Edgardo BAUZA on Lionel MESSI, Mauro ICARDI, Fernando GAGO, more


Argentina National Team coach commented on Argentina’s upcoming World Cup Qualifying matches, talking about Lionel Messi, Mauro Icardi, Gago and more.

Edgardo BAUZA took to the radio to discuss Argentina’s upcoming World Cup Qualifying matches. With the World Cup Qualifiers upon us this month, there’s going to be lots of talk as to who will play and who won’t for Argentina. The discussion has started with the coach himself, possibly hinting that there could be a change in goalkeepers for the match against Bolivia.

Lionel MESSI:

“I imagine MESSI will play against Chile and in La Paz against Bolivia. You have to find the place with which MESSI feels more comfortable. Chile have beaten him a lot. The match against Chile is key. Winning 9 out of 9 at home will leave you with chances to qualify.”


“ICARDI is a finisher. When something happens to HIGUAIN or PRATTO, I’ll call him up. There’s a lot of your colleagues (media) who always break my balls with ICARDI.”

Fernando GAGO:

“If GAGO continues his recovery and continues to play at this level, he’s a player that can be called-up.”

The goalkeeping situation:

“Against Chile, ROMERO will start. Against Bolivia, we’ll see…”

The rest of the team:

“DYBALA and AGUERO have been much better in the last few weeks. I’m happy with ROJO’s form. We’re still following LAVEZZI. He’s a player that can change a match in 30 minutes.”

Angel Di Maria La Paz Bolivia
Angel Di Maria needed an oxygen tank last time Argentina played in La Paz.

On the matches:

“No one is able to play in La Paz. Some are better in altitude than others. If I have to mark more players, I’d put MERCADO as a right back; if I have to attack, I’d put ZABALETA. We can score a goal at any moment but we need to be solid. It’s going to be very difficult to replace this generation of players.”


  1. Same typical pattern answer by all the Albiceleste coaches; ‘just make Messi comfortable’ and the rest will be settled accordingly. Never understand why such a bunch of talented young players did not get the chance to be called up, Lavezzi,Gago, Zabaleta, Biglia, Romero should be out of list by now ? Dare to changes is dare to win

  2. “Difficult to replace this generation” agreed. But you don’t always need golden generation to win titles. With Dybala/Icardi/Lanzini/Ascacibar/Rulli/Le Celco/Montaya/A. Corea/Leo Suarez;what you need is to set a clear vision/goal and smart strategy of implementation to built a winning team. Hope AFA will start this after Russia 18.

    Roncaglia is recently deplyeed to Central misfield at celta Vigo ‘n he runs a lot. I believe even him is faster zan Zaba. How can you rely on Zaba as an attacking asset? Buffarani,Pizarro ‘n Perez need to get at least a full match lack to convince you that they are better from the static combo mid ‘n right full back you are realying to attack.

  3. “It’s going to be very difficult to replace this generation of players”

    yes it is if you keep calling them up and fail to give others a real chance.

    “ICARDI is a finisher. When something happens to HIGUAIN”
    3 cup finals and 4 glaring misses and you are still waiting for some thing to happen!!!! it has already happened and hig is not a big game player and never will be.
    this was a good quote after the inter vs juv game “hig needs to learn how to take his chances in the big matches”

  4. On Pizarro: “It is likely that he will play in La Paz. He is good at passing, similar to the way Gago plays”.

    Not sure if I agree with comparisons to Gago but I’d like to see Pizarro in action and what he can bring to our often ultra defensive and static midfield.

    “If I have to mark more players, I’d put MERCADO as a right back; if I have to attack, I’d put ZABALETA”.

    “If I really, really, really have to attack I’d put BUFFARINI” lol

    • “If I really, really, really have to attack I’d put BUFFARINI” – He really said that?

      But its true that ever since we lost Gago, whatever midfield structure and creativity we used to have was lost. I got hopeful when I saw Augusto play in place of him and rocked, but he too is injury-prone like Gago! What I don’t undestand is why the eff Bozo don’t try Enzo in lace of Biglia. I mean Enzo is pretty darn similar defensively and a little bit better at attacking. But our Genius sees him as a right midfielder. SMH!

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