Alejandro “Papu” GOMEZ: “It’s an ugly feeling, not going to the World Cup”


Alejandro GOMEZ spoke to Argentine sports media TNT Sports LA and confessed his disappointment of not being named in Jorge SAMPAOLI’s 35 player preliminary list for Russia.

Having started against Peru in the World Cup qualifier and also appearing in friendlies, he was excited about the prospect of going to the World Cup.

“It is an ugly feeling, to be so close yet not going to the World Cup. I was very excited because I started against Peru and almost played against Ecuador. Plus I also played several friendlies.”

Papu, as he is popularly known, did think about going to Russia leading in the hours leading to the announcement of the preliminary list:

“The truth is that I felt that I was an important player in the group.”

On what happened between himself and Lucas BIGLIA:

“It seems stupid to talk about an incident involving two Argentine’s on the pitch but thank God nothing happened to Lucas.”

In addition, he recounted everything that crossed his mind when he did not receive news about a call:

“I thought SAMPAOLI was testing on other players during his last tour because he knew me already. I had thousands of things going in my head but about the preliminary list; I thought I had a chance based on what we have done in the last few months.”


  1. The truth is Pavon, Meza, DiMaria, Centurion, Perotti & Lanzini are all better than him. So we should not have complaints although he may feel disappointed. Only 6 players can be taken at his position.

    When the 23 players squad is announced, more deserved players will also be left out. That’s how it is.

    We can sympathize with those who are left out, but shouldn’t make a fuss of it. Let’s support our team, coach and captain wholeheartedly.

  2. What about paredes. Paredes in best XI. UEFA EUROPE LEAGUE..of sofifascore…paredes is a must starter

    • Paredes and Alejandro Gomez have been in top11 best Europa league players as per whoscored. The third Argentine on this list is Biglia at 36th place.

    • Sampaoli opted for the experience of Banega and LoCelso, one of the most improved players of the past year. I too would have loved Paredes, but we can’t blame Sampa really. The truth is Paredes has not performed that well to overtake one of these two.

  3. Meza is needed because he will provide mobility in the game he young and fast.Ansaldi is also needed.He is good both offensively and defensively.Other than Messi and our stars I have high hopes on Lanzini Ansaldi Meza and in Lo celso

  4. As per whoscored, Alejandro Gomez is one of the Top 15 players in the worlds best leagues this season. He rated as 4th Argentine in top 15. Below Messi, Aguero, and Dybala.

  5. Sampaoli tried him but he is not as good as others. I see a lot of people talking about friends club but do you really believe that this guys deserves to be in the team ? Banega, BIGLIA are still way better than him and Lo Celco or MEZA would occupy the position he was tried for if not Banega. People are going nuts here with their opinions against messi and friends club etc . But you have use some rational knowledge to see whether a player is actually suitable for NT or not, Gomez is good he was tried but he is not among the best 35 period.

  6. Diva, Manuel and Pavon are there plus Meza is a strong contender for a similar role. It was wise to keep him out. Sampa gonna surprise everybody with a masterstroke of tactics come knock-outs. There will be a massive shift from group matches to KOs. 3-4-3 to 4-4-2 to 4-2-3-1 depending upon the situations. For eg – 3-4-3 against Iceland slowly melting the ice. 4-4-2 against Nigeria building and protecting wall. 4-2-3-1 against attacking Croats. i love playing Croatia bcoz they are gonna attack us. It looks to me that we are gonna play Portugal who will hold spain for a draw and score better against Morocco and Iran thus topping the group.

  7. Racing Club is a complete joke, really Centurion and Martinez the players we need right now? They choked again in the Copa Argentina against a 3rd division team. (their last hope for next Libertadores Cup).

    • Apparently you don’t know reality of Argentina and South American football. Such things are possible there as far as there’s only a one game and latinos are on the pitch. That’s why some weaker South American NT may contend teams like Argentina in a game if only they show ultimate sacrifice that will counterbalance skills of the stronger team and will have a bit of luck. I saw you were impressed by Racing just few weeks ago and now the statement.

  8. friends club friends club friends club.
    We love Argentina not the ‘friends club’.
    Insane to pick old and injured friends and leave the talented home.

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