Lucas ALARIO or Marco RUBEN could be called as replacement


One of Lucas ALARIO or Marco RUBEN could be called as a replacement for Lucas PRATTO.

As we reported, Lucas PRATTO suffered a broken nose during Sao Paulo’s match against Palmeiras. It was reported that should he play, he would need a protective mask. However, per a report by TyC Sports, should PRATTO not be able to take part in Argentina’s upcoming World Cup Qualifying matches, it would be one of Lucas ALARIO or Marco RUBEN who would get called as a replacement.

Marco Ruben Rosario Central
Marco Ruben of Rosario Central could be called to the Argentina National Team.


This happening after Argentina National Team coach Edgardo BAUZA stated a few times that if something were to happen to Gonzalo HIGUAIN or Lucas PRATTO, it would be Inter’s Mauro ICARDI who would get called to replace one of the players.

It now appears to not be the case. It would be either River Plate’s Lucas ALARIO or Rosario Central’s Marco RUBEN.


  1. This is how you would take the piss!
    You get being told your watched and on the radar. Which make’s you feel good about things and urges you to work even harder…I don’t know…maybe score a hattrick….then get told your getting the shaft because there are 2 blind men both sharing a leg who are deemed fitter and more capable than you are.
    I don’t know about you folks but I would be upset! Lol. Bollocks this ain’t funny anymore. It’s eye-twitching, gut-wrenching annoying.
    He can shag who he likes for all I care as long as he’s putting the ball in the net for our shirt.
    And if Messi and Mascherano have a problem with that…then sorry they ain’t done much in terms of trophies for our team. They need a serious reality check.

      • I’ve been away but always read up on everyone’s posts and displeasure on how this team is slowly fading away into the oblivion. It’s a huge shame and depressing. But it’s you guys who don’t give up that keeps me ticking too. It’s thanks to you Pablo and all my albiceleste brothers for keeping the faith and posting on.

  2. Whhat is this traitor nonsense? If a deserving player is not selected by a coach the coach is the traitor,not the player. Any person on this website who talks against a deserving player is also a traitor. This holier than thou attitude is destroying our chances. With this screwball of a coach it will be tough for us to win the world cup

  3. Icardi is in exile, forget about him already, he will never be call up no matter who the coach is. Icardi done messed up already, nobody wants a traitor sharing the same locker room with them. Not worth bringing his shame inside the dressing room. Maybe after every single one of these guys retire then maybe Icardi will come out of exile. If you ask me, who do you rather on the team, Messi, Masche etc. or Icardi? The answer is clear, I stick with the former! To quote Maradona, the guy is a traitor. How can you trust a team mate with this kind of personality?

    • I have to disagree with u kid. actually I am not clear u using the word traitor. what do you mean by that, to me being a drug addict and getting ban from football in the middle of a world cup is a work of traitor, he make cry the whole nation along with all his supporter.

      answer me a question, was riquelme a traitor, why did he ignore him in 2010, that cost us a world cup, to me this is a work of traitor

    • What is this traitor bullshit? We need a spirit of rebellion in the dressing room. There are way too many players that lost three finals and let their heads hang if we fall behind or someone is sent off. We need fighters! Just because he fell in love with a woman who was married to another player does not make him a bad man. Millions of wives and husbands cheat on their partner. Just look at the Ashley Madison hack and the hundreds of websites all over the world that enable people to look for a new or second partner. Who are we to judge on people’s behavior in their spare time? Icardi is a must now Pratto (who completely failed in Italy) is out. The Argentine league was postponed and has just started. Alario and Ruben haven’t played many matches and can’t be as fit or sharp as Icardi.

      • Bang on….condition and form is the real issue. And neither of the rumoured possibilities are that in comparison to Icardi

  4. It’s clear as day Icardi is not getting a call, ever, or at least not until he is 28 or something. Alario is a promising player but not in the best form right now. Then again, form alone does not seem to be the only criteria for Bauza.

  5. He look change his mind so fast as well…he came to icardi told him the chance with national team then aliby not include him moment later..stated to whole people that icardi was what heppen with pratto and higuin…then sooner he avoid it…this only took 2 show us he is heavy weight liar champion

  6. This is such a shame.. the kid comes in the game and within 9 min scores a hat trick..
    any other country he would’ve been a starter..
    Clearly this is personal, I still have trouble understanding what the hell pratto is doing on be NT..
    AFA is a mess, the coach is a mess, the whole damn country is a mess.. we will never learn..
    I’m praying for icardi to start getting his chance..
    I understand whatever he might’ve done is wrong, but that’s all his personal business leave it alone,

  7. If true, we should start an investigation if Bauza is still being paid by Brazil to miss qualification.

  8. “bozo stated a few times that if something were to happen to Gonzalo HIGUAIN or Lucas PRATTO, it would be Inter’s Mauro ICARDI who would get called to replace one of the players”

    ive been misquoted says bozo I meant “icardi will never get called up and mark my words ill play striker before I call him up”

    • His big lie get caught here but he will find another excuse something like alario is already integrated with the team so we opted for him.

    • Bauzo…what a $h!t coach…man…he’s swallowing his words now. Actually, he was cheating Argentina by not calling Icardi at the first place. Now he’s running away…! What Messi is thinking…3 final loss is not enough? He’s waiting for another Higuain miss ?? Another final loss? If nobody in the team is blocking Icardi….as captain Messi should come out and speak with Bauza for Icardi.

  9. oh FOR GOD’S Sake, call the man ALREADY.

    I honestly and for the first time believe that he will NEVER be called up no matter who is injured………..was she worth it? I guess

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