Poll: How has Jorge SAMPAOLI done so far?


With the entire list of players now being announced and two matches behind us, how has Argentina coach Jorge SAMPAOLI done so far?

When Jorge SAMPAOLI was given the reigns of the Argentina National Team, the team was (and some could say still is) in disarray. A mess in World Cup Qualifiers, fans (myself included) angry at the inclusion of certain players, the lack of fresh new (and young) faces and the list can go on and on. However, with two matches behind us and now two lists being released, it’s safe to say the tide is slowly changing.

A 1-0 friendly match victory against Brazil may not seem like much on paper, especially since the Brazilians were missing a few players, but for a team who was (is?) massively struggling, playing their first match under their second new coach in less than a year against one of the better organized teams in world football with some improvement on the pitch… A 1-0 victory seems like a big moral booster.

The second match was a demolition of Singapore. Many new faces, Leandro PAREDES, Manuel LANZINI just to name two of them, a better playing style and just a breath of fresh air, the team could be seen as being on the right path.

Now, the big test is upon them. Away to Uruguay in the World Cup Qualifiers. The thought of seeing Lionel MESSI partner up with Paulo DYBALA and Mauro ICARDI (at last) for Argentina leaves me salovating at the idea. Having Leandro PAREDES, Augusto FERNANDEZ, Marcos ACUNA, Manuel LANZINI and even Javier PASTORE as midfield choices makes it that much better. Throw in a competent coach at the helm and excuse me for being optimistic about our chances of winning!

With my opinion out of the way, it’s time to read yours! How do you think Jorge SAMPAOLI has done so far? Let us know by voting below and leaving your thoughts in the comments section!

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  1. I want to see the WCQs first before I give my opinion.These matches are sometimes complicated. But from player selection (except defense), and football point of view. I like what I’ve seen so far.

    • I’m not going to estimate him till the end of qualifiers. After 2 friendleis that is actually ridiculous.

  2. Team will be———–




  3. —————————-rulli——————–

    —— marcado—— machecherano/parega/fazio——–otamendi—–


    ————- messi———————–dybala————-

    ——————– icardi—————–

    • just two games who thought icardi will play alongside messi…. evev dybala… who thought higuian out of this team…. who thought lanzini paredas…. many of them think about 2022 they thought 2018 over…. he came and changed everything quickly…. still you think he is not done good job….. thats poor……

      • Where the hell did you read in my post “he didn’t do a good job”? Or other way around… Get your eyes straight first… Icardi in, Higuain out is what majority of Arg fans wanted to see. So, with that – he didn’t surprise anyone. There are changes he brought in, that’s for sure. But all those changes need to reflect on the field with good results. Period. Now, you’re already making an ansumption that everything will be good. Now, that’s poor.

  4. Nice thinking of calling a poll like that. I think it would have been nice if it was held after qualify. Nevertheless i think he has done absolutely fantastic job so far. Specially movement off the field,working in background. He showing he wants NT to success. Only calling Icardi and gives players fear of losing their spot in NT makes him in my GREAT JOB category

  5. Hi Admin. This my first comment .. Nice to hi all on MUNDO ALBICELESTE. 2 matches coming soon, it’s high test for Mr SAMPAOLI.

  6. good so far. not great yet. After a couple great results then yes I can say great but until then let’s see how this unfold.

    Our defense is the biggest liability with Masch, Fazio, Pareja, Pinola.
    Our midfield has definitely improved.
    We’ve all had a great front line but they couldn’t deliver. Let’s see how this one does.

    • Hoping for the likes of Musacchio, Mammana, and now Foyth have a great season in Europe and that they can get selected.

      Also Rojo, RFM to recover from injury.

      Alex Barboza should’ve taken a different route.

  7. so far so good….he shows Passion and great effort to find the right Team to get us to russia and be a nr.1 contender to finally win the Cup…but lets wait until the two matches r played….two victories and i will give him a flawless Report….lets beat Uruguay and Venezuela and we r on our way!

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