CONMEBOL approve Argentina’s Bombonera proposal


CONMEBOL have approved the idea of playing at La Bombonera.

As we reported last week, the Argentina FA were going to submit a bid to FIFA and CONMEBOL regarding their World Cup Qualifying match next month. The idea would be that the AFA would bid to get their match against Peru to be played at Boca’s La Bombonera. The bid has since been submitted and it has reportedly been approved.

With the green light coming from South America, there’s only missing FIFA given the go and the decision will then be in the AFA’s hands. At the moment, the venue of the match remains unknown.


  1. In abundance of water a fool is thirsty!

    Its awkward when you have the best player in the world and a bunch of top European forwards you are unable defeat mediocre teams even Iran wouldn’t be defeated by this current albiceleste!

    Let alone coaching and midfield, the players got no cojones, no spirit. Just look at them win the national anthem is on and look at other South American teams, you’ll understand. What would you get if you play without spirit. What made Maradona single handedly lift the world cup 86 was his grit his passion and appreciation of his country, taking it as a national duty (Malvinas pride), the colors of your flag should be respected, when on filed you’re at war!

    This is how it should work, I see it in Peru, Paraguay, Uruguay, Mexico, Chile when they defeated us twice in Copa, even Brazil, when they wear their Jersey. Sadly, I don’t see it in Argentina. Those mofos do not show love and passion for their country. They need a coach like Simeone to mentally strengthen them and bring back the spirit to man up on the field!

    Now, talking tactically I totally agree with Roy, we lack world class midfielders , France, Germany, Spain, Brazil, Croatia, Belgium, even England are better than what we have. Maybe, Banega, Pastore (No way in hell his comparable with the legend Roman not even next his toe!) got some skills, but never reached their potential, not even with their clubs. We over estimate our youngsters hoping to be Bati, Redondo, Zanetti, Ayala, even Dybala is overrated, till he proves it!

    Wake up Argentina!

    • At the moment I can’t admitt we lack of class midfielders as far as we plays still with Biglia or Banega. We need friendlies to check armies of alternative midfielders: Nacho Fernandez, Paredes, Battaglia, Pablo Perez, Ascacibar, Enzo, Lanzini, Gaston Gimenez even the youngest like Colombatto or Cecchini (if they were Germans Loew already would work with them). That’s only about possible central midfielders.

      • These mediocre (some yet) guys are class midfielders in your book? “Colombatto or Cecchini (if they were Germans Loew already would work with them).” Cmon Colombatto plays in the Serie B (NT level is at least 3 steps above this level, Cagliari don’t hold him ready for first division football, that says all, and Cecchini don’t play in a weak Malaga so far) Löw never work with Bundes 2 players. This is playstation what you always do.

        • Still you may find Colombatto at 19 position of 50 best youngsters from Golazo Argentino. My opinion is not isolated. He has the potential to be absoultely most versatile Argentina midfielder. More than any other. Has all the skills both in defence as attack. Smart coach is finding talents where they are. Even in 2 league or reserve River team as Bielsa did with Mascherano. He took him despite critic for the move. Work with youngsters that doesn’t mean call up players with minutes for big clubs. They are prospects so you must search deeper level. As always your stats are inadequate here. Picking talented players is not looking for stats. Stats are for people that doesn’t follow real football. Coach is always going to stadium to watch a player. Has Sampaoli called up Bustos for his stats? WHo was expectating he pick him? Loew work with few different teams…

          Cecchini is another of the GOlazo list. Inter wanted him. At the moment he is prepared for the season and needs some time to be in team. As always I will rather follow my intuition because usually when you are so strong opposed… I saw yesterday Battaglia, Acuna, Silva played in CL. That’s far to your always pessimistic predictions.

          • No I’m realistic, Coentrao and Adrien Silva are injured, Alan Ruiz benchwarmer as expected (the most talented, but lazy), I told the only one who will start is Acuna. Sampaoli don’t call up the new faces again cause he see in the trainings they are not ready or good enough. No time to experiment, i bet he’s total scared now and will start with Biglia, Higuain and Aguero against Peru.

          • If he really would drop players after training session evaLuation I don’t think he would be good coach at all. If they are not ready he should still work with them. Not good enough in training session? But for example Nacho was good against Singapour but he still droped him.

            Yes, now it’s no time for experiment indeed. With 2 crucial games left. But I was hearing that so many times. At the start of qualifiers, in the middle of qialifiers, before qualifiers, before Copas. Never was the time for experiments and our coaches actually were not taking risk, playing all qualifiers mostly well known players. And the results still are poor.

  2. Messi depency not Messi ‘s fault.take him out we are not gonna go far anyway.problems date way back whith Argentinas football and are complex,not only one reason .the federation management is the main one to blame.As per fans we had more complete teams and we wanted a saviour,now we have him but we want a good team not Messi .we don’t have plenty of talented players to make a top notch team,get real fellas

  3. Everytime when I read here how is Messi “blame” I’m sure it’s over-sensitve Messi fans. There’s a difference when you may
    1. To blame Messi for the situation, or just

    2. regard he is willy-nilly a reason of the situation but not someone to blame. We are just hostages of his magnitude. Finally only coach is to blame for a system and such hierarchy.

    • Seriously!
      Don’t call me that. I am not over sensitive messi fan but neither of fan of Messi dependency. For the record i think i was the guy who was talking about a SYSTEM should national team have where players play in it not like system built for a certain player. I think right after German won Confederation cup i wrote about that But instead of understanding it everyone was saying German hype and bullshit. I did say we need a system to play in so player will change but not system. We don’t have any system since 2006(that is correct) and i don’t think we can play for the system now in this 2 games. It is more like free style and get the results. It is not Messi’s fault or neither Sampaoli now. Certainly we don’t have that kinda players now we used to have aswell. I know you will show me some name and all that young guns but i believe even them needs at least 10 games to adopt aswell and some of them not even NT materials yet. It’s not actually time for system and experiment now it is more than Messi time ever. If we pass than yes change the shit out of everything and built a system that everyone plays in it. Either it Messi or Dybala who gives fuck

  4. Young Messi without any Balon d’or was treated quite different to Messi of thesedays. Not the position and ego, that’s why he did well along with Riquelme and others.

    Riquelme, Aimar, d’Alessandro. Aimar and d’Alessandro never reached the level of their talents in NT (Aimar because of injuries). None of Aimar, d’Alessandro were more influencing in NT than today Banega or Pastore when it comes to midfielders.

    Riquelme was more influencing but I don’t think more talented than Pastore. He was just one of the links as Cambiasso was or Maxi Rodriguez.

    This is not about playmakers. We were playing team football because of many players that were able to take initiative and create the game but first of all – that were able to realize tactic and subordinate.

    • Riquelme not more talented than Pastore? Man, you have to be kidding me! Riquelme dominated Libertadores and helped lift Villarreal among the most entertaining and strongest teams in Europe for a few years. Pastore (whom I am a big fan of) cannot do anything Riquelme did. He complained about playing with the NT because of all the travelling he has to do between South America and Europe!

      Roman was inconsistent at times of course but to say not more talented than Pastore?! Come on man!

      Messi, whether we like it or not, will always be treated differently the same way other great players were. That’s not the problem. The problem is we haven’t had a left back that instills confidence since Sorin. We have no one that’s a Samuel or Ayala and no right back like Zanetti. We haven’t had a midfielder that can score goals for us since Maxi. Cambiasso was a great box to box for us as well. None of the players I have mentioned have been replaced in the NT. That’s Sorin, Samuel, Ayala, Zanetti, Cambiasso and Maxi. Up front, despite all the talent we have at our disposal, dare I say we haven’t even properly replaced Crespo.

      How do you want to build a team when we’re missing a bunch of players? That’s why it angers me when people blame Messi or even when people used to blame Riquelme.

      I’m not saying we don’t have the players to replace the ones I listed but it’s either A) We actually don’t have those players or B) They have not been given the chance.

      Comparing Sabella’s 2014 World Cup final team against Pekerman’s 2006 team, it’s a no brainer which one I would take on talent (2006, easily) but Sabella had a proper system which the players BELIEVED in and worked their asses off for. We haven’t had that since Sabella. (Pekerman obviously had a system as well but a bad substitution by him and bad luck for both coaches cost them).

      • Agreed. We don’t have player like Lucho too. We have few players who maybe can bring some differences but we cannot even use or experiment now. 2014 wasn’t lucky? It was pure tactics from Sabella and Messi magic in Group stage aswell

      • What about Riquelme, Roy, I know you are big fan of him while I was never. He just angered me for the same reasons as sometimes Messi. As someone wrote here he was often like “black hole” when gets the ball. Holding too much and and dragging defenders on his back instead quick, flowing passing. When I said he was not more talented than Pastore it’s serious. Pastore talent is Top 5-10 on the world. His mentall strength and dispossition is another thing. There are even people for whom he is best when in form like Cantona.

        “I’m not saying we don’t have the players to replace the ones I listed but it’s either A) We actually don’t have those players or B) They have not been given the chance”

        I like such clear lay things as above. This is probably the point we difference at most because I’m rather the one who is opted (with a bit optimism) for the B. For instance as for me one of Nacho Fernandez, Enzo Perez, Pablo Perez, Rodrigo Battaglia or Nicoals Gimenez could play Lucho Gonzalez role. Especially Nacho Fernandez. I’m not sure he would be meet chllenge but I think so.

        We are playing still with the same midfielders since years.

  5. So it’s Messi’s fault that the country doesn’t develop much players like Riquelme, Aimar, D’Alessandro or any actual playmakers (not saying that’s what people here are saying but I’ve heard it in the past)? Because last I checked, Messi played well with Riquelme, Aimar and even Veron and the team played well. Since Argentina really stopped producing world class playmakers or at least players who can control the midfield, the team started lacking. It just coincided with the rise of Messi.

    Messi has adapted to the team. He has played as a striker, as a winger and as a midfielder. He excels, his team mates don’t. The country is simply not producing the world class talent in midfield like we used to.

    At the moment, chances are that not a single Argentinian midfielder would make it into Germany’s starting XI or Spain’s starting XI. That says a lot about a country who used to produce world class midfielders for fun.

    • Can’t believe they actually writing it! Shake my hand. But didn’t surprise me though because it’s been long history they always blame him or find a excuse to point finger on him. I don’t actually bother to argument over that. Yes we do need a system but we cannot blame Messi for that. It is either ridiculous or jealousy.

    • What about Germany: they do not have more talented players than Argentina but all German training system makes him matured earlier. They appear much more care about youngsters and the youngsters are learning team spirit, team duties, roles on the pitch and resposibility very early. How young and how many youngsters they have in NT… All the work is continual and consistent.

      Our coaches are reluctant to call up youngsters and even more reluctant to give him real chances id est few full games. Call up and drop.

  6. Nothing will ever change because every single player that gets call up to the Argentina national team will have to change their game for Messi, play for Messi and try to be like Barcelona just for Messi sake. Why not play for Argentina first? Every single player on the Argentina national team has to adopt to Messi style of playing, it’s never the other way around. A smart coach would allow all players to adopt in the same system. I’m starting to get disappointed with Sampaoli, I thought he was going to bring back old school Argentinean football at the national level at best, but instead we’re left with the same ole, same ole tired strategy that was used by Maradona, Tata, Buaza and to some extend Sabella. Messi can be just as successful for Argentina if the team does not revolve around him 99 times out of 100. Messi, Messi, Messi, blah blah blah! Why not just get 23 Messi and put them on the roster? These same players are great for their clubs but as soon as they come back to Argentina national team their abilities on the pitch get limited because of the same ole tired, tried and fail tactics from Argentina national team coaches with their constant Messi dependency team tactics. ”We have the best player in the world, so we have to make sure he is happy,” Sampaoli (and before him Buaza, Tata, Sabella and, Maradona said the same thing). What about making the 22 other players happy, Sampaoli? Simeone and Pochettino wouldn’t be any different with this current Argentina national team. Why is it that whenever the Argentina players put on the blue and white stripe they always look sad and miserable as if they’re being held hostage for ransom, yet when they play for their clubs it’s all smiley face emoji’s? Can you please explain this Sampaoli/AFA? I’m not a fan of Zidane outside of what he did on the court as a player, but I would love for someone like him with the same mindset to coach this current Argentina national team. Stop treating Messi like a spoil kid, he is not asking for that, I’m sure like every other Argentina supporters and players Messi will do and accept anything just to win a world cup.

    And to the media and local fans in Argentina, just lay off the players, you guys are the worse and the most overrated football fans ever! Do you call that showing at the Estadio Monumental support? That was pathetic and lame at best! Why can’t you people/media back in Argentina show the team love and support instead of constantly talking down to the players? The fans and the media outlets back in Argentina are like a pack of hyenas always looking for a way to pounce on the most vulnerable. Argentina never deserve to win the world cup in 2014, not the fans, not the media and, surely not the AFA. Instead of hating on the players you guys over there should be praying Argentina make the world cup because if they don’t, Argentina football will be set back 100 years, this would be more embarrassing than Brazil losing 1-7 at home to Germany during the 2014 world cup. Argentina not qualifying for the world affect everything pertaining to football; their overall football brand, player export and, the future of the national team going forward. With ZERO youth world cups to show for in the last several years plus failing to qualify for the world cup in 2018, Argentina football will be in dismal shape for years to come. Anyways, I still think the team will win against Peru at home and Ecuador away. Who knows, maybe the team will use this current experience crisis to motivate themselves in Russia 2018.

    • Actually agreed in almost all above.

      When is the beginning of Messi era in NT? Right after 2006 World Cup (he was on 2006 WC but as a sub). 10 years. Interesting thing the last time when we were playing really impressive collective football as a team (except moments under Sabella) was on that WC in Germany. Under Pekerman. That team well-known goal against Serbia was characteristic and symbolic. Symbolic also for old style of Argentina that I suppose KidultHood is talking about. That was team, first of all. 11 man. To be honest I feel like we regress 10 years in developement. Funny thing – we were playing on that 2006 World Cup most similar football to Germany 2014 and thesedays. When I see that goal against Serbia I think it’s like clinical, pedantic precision style of current Germany NT by which they are best team on the world.

      Then we just only presented more are less Messi dependency and no more team football.

      • Don’t get me wrong, I play that goal against Serbia everyday… But where did that style of play with take us? We all enjoyed the play, but we got to the quarter finals… I don’t care about the style, just give me the results… It’s all about that. Remember how Chelsea won the CL? Would you mind if we won the WC with that playing style? I know I wouldn’t. We played three major finals after, as per your and Kid’s saying, everything was built up around Messi. And, in every final we had clear chances for goal. But, we missed. Who’s there to blame? Just the players who had those chances…

        • No way that team of 2006 was inferior to our 2014. Just LUCK. LUCK, LUCK. Sabella team had weaker rivals on the road to the final and in groups. 2006 we lost in penalties against Germany but that Germany were actually on World Champion level if extra time was needed in semi against Italy. Luck. Sabella’s team were creeping all the tournament. Maybe except final.

          • I never said 2006 team was inferior to 2014 team. You missed my point, and didn’t answer my question. If Higuain, Messi and Palacio scored from their goal scoring chances in the WC Finals – would you be still braging about the luck and poor playing style? I mean, yes you can, but who the fuck cares? We would have been world champions, and how we came to that is less, if none, important.

          • Darioza,

            this couldn’t have happens. Argentina couldn’t win 2014 WC for poor style indeed. I believe in a bit of just in football, at least in final reckoning. There’s a minimum of fairness and justice in tournaments. Never any team won WC playing such inattractive football. Germany were the best team on that tournament and they deserve for win in all tournament even if in final we had more opportunities. Argentina didn’t deserved for title. We should be happy to be in final. None of my fiends like Germany but after that final they say, at least the best team finally won. There were few times in WC history with lucky finalists but winner itself never was lucky, always deserved. The same as 1990. We didn’t deserve for that title too.

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