Ever BANEGA free kick goal, Mauro ICARDI penalty for Inter


Ever BANEGA and Mauro ICARDI both scored in Inter’s victory.

It was a match dominated by Ever BANEGA who had a sublime game which included a goal off a free kick with captain Mauro ICARDI scoring a penalty as Inter picked up a 5-1 win against Cagliari. The Inter captain has now scored 19 goals this season while also adding 8 assists to his name in all competitions.

Mauro Icardi Inter goal
Mauro Icardi celebrates his goal for Inter against Cagliari.

Ever BANEGA’s goal:

Mauro ICARDI’s goal:


  1. Lanzini improved a lot and impressing most of the football pundits. Good box to box midfielder with dribbling and long shooting ability. To me he is not only deserve, he worth a chance in NT

    What do you say KID, still hating Lanzini

  2. And of course Mundo doesn’t need to inform that in France both Mammana and Vada scored yet before Messi did it. Mundo like Bauza. Just most famous. Top ten.

    • We do miss things, Gonzalo. It happens. If you would like to contribute, do send us an email or post the videos for everyone to see rather than keep mentioning how he always miss everything possible.

      We try and cover as much as we can and it happens that we miss things. Sometimes Messi scores and we don’t post it. We try our best.

  3. oh I almost forgot to offer my congratulations to bozo for his selection of a player who is having a “blinder” of a season and “thoroughly justifies” his call for games played, goals scored and impressive form over the likes of icardi

    que “lavezzi-who hasn’t played in about 9 months & is still selected”

    I did not think bozo could be this stupid but alas I’m wrong again and my congratulations on a new level of stupidly.

    • AFA & Bauza has hit the zenith of stupidity and foolisness… screwing the only left chance for Messi to lift a world cup.
      btw kid, really thought you were sarcastic about Bauza… but realized later that you were serious about Bauza… hmmm.. just don’t know what to say… do you think he is worth for a team like Argentina… even Adelaide United wouldn’t have hired him.


    1.) The perfect way to play football, an unlimited ability to self-improve.

    2.) Describes the best player of all time

    E.g, “Lionel Messi is really quite inmessionante when it comes down to it.”

  5. Rodrigo Battaglia is an interesting player, tall lanky and skillful with the ball, nice ball control and pass well in crowded area. Similar to Busquet but he’s more attack minded than Busquet. I’ll love to see players like these getting at shot at the national team, but where and what game are they going to play in? Argentina need friendly games to boost the young players. Let’s be real here, with the position Argentina find themselves in qualification, it will be hard to see any new/young player being call up for the WCQ’s given the dilemma of the current CONMEBOL world cup qualifying table. I just don’t see it happening, these WCQ games are career ending or career drought games for young promising players who aspire to play for the senior team. AS I said before, this is what happen to Kranevitter against Peru, he was put in a pressurize situation and did not live up to expectation hence the reason he went into exile for now.

    The Super Clasico against Brazil is a waste of time if you ask me because the organizer for the match will demand that all of Argentina and Brazil stars take part in the game. So you’re looking at the likes of Messi, Neymar, Aguero, Di Maria, Masche etc. all playing in the Clasico. People in Australia wont spend money on tickets to watch Rodrigo Battaglia or some unknown kid from Brazil play, this is just a fact. I don’t like it, but it is, what it is.This is about money and making sure the stadium does not have one empty seat, the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground) host around 100,024 capacity.

    Most of these new untested players need friendly games where winning, drawing or losing will not cost the team anything. In this situation; turnovers, miss place passes, miss chances on goal, bad defending, bad goalkeeping won’t matter because at the end of the day, it doesn’t cost the team anything and this is why friendly games are the best arena for this newer generation of players to show case their talent, not career ending high pressure WCQ games in CONMEBOL…

    • some of this young talent should be in the wider squad regardless of the relevance of the game.

      ive siad before by having them in the squad it does a few things

      it tell them the manager is actually watching them not the usual manager talk of im watching xxx player.
      lets them get a feel of the set up
      should inspire them to keep up the good work as the shirt is almost withing touching distance
      makes the incumbents work hardier to keep their place as they know the competition is right their in their faces trying to take their shirts
      but what we actually see is exactly the mess we are in now thanks to tata and now bozo who have failed to do this and tata failed big time to use friendlies wisely.

      their is never a good time to make changes but its got to be done, currently barring massive injury’s and if we make it to the w/c we will see an old and largely uninspiring n/t team squad at the w/c, their is no excuse for bozo as he has had time to try things in the places we urgently need new blood (ie mid, fb’s and a clinical striker (not the plan b of pratto) but bozo has largely has failed to do so keeping the status quo.

    • Kid,

      finally you are talking a bit more humanly and open minded

      lack of friendlies to test new names is our biggest problem but even if there are some opportunities as in Asia still we see the same most popular players. It’s just for money. Very short sighted.

      • Superclassico Argentina – Brazil every year as under Sabella was a good thing to see other names.

        That’s why I’m angry when our team is still circulating around the same names, basically the most famous, while coach should to wide perspective to find our missing links. The missing links are not necesarry on the top of world football – in Spain, Italy or England – but you may find them everywhere. Portugal, Mexico, Argentina, China. Maybe Battaglia type of player is our missing link. We have wider choice than Bauza thinks. While we are usually deliberating in disuccions between alternatives: to take good passer or good runner, to take tall, strong good header but not so good with ball control or short but gifted with technical skills and so on… we should to take look around properly because maybe out there somewhere is player with all we need on respective position. But the only problem is the players are unfamiliar often. Rojo was taken to NT from Portugal league. Basanta and other solid players from Mexico, Pratto and so on…

        • pablo, very true

          “but what we actually see is exactly the mess we are in now thanks to tata and now bozo who have failed to do this and tata failed big time to use friendlies wisely”

  6. Isn’t Pizzarro, Pratto, Acuna and Buffarini unknown names on the national team roster? Are just maybe you guys don’t think so because Buaza did not select your favorite players?

  7. Germany had so many bench players on their 2014 roster I don’t even know where to start. Klose, Gotze, Poldolski, André Schürrle etc. were all bench players heading in the 2014 world cup. Being on the bench doesn’t necessarily affect a player NT team form. Some players are just better with their national team than with their respective clubs. Banega is an experience player, yes we would like him to start every club game but that is not possible when you have other players vying for the same position who were bought for hefty fee compare to Banega who went to Inter Milan for free.

    • But yo’ve said Inter in Icardi context is average club and Banega bencher in this average club?

      And once again: what do you think about player like Battaglia?
      Argentina NT needs in central midfield player like Rodrigo Battaglia of Sporting Braga. Do you remember him from U-20 World Cup 2011? Was pretty good and that defence so solid. Battaglia is absolutely complete defensive midfielder with all the things we need. Watch through whole the video and look at his runs à la Enzo Perez, very good ball control and dribling. Tall, long-legged and pace, strong, good with tackling. Real box to box who phisically may fight with the strong kind of DMs. Of course he is only Sporting Braga player and needs some advance but would not be the first who was called up from the league. Besides proved his talent on youth World Cup. He scored in league yesterday.


      • is not he player you are looking for in midfield?

        The question because it’s hard to believe all the unpopular players we are mentioning still are far from NT level. I’m sure if Bielsa (for example) was a coach he would have pick up few unknown names from nowhere with surprisingly good result. Only Bauza and you interested with absolute status quo.

        • Best thing: apparently many dimensional. All you need from CM. And tall. Wonder to see him in better club although it’s not decisive criterion If I would coach of NT I’d take him for some trial. Now he need more good games for Braga.

  8. It’s amazing what benching can do to some players, they come to back with a vengeance! Good timing for Banega’s return since Bauza called him up, hope he continues to start from now on. On his day Banega can be up there with the best midfielders in the world, too bad he is so inconsistent. Still, at this point I would personally prefer Dybala to start over Banega in AMF role given Dybala’s potential link-up play with Messi and Higuain. Banega can be a good sub to use to replace Biglia or Dybala, depending on the situation.

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