Argentina, welcome to Montevideo!


The team travel from Ezeiza today after having their breakfast and morning training, eventually departed for Montevideo where they were expected to arrive at about 1.15pm local time. During they stay in the Uruguay’s capital, the tea will be putting up at the Sheraton Hotel.

Also staying at the hotel is the Under-20 Japanese rugby team who are in Montevideo for some mini tournament. Obviously, they were equally excited about meeting MESSI as much as the local journalist and fans were.


  1. Yes! Tomorrow is national holiday in Indonesia. So I am going to sit in front of TV at 5 am and no one can’t make me move away from there. Sorry honey, it’s Albiceleste time.

    The only problem is how I can watch the game. No locals or TV cables will broadcast the game. Damn.

  2. I wonder when Chile’s luck is going to run out!!

    All Argentina can do is focus on the task at hand and that is WIN

    We have the manager and we always had the players and it is time they execute that plan we been talking, dreaming and fantasizing about forever.
    I am going to be working late tomorrow, JUST MY DAMN luck even though I was planning on missing work but it wasn’t meant to be………I hate checking the damn phone every 2mins for the score…..HATE IT.

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