Argentina’s possible lineup for the match against Peru


Hey everyone!

Are we all getting excited for the match this Thursday? I know I am! I’m also getting nervous! What do you all think of the rumored starting lineup below:


This would mean that Paulo DYBALA, who started Argentina’s last two World Cup Qualifying matches against Uruguay and Venezuela, would be relegated to the bench. Boca Juniors attacker Dario BENEDETTO would also start the match against Peru on the bench.

Would this lineup work? What would you like to see? Our boys need to stay focused under pressure.  They need to play the match of their lives no matter who plays!



  1. Papu Gomez
    Enzo perez

    I want to see creativity from them…

    No biglia banega plz

    Masche must be as defender

    Messi should be close to goal…

    Dybala should sub messi in second half when we score 3-4 goals



    I still want Icardi & Dimaria to be in starting xi

  2. Cruyff diamond formation 🙂
    I like it. If the rumours does come true than i want to see something what never happened before. It is an all attacking formation and Di-Maria and Salvio has to do alot defensive work. And our midfielders can’t be boring as they normally get. I expect relentless off the ball movement from other two except Biglia. Nacho would’ve been best for this kinda role. Let’s kick some Peruvian ass. They getting so hyped up lately

  3. Bolivia, Venezuela, and Peru have thus far conceded the most goals in the current CONMEBOL qualifiers. Argentina was never second best in the team last two outings against Uruguay and Venezuela. The Argentina national team had 21 shots on goal against Venezuela, it’s likely the team will have equal or more shots on goal against Peru, so it will be incumbent upon all the players on the pitch to make best use of the scoring opportunities in front of them. The worrisome and nevervousnes swill start showing if the Argentina strikers/advancing midfielders are all of a sudden placing close range chances wide of the opponent upper left & right post, hitting the goal post, and even missing a penalty opportunity. If Argentina avoid all these blunders they will win of course. If Argentina can create 20 plus chances against Peru and fail to score with the attacking power they posses then please don’t go blaming the midfielders. Counter attacking is an issue for every team defense not only Argentina, and despite all the turmoil, only Brazil have conceded less goals than Argentina during the qualifiers. 🇦🇷🔜 🇷🇺

    • There were very few chances created vs Uruguay and the opponent was a very tough one fighting for the same reason Argentina was fighting. But the game agains Venazuela as you mentioned many scoring chances were and all of them were wasted except for one. In the game vs Venezuela when the players went on the pitch the game between Ecuador and Peru was finished and Peru was above Argentina, as the case is still now, so the players had to utilize the scoring chances well but they didn’t show the fighting spirit needed in that game.

      In the upcoming game vs Peru if Messi, Di Maria, Gago, Enzo Perez, and Icardi have a perfect game then Argetina will win easily.

      Vamos Argentina!!!

  4. I have been trying to avoid overthinking this game from the time the last qualifier ended. I refused to read what was said on other sites, excluding this one or listen to T.V. reports on this game.

    The plan is simple, they are coming TO OUR HOUSE…..they stay calm, not overconfident, stick to their positives and avoid the negatives and they will win, the grim reaper of ‘bad luck’ is bound to leave us the F alone at some point!

    I’d rather see 4 in the back and we need speed.

  5. i dont know for sure…i am thinking of a 4-4-2 right now…at all i prefer 4 in the back…we are so weak on the Counter attack….
    mercado-otamendi-fazio-mammana(no attacking duties for mammana, stay behind and hold the defense tight, mercado should try to attack)
    salvio-banega-biglia-di Maria or Gomez maybe..i like Gomez more he is a fighter (get width into Play with two wingers and have solid passing with banega and biglia)
    messi-icardi (hopefully one can find thenet…dybala is always an Option)

    we wont have any space for quick Play as peru will have 10 men behind the ball trying to kill us on the Counter

    stay safe in the back and solid
    accurate passing and width in midfield
    god help us upfront to get one Goal…if we get the lead we can make it
    the longer it stays draw the closer we get to total Desaster
    i am so scared i shit my Pants…heaven help

  6. I am curious, based on our current selection, who would you guys start in midfield? I hear a lot of Paredes and Banega and Gago but aren’t they the same type of players? If not, would play DM and who would play LM and RM?

    Would this lineup work?



    Enzo………………..Banega (how would he fare as a LM?)
    ……….. Gago………..
    Messi………………..Gomez/DiMaria (not a fan of his selfish plays)

    I put Gago as an AM because i think he’s more creative than Banega and a better passer/decision maker. Plus, his link-up play with Messi is evident. Or perhaps you can replace Banega with Di Maria and leave Gomez as LW to add some speed to the midfield.


    ……….. Paredes……….
    Enzo…………………..Di Maria
    Messi …………….. Gomez (level-headed and more composed)
    ………. .Icardi……….

  7. Like the formation because of three midfielders rather than two with half wing backs..prefer pezzella over fazio too…
    What about the fitness of dimaria and salvio.?? Papu can replace dimaria but am not sure about acosta n rigoni…finally i would prefer to add paredes in somewhere around the midfield but biglia gago enzo looks good too….

    • True. In Cruyff teams the goalkeeper was good with his feet and almost played like a libero. That role does not fit Romero who is more of a line keeper.

      With both Di Maria and Salvio coming back from injuries, I hope Sampaoli is not forced to substitute early in the game.

  8. The boys will give their 110% and I am more sure about that. Fazio isn’t fast enough to be in the lineup, I would rather like to see Pezzella as a starter. Pezzella is faster tnan Fazio and he also is very useful in the air.

    For me the lineup is very good.

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