riquelme career is no way better than Demichelis. Riquelme did not win a single league in Europe, Demi won titles with Bayern and Man City, plus he was important for the likes of Malaga when they had Isco and Willy Cabellero and played in a world cup final. If Buaza like Demi being on the team, all he needs to do is add him to his coaching staff, simple, the Demi case is now resolve. I know for sure with Rojo on the team, Argentina won’t get raped by the likes of Peru (away), Colombia (at home) and Brazil away. You think it’s a good idea to play someone like Tagliafico in these difficult games? Talk about NT career ending decision. I feel safe with Rojo playing against Peru, Brazil and Colombia. Yes, he is not great going forward but at the same time he balances our defense hence the reason why the coach said, ”They’re the players that give the most confidence even though a lot of people might not like this.” I’d rather have defensive fullbacks than wannabe attacking fullbacks who will leave the team defense expose. Orban is a perfect example, I remember how he use to look good going forward but always got expose in defense.

      • 1) Demichelis may have won titles but what was his personal contribution? Very error prone defender throughout his career. Douglas also “won” a shitload of titles with Barcelona without ever starting at all! If Demichelis was Ayala, Samuel, Maldini, Nesta, etc I could understand that his expertise may have been valuable during training sessions but he ain’t. As far as Riquelme is concerned, he does not need to be defended.

        2) Rojo may have been good defensively but lately he has declined big time even in that aspect. Tagliafico is far from a wannabe attacking fullback as you falsely claim, the guy has alway been very solid defensively and recently also contributed to attack with two assists. On the other hand, Rojo has been useless, plain and simple. We already have a double pivot with two defensive midfielders anyway so worrying about a supposedly attacking fullback is wrong.

        • Douglas was never a starter at Barcelona, that comparison is just laughable. Demichelis was the reason Man City won the league when Kompany was out injured, he even won Man City player of the season back then. Now I’m not saying Demi should be in the team or start, but that does not mean you need to threat the guy like dirt. Seriously, are you comparing Douglas at Barcelona to Demichelis career? You’re a smart guy man, stop trying to sound like those internet trolls on those other football forums. Sergio Ramos have made as much defensive error in his career than Demichelis. The thing is, with Sergio Ramos, he usually scores important goals to hide is defensive flaws.

          Tagliafico is playing in the Argentina league against below par players, you can’t use that to say he is ready for the NT. How has Rojo been useless? I mean, Argentina rarely got scored on in the last three years, so how is Rojo useless? Please explain this to me? We have two double pivot who are slow to begin with, Rojo is the only Argentina defender apart from Musacchio (if he plays) who gives Argentina pace at the back. Tagliafico is not good enough to play for Argentina at this time, sometimes I wonder if you guys think we are talking about the Mexican or Honduran NT here.

          • I also compared him to Ayala and Samuel, two Argentine defensive legends. If Micho was like either one of the them a case could be made for him to share his valuable experience. I’m not treating him like dirt, I wanna thank him for a good world cup but his time with the NT is long over due. Anyhow, as long as you agree that Demichelis should not be on the team let’s just move on.

            Now, as for Rojo, for example against Venezuela, he lost Juanpi that went on to score a screamer. There are numerous other episodes when he lost the ball out of nowhere due to bad touch. One rabona clearance in the world cup and people tend to think he is somehow super gifted technically.

            You are obviously biased against Argentine Primera, I’m not saying that it’s nearly as good as La Liga but you underestimate it way too much. You can’t always call upon European based players and I find the notion that players from the local league are in all cases inferior false.

          • I think Tagliafico will be so much good defenssively in NT as in Independiente. Why? Because he is warrior like no one other

  9. Di maria will never change he is what he is a wsste of talent and a headless chicken,sane applys to higuain weak coeardous mind

    Nothing will change until the players are changed

    • What I have notice with Di Maria in the last couple of cycles is that he is always trying to win games on his own when playing for Argentina, it’s like he is trying to make a point, but when he plays club football he is more team oriented. When was the last time Di Maria try to win a game on his own at PSG? He is always looking for a pass instead of glory. This is where the coach must step in, if the likes of Di Maria can’t make an effort to be more team oriented like he does for PSG then he should be bench until he puts the team first above himself.

      The problem is, Argentina doesn’t have many great upcoming midfield players. Let’s say we scrap Di Maria, Masche, Banega, Lamela, Biglia, Augusto, Pastore from the team and replace them with Lanzini, Pereyra, Kranevitter, Peredes and Ascacibar; do you think these guys can compete with the likes of Kroos-Khedera-Gundagon (Germany) or Busquet-Iniesta-Silva (Spain) or Rakitic-Modric-Perisic (Croatia) or Matuidi-Pogba-Kanté (France) or João Mário-William Carvalho-Renato Sanches/João Moutinho (Portugal)? I don’t see this happening. The likes of Real Madrid, Barcelona, PSG, Bayern Munich and Man City football club will have a big say in who wins the 2018 world cup. I know emotion runs high some times when it comes to football, it happens to me too, but the players being mention here as some sort of savior are just laughable. Do fans here really think these so call ”young promising” players can compete with the other players from the top ten national football team especially the ones I mention earlier? I want to see some changes in the team, but I don’t agree on how some people are going at it. Experience players win world cups not youth teams. England arguably had the youngest squad at the 2016 Euros and they couldn’t even get by Iceland of all teams despite the hype they had heading into the Euros. Holland is going through a transition right now and it cost them a spot at the 2016 European championship and there 2018 world cup qualifying campaign is already off to a poor start.

      All I’m asking of Buaza is to get the team to the world cup, I don’t want the team to be in a position where Argentina last game against Ecuador in Quito plays into whether the team qualify for Russia 2018. Buaza job is to make sure Argentina qualify for the world cup, all the experiments can wait for friendly games in between the WCQ games by now and May, 2018.

      • Kid you’re the one whose always saying that “this isn’t Playstation fifa” and so to answer your above (even though I know it was rhetorical) question the answer is Lanzini, krane etc…..CAN compete with the best in the world if given the CHANCE and the TIME to work together. If you take these argentine youngsters and you just through them into a match they probably won’t perform as well as the midfields that you listed because they lack the experience and the chemistry that these midfields have established over the years.

        Lanzini, pereyra, krane, ascicabar and paredes are all legit midfieldrs because they all proved themselves in europe or SA and even though non of them are setting the world on fire right now doesn’t change the fact that they’re talented players who should atleast get a call and be given a chance to work with (and maybe learn from the mistakes of) the senior NT players.

      • kid, Mascherano got his chance from rivers reserve team, lanzini and pereyra has proved much more than that. there can be no comparism between argentina and west ham, and look what lanzini is doing this limited talented team, he become there number 10 and he is actually controlling the ground.

        in the other hand pereyra has already become the heart of watford. there manager said he would pick pereyra rather than pogba if he had the chance, and wow, how pereyra made his comment worth.

        the midfielders you mentioned they all are talented, but they had their chance to prove, sure this two lads deserve a chance, may be they prove even better….who can say…surely you are not

  10. The only positive I see of his statements is Tagliafico name for the first time! Wow.

    The rest is sick. Sick of Di Maria, Aguero, Rojo… Enough, enough enough. Icardi is very lucky man. He is among th 60! Wow. LOL

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