Fabricio BUSTOS of Independiente linked with Bayern Munich


Fabricio BUSTOS of Independiente is being linked with Bayern Munich.

The German giants are reportedly interested in signing the Independiente right back, according to Kicker. With defender RAFINHA’s contract expiring at the end of the season, the current Bundesliga champions will look to sign BUSTOS.

Spending his entire career with Independiente, the big move to Bayern could be what BUSTOS needs at this time in his career. Having impressed in their Copa Sudamericana win against Flamengo, BUSTOS has been rumored to receive a call-up to the Argentina National Team for the friendly matches in March. He could be following in the footsteps of former Independiente team mate Nicolas TAGLIAFICO who joined Ajax in Europe.


  1. Just watched Milan vs Arsenal first half. Biglia had around 10/12 touches, gave away the ball couple of times and recovered possession 4/5times. Arsenal put Wilshere on Biglia. Biglia’s first touch under pressure is so poor his team mates don’t even consider passing to him, neither does Biglia call for the ball. He has been utterly useless in the build up play so far. HT – Milan 0 – 2 Arsenal

    • I didn’t see the match. But when I checked whoscored today, biglia has the best rating among Milan players yesterday. Mammana & ocampos also rated well yesterday.

      • There was talk of Biglia settling down in Milan. So I was really expecting a good performance from him. What I found out was the same old Biglia. His tackling was good as always. He made one forward pass that led to a direct chance later. Otherwise, he was too afraid to take responsibility. Milan was virtually playing with 10 men in possession.They had a huge hole in the middle of the pitch.
        Biglia’s one positive aspect is that he knows his limitation. So he drops too deep, in most cases between the CBs to avoid pressure. Even if we send him to protect a lead, he will invite pressure. His game is everything that you don’t want in a possession based, high pressing team.

      • Ocampos made a good run & scored with a simple finish. He lost the ball as soon as he received it in the first half. Too much intention to show off. He should concentrate more on team play.

  2. Maxi Meza still may make Sampaoli’s list for upcoming friendlies. Hope that will happen:


    • What about his defensive capabilities? Is he a true no 8 or an attacking midfielder?it looks like we have some problems because of some players in building our strategy. Its always good to build tactics based on our players thats fine.but sometime it hurts too.
      Midfielder with an attacking mindset just behind messi will work good for him too.if we are using back 3 or back 4 its necessary to have a balanced midfield. Different options have been tried so far
      For the destroyer position biglia and macherano will be there and its not a big issue.sadly we dont have proper central midfielders even if so many names are hearing. Enzo and augusto where closer and now enzo is only under consideration.forget about 50-50 midfielders.now check what we have.some 25/75 players like lanzini,paredes,lo celso,banega and now meza.as long as messi is there no scope for 0/100 midfielder….
      It looks like dimaria will start every game with messi and with a no.9
      Can we see a biglia paredes lanzini lo celso diamond with messi and martinez up front and bustos and tagliafico raiding the wings!!!!
      Don think so…

  3. Juve’s trademark 3-men midfield with 1 deeplying playmaker along with 2 box to box executed perfectly their tactics. It also gave so much freedom for the 3 attackers and the 2 fullbacks. It could be a good fit to the current players of the NT:

    Salvio-Mercado-Otamendi-Tagliafico behind

    Enzo Perez-Paredes or Banega-Acuna in midfield

    Messi-Aguero-Di Maria or Lanzini or

    Any thoughts?

    • From what I watched, Juve midfield was completely run over by Tottenham. Juve just got lucky. Matuidi doesn’t look like the player he was at PSG. Barzagli was destroyed. Pjanic as a def mid? Juve have a lot of issues to sort if they are going go further in the CL.

      • Im glad you mention that because some people watch soccer with paystation goggles….. Juve midfield was a disgrace. Kedirha, Matuidi they are not at the level for juve to go further. Just happy for Dybala they went through..

        • What is paystation goggles? Unlike what you think, football is not just dribbles and tacles. There is also placement which bring the balance and this is the main part of tactics. Matuidi and Khedira did that well. But obviously its a waste of time to explain that to you.

  4. As per the Selection happy to see PAREDES is still in Plans of Sampa, (He didnt even visit Russia if i am not wrong) But still Paredes made it, We have already seen what Lo Celso & Banega can bring in, We need to see how Paredes & Lanzini can contribute to our Midfield. I think the Latest selection is fine as almost all r there apart from Dybala & Icardi. Dybala will still make it i think to the WC, as of now Icardi is in red zone otherwise he has to do exceptionally well in the next 2 months,Unfortunately Inter is not in CL also. So i think its almost sure Icardi wont make it.

    • Agree. I think its finally Banega & Parades who will make it over Lo Celso for WC18. Both Parades & Mammanna seem to be playing well at Zenit. Any reason why Mammanna is never given a chance in playing 11. Always been on fringes. Have not seen him play – but you tube clippings suggest he is relatively fast

    • It’s quite feasible to have them both in the starting XI if Argentina plays in Juve’s 4-3-3. I can see Lanzini in Costa’s inverted winger role and Paredes in Pjanic’s regista position. This 4-3-3 is a good compromise regarding the players that we have currently. So instead of having 1 DM + 1 regista in the middle, you replace them with 1 regista + 2 box to box. The regista(Banega, Lo Celso or Paredes) stay a bit layback and the 2 box to box defend in a more advanced position. I think it’s a solution much more realistic than the current 3-4-3.

      Dybala should definitely be in as he is the type of player who is able to make the difference in 10 minutes or something. A super sub who can replace a defensive player or the forward.

    • Im really suprised that some of you guys say they would like to see Messi and Argentina win the WC and you still asking for players that can’t win the world cup. When we brought Placio, Ricky Alvarez in the last WC in ’14 did you beleive that we could win? Players like Banega, Lanzini don’t have the level to be world champions guys. Let’s hope Sampa understands that and he puts 3 solid player midfielders like Biglia, Paredes, Mascherano. Just in front of the midfield he puts Messi and Dybala and in front he plays Aguero.

      Paredes….Mascherano… Biglia

      • Argentina didn’t lose the WC because of Ricky who played only 20 min during the entire tournament. As for palacio, yeah he was hugely culpable but no more so that pipita or messi, both of whom had unforgivable misses and selecting Palacio for the WC was perfectly understandable considering that he was one of serie A’s top scorers that season and did very well in the WCQ for Argentina.

        I agree with you on Banega but you say that Lanzini is not at the level required yet biglia and Masch are? Biglia is a one dimensional player who is well past his prime and while he does the simple things well he offers very little beyond that. As for Masch, reputation aside, he’s well past his expiration date IMO. His lack of height and pace makes him unsuitable for defense and it seems that Sampa knows this now but his decision making has also been shocking in recent times and often attempts passes that are well beyond his abilities, which result in the loss of possession.
        Lanzini may not be NT material but we can’t know that until we actually see him play and he’s done well enough to earn the call up that Sampa gave him.

        • My friend, I likr your approach but remember the wc is only 7 games not 38. Therefore we need good experienced players. Both Biglia and Mascherano have been our best players the last 2 rounds of qualifies aside Messi. The NT is not a club where we can buy players who fit our philosophy we have to play with those that we have. Lanzini is not a playermaker neither a winger his contribution can be overshadowed by players that we already have. Messi and Dybala combined in the midfield can compensate lack of creativity that Mascherano and Biglia won’t bring. Its simple we have to play with our strength not our weakness. We can be very strong in attack LETS use that.

    • Because of that Juve’s 3-men midfield, the 2 box to box(Matuidi and Khedira) both defend in very advanced position and don’t give much room to the opposite fullback. Once they win the ball back, the regista(Pjanic) take the control of the tempo. When they don’t have the ball, all of 3 will protect the defense until Pjanic has the ball and look for his fullbacks or the 3 attackers with his long passing skill. It was a great tactical lesson.

      • Tactically it was great for Juve. But Tottenham dominated Juve for large portion over two-legs. They already had two away goals and even scored first last night. Then they conceded twice! Its more like a psychological weakness than anything else. Pochettino has been working with this team for a long time. He has beaten big teams at times. But when something big is at stake, his team just can’t deal with the pressure. He must take the blame.

  5. Holy crap! Higuain and Dybala just came up big for their club. I wonder if they can do the same with the national team?

    It seems like Dybala isn’t dominating but has been scoring clutch goals recently. He might be a great sub for the WC.

  6. I guess many of you watched the match between PSG and Madrid yesterday. What a huge letdown, sloppy play, selfish performances and a huge lack of team cohesion. Di Maria showed lot of initiative but was dreadful. His crosses were easily blocked and his passing was sub par. If we play a 3 man defense with Fazio and Di Maria plays in midfield we will lose big to Croatia. He will lose the ball so often that Modric, Rakatic and Perisic will surely capitalize on those misstakes. Let’s hope Sampaoli wakes up in time.

    • Haha, against Ligue 1 teams Di Maria is scoring a lot && to be ready for World cup he played badly so that they get eliminated early!! As he is the only one who links well with Messi, he has to start for ARG! Now he will win World Cup for ARG even though his dream is to win Champions League

    • It’s funny how you single out Di Maria when he had nothing to do with this defeat. Why do you guys always do this? Comparing UCL football to international football which is in a total different universe to the world cup? Dani Alves turnover the ball which led to Real Madrid opening goal, this had nothing to do with Di Maria. Veratti picked up a stupid red card which had nothing to do with Di Maria. PSG came into the second leg being down by three goals, this had nothing to do with Di Maria. The tie was lost in the first leg, no one expected Di Maria to single handily turn the tie on it’s head all by himself. Even with Neymar, PSG would still lose the game to Real Madrid yesterday. Argentina played Croatia three times already, beaten them three times. The names you mention wont make a difference because the game will be Argentina vs Croatia not Real Madrid vs PSG. So with your logic, does this mean the Brazilian defenders lining up for PSG will be a liability at the 2018 world cup? PSG had to be perfect and Real Madrid had to be horrible for them to even had a chance in the game. And even if Real Madrid was horrible yesterday, they would have still likely score one or two undeserved goal. Real Madrid was the better team yesterday, and winning the first leg made it easier for them to carry out their tactics in Paris. The coach poor decision in he first leg is what cost PSG the tie.

      • I am not blaming Di Maria for the defeat! Your arguments are spot on. His teammates were bad too. But you have seen his blocked crosses and poor passing. That will cost us.

        • And yes, Dani Alves will turn into a liability for Brazil if he keeps losing possession in his own half.

      • I am not talking about his teammates performance; how about his individual performance; no one expect him to turn over the tie in psg’s favour; but he can put up a decent performance against a strong european club? can’t we expect it from him?. Why other players are not given enough chances? even in friendlies; what about his performances in qualifiers?. Against Ecuador he had a decent game expect that he was awful;

        • Di Maria is already a UCL and finals man of the match winner, get that in your thick skull. I don’t care about Di Maria winning the UCL in a world cup year. Back in 2014 Di Maria played his heart out for Real Madrid, got injured during the process, then we had Perez (Real Madrid president) threatening the AFA not to play Di Maria at the world cup. Let’s use your logic, how does a great Di Maria performance for PSG yesterday benefits Argentina? How about Real Madrid was just SUPERIOR to P$G? Why not admit that rather than singling out Di Maria performance? Football is a team sport and this is typical of most Argentina fan, always going after individual players because everyone has to be DIEGO MARADONA for pete sake! Didn’t Di Maria score two goals against Barcelona last season in Paris? Didn’t Di Maria won two Copa Del Rey finals over Barcelona where he assists CR in the first final win and scored in the other final win? What are you talking about? You don’t know what you’re talking about. Di Maria has won everything at club level. The entire Argentina team was horrible in qualifiers because everyone was so hung up over the last three finals defeat and the local media didn’t make it any easier for them. The qualifiers are the past, now why are we still talking about what happen a year ago? Name these other players you talk about that are playing at the highest level in the UCL? I’ll be waiting. Since you claim Di Maria is so ”bad” against top teams. Name me the other Argentina players that have been so great against top teams?

          • I wish you Get well soon!! It looks like you always want an argument. None can understand your logic. If we talk about qualifiers you say that is past & if we talk about current performances in club, how does it matter for ARG?…. KID is nicename

    • The team was cut into 2 parts, the midfielders were below their usual level, all attacks rely fully on individual exploits of Mbappe and Di Maria, so was a tough game for Angel. In addition to what you mentioned, his corners were horrible too. None of them created any danger. His free-kicks and corners used to be his strongest points, I guess last night he was really tired by the high intensity.

      Champions league is the best indicator to see if a player has the international level. What I saw during the last 2 games vs Real is not great for the Argentine players of PSG. Pastore is out of picture, I think he expected so much to move during winter and now he lost his passion for playing for his club. Lo Celso still too fresh for that, Di Maria really average but he tried at least.

      For your worries on Di Maria playing as midfielders, I think should be ok because Sampaoli should play with 2 winger back on each side, they will be placed behind the wingers. On the left will be Acuna or Tagliafico and on the right, Salvio. Their job is to run behind Messi or Di maria’s back and so let them cut inside.

  7. I was just thinking how effective would it be to start aguero and lautaro martinez up front with messi supporting at the back. Both are tenacious, intelligent and have good ball control. Might just work .

    • I don’t think so we may need a proper winger lautaro can come after 60-65 minutes to give aguero rest and be an impact sub we need serious quality in bench also.wc is very tiring and long tournament proper rest needed if we manage to win against Iceland and Croatia I would rest key players like messi aguero etc for knockouts though that can be risky also

  8. He had goal yesterday in Superliga on El Rojo win over San Martin (4:0). Was best in the team, along with Benitez.

    Bustos, Meza, Franco and former El Rojo man – Tagliafico would be good contribution of Independiente to NT.

    • I don’t think Sampaoli dare to play 4 defenders with Tagliafico and Bustos on the flanks (2 very short players) 171, 167 cm, our midfielders, strikers and even Otamendi or Mercado are not really tall, it would be a nightmare against set pieces. (one of the main reasons Rojo always played). The ideal would be at least five 180+ cm tall players in the team.

      • That isn’t a problem if you have Fazio and otamendi with the former being a giant and virtually unbeatable in the air while the latter is very strong in the air, not to mention that Tagliafico is actually from the Passarella school of ‘dominant in the air despite being short’.

      • Otamendi is one of the best defenders in the world in einning headers and Mercado, albeit short us very good. Tagliafico is also great in winning the ball in the air.

        So I don’t think its going to be an issue at all.

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