Jorge SAMPAOLI comments on MESSI, AGUERO and more


Jorge SAMPAOLI held a press conference where he discussed a number of topics.

Lionel MESSI, Paulo DYBALA, Gonzalo HIGUAIN, Sergio AGUERO and even more names. That is some attack which Jorge SAMPAOLI has at his disposal. Throw in some young, fresh, hungry players and it makes for a dangerously strong team. Speaking a press conference, the new Argentina coach commented on a few different topics. Here’s what he had to say:

On the team and style of play:

“We still haven’t decided on the team. Putting the rivalry aside, the important thing is the development of our idea, not being afraid. The midfield is the determining factor in the idea behind our game. The generational replacements (in the team) will be done with time. It’ll be gradual and consistent with that the National Team needs. We have to find something in Argentina that is similar with Barcelona’s style of play for MESSI to perform better.

Jorge SAMPAOLI on the strikers:

“MESSI and DYBALA are very important for Argentina. We’re looking for a way to get Mauro ICARDI some playing minutes. MESSI has exceeded my expectations. He’s very simple and humble, he’s a positive leader. It’ll be looked at in the future, there’s a lot of competition in that position.”

On himself:

“It’s very difficult to separate being a fan and being a coach.”

In addition to what Julian reported yesterday, SAMPAOLI also announced that both Lionel MESSI and Nicolas OTAMENDI will not play against Singapore as they will be leaving after the match against Brazil. The reason being that they are both getting married later this month. There were also hints that we will get a better idea of the starting XI after Thursday’s training session. The team plays Brazil on Friday, June 9 in Australia before playing Singapore on Tuesday, June 13 in Singapore where they will be without MESSI and OTAMENDI.


  1. Hi everyone, very exited for the match and hopeful that Argentina team now have the right man in charge….. looking for Messi-dybala linkup……..

  2. Wow wow that’s all I can say I have lived my life the way I need to live after a juventus real golden state Cleveland and tomorrow Argentina Brazil what more could I ask for , though I would have said NOTHING
    Unfortunately gonbadluck higuain is going to spoil it but it’s still Argentina Brazil

    • Yo dude! We understand your frustration with Higuain but you don’t have blame him for the future. Yes there are many here on Mundo who are stll pissed off with him too, namely Pablo who is an Icardi supporter, but he doesn’t whine about Higuain in his every post. You can save yourself some stress by not watching the match since Higuain is playing and you expect him to screw up.
      It’s a new era and Sampaoli has aright to test all eligible players. Tournaments need alternatives not just a starting 11. The coach already said he is going to use about 3 systems. So you think that will work with same 11 players all the time?

  3. I am so confused I just stop talking about football in general I have watched Argentina and Barcelona playing that is all . Otherwise I misunderstand why they keep firing coaches like Alfio Basile except maradona Batista Sabella voluntarily left martino and now bauza .on the other hand, I don’t think it’s a coaching issue because it’s always higuain who has destroyed and ruined . They should start kicking some players ass out as they do to the coaches
    It’s everybody not just one person I am so offended and pissed off .

  4. very flexible line up
    this squad can change tactics between 3331 , 3421 and 4231 easily.
    just bring gomez back to side back position and it will become 4231 or you bring di maria back to left midfield position and it will become 3421 or 343.
    very interesting

  5. ROYYYY where about sampolli on aguero comments?

    We have best player in the world messi> neymar

    we have best players compared to them dybala higuian gomez dimaria

    we have best coach compared to them sampa simmone pochetino…

    time to show what we can do…..

  6. “The midfield is the determining factor in the idea behind our game. The generational replacements (in the team) will be done with time. It’ll be gradual and consistent with that the National Team needs”
    Just read this again before you freak out. It will take time to get master piece at last.

  7. It’s also interesting how after one rare frequent mundo member team is divided into circa 10 superstars/core of the team (i.e. the anointed) and the rest which are just “role players” and “BACK UPS”. In this logic core of the team will stay and play no matter about results. They must play because they have big names and the new “role players” may be there are not but always as back ups. We have many of new faces from Europe and Primera but they must to know their low pecking order as far as Di Marias are there. Welcome back once again to this well known old harmful logic.

    This is very interesting and discriminating split when you take one player as automatic starter and other as only role player.
    My question is what is role player? I thought we have roles to play and then must find best player to the role but apparently we have some special superroles and superactors and they may play even sad farce in their own theatre. Old logic. But hopefully it’s just logic of few mundo members and not Sampaoli’s

    • Read about that ridiculous undermining opinion from one member about the local league players with jose luiz gomez as the exception. It sounded so biased that i almost couldnt finish reading that bullshit.

      As you mentioned, so where does Mammana who just joined a european team for less than a year rated as? how did one of the so called “core” members of the team( Mercado ) magically be considered one since he just joined sevilla after the copa failure? He cant even stem his place in the starting lineup till today with his inconsistent performances.

      How do you rate the 2 chinese league players( Renato augusto and Tottenham reject Paulinho) who have been a constant fixture for the “best and hottest” team in the world currently? Do you actually think that the chinese league is better than the argentine league?

      Difference is that all these players were given fair and square trials to start for their national team which i believe sampaoli would do too unlike our previous vacuous and biased coaches. Absolutely pathetic comments

      • Spot on, vimaldass.

        People that are disdaining local players are in permanent self-contradiction. Gomez, Tagliafico, Pinola, Nacho, Alario, Maidana, Acuna currently Primera players. Mammana, Mercado, J.Correa, Lanzini, Guido Rodriguez – are they long in Europe (Guido Mexico)? No, they are not. All the players (above) are currently Primera footballers are left the league not long ago (below). And all they are NT players now. And all they must have called up by mistake because local league is ameteur league. Or maybe just Mammana miraculously metamorphosed from amateur into world class player within few months in EUrope… LOL

        What is my hope in Sampaoli -he seems to be a man who will take right players wherever he find them. He called up Guido Rodriguez no matter could take a player from Europe instead. Guido was one year ago River reserve player. Mammana also never take place in starting eleven of River fully. And they are NT player now.

        I was mentioning Alexander Barboza here as future NT prospect yet when he was weak province Atletico Rafaela player. Now I hear Sampaoli considered him or Fazio for NT. But I’m not surpeised. Not at all. Good player is good player no matter where he is playing if you have an eye you may find him in the middle of nowhere. He is currently Defensa y Justicia player, but Sampaoli concsidered him over many European center backs. What would say KidultHood or El Principe? Sampaoli must be idiot.

        Barboza will come and other new names from local league will also around NT. Love it or leave supporting Argentina.

        • There’s no European players and local players for me. Just Argentina players. We need the best no matter where from. But after some people European players must get privilege just because they are in Europe. And according to them Di Maria must be better than Acuna(even without few starts to prove for the second). Everytime when I’m reading such bullshit I must protest. Open doors to NT for all best players without discrimination.

          By the way. PErsonally Acuna never was my favourite in Primera on the position. Not even Top 3. But I wonder every player in Di Maria place as far as he is so inconsistent. Unless Di Maria will have good game against Brazil.

          • “There’s no european players and local players for me. Jus Argentina players” – Well said Gonzalo. Each and every one of them are special and might be able to support other players in the team better. This can only be noticed if the players are given the chance to play with each other.
            For instance if Acuna is able to support Messi better in attack as compared to Di Maria, why not start him. He might not be more technically gifted or have better fitness than Di Maria but im pretty sure he wont give the ball away as much him in dangerous positions and have the ability to pass the ball more intelligently.
            My point is if he is able to link with Messi better in attack, why not give him the chance to start irrespective of the league he comes from? Moreover, he really impressed me in the short cameo appearance in the previous match.

            One needs to know that national team games are at times the most vital platform for local league players to be eyed by european team scouts for them to be offered any deals. That doesnt mean that they’re not as good as their european league counterparts, just probably not given enough chances to impress teams.

  8. “the important thing is the development of our idea, not being afraid. The midfield is the determining factor in the idea behind our game”
    yes agreed and I like to hear this.

    “We’re looking for a way to get Mauro ICARDI some playing minutes”
    exactly what we want to hear and lets hope he recovers in time.

    “MESSI and DYBALA are very important for Argentina” hell yes and if they can jel ooooaarrrhhhhhhh I’m getting excited already and best is he wont play dybala wide on the right like a certain bozo we know.

    so far good positive things samp is saying with a real set of plan(s) to be put in place and that is a great start but we must remember “rome was not built in a day”

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