Lucas PRATTO talks his injury and Argentina status


Lucas PRATTO spoke about his recent injury and his status with the Argentina National Team.

The injured Lucas PRATTO took to the radio to discuss his broken nose and if he would be available to play for Argentina in their upcoming World Cup Qualifying matches. Here’s what he had to say:

Lucas PRATTO talks:

“The surgeon who operated on me has already given me the green light. But the coach prefers I play on Saturday. I could be called up to the Argentina National Team. I know that there has been contact with the Argentina medical team.”

Lucas Pratto Sao Pauio
Lucas Pratto with a broken nose playing for Sao Paulo.

As we reported, there had been rumors that if PRATTO cannot make it, one of Lucas ALARIO or Marco RUBEN would be called up as a replacement.



    More about Icardi…

    I do think its the players who is stopping Icardi from joining. 3 managers and no one selects him. Bauza went to speak with Messi and Mascherano at the beginning of his tenure, what did they speak about? I am sure there were topics of choosing players they want. This selection is not based on merit.

    There was a time we all were asking for Higuain to be called. He was in exile like Icardi. Reason, he turned down a call to be in training sessions with Real. People took a lot of time to forgive him. I get a feeling its in the Argentine nature.

    Anyway, the cycle is coming to and end. Hopefully we will qualify and I do not think we will go too far. May be 2nd round, QF – depends on luck.

  2. Messi vs Neymar and Real Madrid is happy…
    Messi deserves this for trusting only friends… he himself is one main reason why Argentina is in the dumps now… check on how Cristiano has lifted Portugal…
    Messi needs to wake from his long slumber or else handover the baton to Dybala and moveon.
    ‘Move on Brother move on’.

    • I forgot to mention that people like you are one of the main reasons why Argentina can’t win the World Cup.

      The competition is not between Messi and Neymar. It won’t be between Neymar and Dybala either because the competition is between countries.

      Argentina newspapers always claim that Messi has to bring a World Cup to Argentina. Some comments here say Argentina could not make a team and it is not able to make a team because of Messi. I wonder when these kinds of people know that they are making Argentina team look like a town football club controlled by a super-player or captain.

      Portugal was nearly eliminated in preliminary round because Cristiano was out of form and Portugal defeated France 1-0 without Cristiano. International football fans except anti-Messi group say they feel pity for Messi as Argentina without Messi is in danger of failing to qualify for the World Cup.

      Would AFA hire Guardiola or Sampaoli if Messi wants one of them as a coach? Are you sure Bauza will not call up Higuain, Aguero and Di Maria if Messi says? Can Argentina provide Messi with a player like Suarez or Xavi if he asks? Argentina, AFA and Bauza won’t do anything favorable for Messi.

  3. I am curious what makes Argentines think Argentina team is one of the favorites to win the World Cup along with France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Brazil.

    Let’s imagine Leo Messi is not Argentine and evaluate the national team if it is a competitive team.

    The World Cup trophy is not free.
    Everyone involved with the team has to play their role to be a winning team. Football fans and media must play their role as supporter and analysts too.

    Brazil team struggled for years and it came back stronger after the 2014 World Cup in Brazil and 2016 Rio Olympic. I am afraid to say that Brazil football team succeeded in making the generational shift of its players last year and its smart manager speak confidently he wants the World Cup matches take place as soon as possible.

    Argentina? No money, No plan, No action. There is only belief that Argentina deserves to win a major title because We’re football crazy.

    A country can’t receive a World Cup as a free gift and Argentina will never win the trophy if Argentine Media and AFA will not change.

    Although I want Argentina to win the World Cup in 2018, the chances are very slim.

    Main competitors live in the twenty-first century and most Argentine live with past memories of 1986~1990. Again, football is a team sport and Maradona won the World cup with a GOOD TEAM.

    Icardi must understand even if other players do not welcome him because he asked for trouble. But I want he will get a chance to play for Argentina.

  4. My team against chille …

    —Banega ——Perez——-Biglia ——Maria—


  5. He could have his legs amputated and he still starts in front of Icardi. Just saying…..
    Bauza is as much use as a handbrake on a canoe

    • add to it bozo talks like a politician…I promise icardi blah blah the world blah next if hig or pratto blah blah I’m watching blah blah

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