OFFICIAL: Argentina’s 2018 World Cup Kit


Argentina’s 2018 World Cup kit (the home one) has just been unveiled and per Adidas fashion for this World Cup, they are going retro.

All of the 2018 World Cup shirts which are made by Adidas have a retro look. Germany, Spain, Colombia, Argentina and the list goes on, all were heavily influenced by a design from the past. For Argentina, part of the design was in conjunction with the AFA’s 125-year anniversary. The team will debut the kit on Saturday against Russia.

Argentina’s 2018 World Cup kit

Argentina's 2018 World Cup kit Messi
Argentina’s 2018 World Cup kit

There are three iconic blue and white stripes which are blended with subtly incorporated laurels on the front and the back. The base will feature an all white surrounding and the collar is cut off from the stripes which apparently was inspired by the same kit worn when Argentina won the 1991 and 1993 Copa America, the country’s last major trophies. Another key element is the Argentinian coat of arms and the AFA crest; giving this kit a classic look. Here’s the description of it all on Adidas website.

“Three decades. That’s how long Argentina’s fans had waited for their team to claim South America’s biggest prize. So when la Selección became continental champions in 1991, the kit they did it in became instantly iconic. Inspired by that memorable strip, this men’s football jersey is a replica of the official jersey Argentina will wear as they take on the world this summer in Russia. It has a slightly looser cut and sweat-wicking Climalite for fan comfort and displays a woven Argentina badge.”

For me personally, this design does have some throwback to the Italia 90 version.

Argentina's 2018 World Cup kit Messi
Lionel Messi wearing Argentina’s 2018 World Cup kit

I must say overall I do love this design and most certainly will be grabbing one right before my next holiday trip (it’s essential to wear something that represents you wherever you go!).

So what do you think about this kit? Love it? Hate it? Feel free to leave us your comment.


  1. I just checked the Adidas website and the authentic jersey is coming soon but the replica is available.

    Any ARGENTINA home kit is alright with me no matter what, besides, they wont dare butcher it like with other nations, Spain from few years ago with the gold medal looking thing on the chest is to name one.

    I’ll be ordering mine as soon as it gets out and i’m going with all the options this time. MESSI and both #10 front and back.

  2. Looks good…. Messi looks like a SPARTAN, Of the topic why nowadays most players have gone to shorter Hair style like a Chicken with Feather on top portion only, Every bodies hair style looks same, back of head trimmed very short & little hair combed to the side (Rojo, Aguero, Messi, Dybala, Otamendi, Romero, etc etc) & most have beards too, I loved the Players who had long hair during the 90’s like Bati, Caniggia, Ortega, Lopez, Crespo, Ayala, Almeyda, Pochettino, Burhos, Most had long hairs. That was Symbolic to the South American Players in Common, Nowadays only few like Cavvani is carrying that look, There is something about the long Hair which is more attractive. Well may be easier to play with short hair, As there wont be a distractions like hair falling to the Eyes. But it looks damn good when Long haired players play.

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