Marcos ACUÑA, CENTURION or PEROTTI for Argentina


With Argentina’s final 23 man squad for the World Cup to be announced on Monday, there’s reportedly only one spot left between three players.

Marcos ACUÑA, Ricardo CENTURION and Diego PEROTTI are all reportedly fighting for one spot. Per Ole, 22 of the 23 players are confirmed for Argentina’s World Cup squad. Here are the names being listed by Ole:


Federico FAZIO
Cristian ANSALDI
Marcos ROJO

Eduardo SALVIO
Giovani LO CELSO
Marcos ACUÑA, Ricardo CENTURION or Diego PEROTTI

Lionel MESSI
Cristian PAVON

This would mean that the following players who made the preliminary list of 35 would miss out:



  1. My thoughts

    – Perotti should go. There is already a back up for left back. Tagliafico and Rojo. Perotti is more experienced with big games and a good penalty taker.

    – I would take 6 forwards. Aguero could get injured. And Higuain may need to subbed or we may get into a situation where we need to throw in two 9s to score a goal in last 15 mins or something like that. Dybala is Messi back up and not a #9. I would drop one midfielder, possibly Maxi Meza and take Icardi.

    – Basically, I am saying the selection can be – 3 GKs, 7 DEFs, 7 MIDs and 6 FORs. Little risky and heavy on the top, but I suspect we will have bigger need to substitute at the top than subbing a defender.

    Overall, a good selection. If they can gel as a team and stay defensively strong, we can have a decent run.

  2. I like the 23 except for hig over icardi, but he will be a sub anyway so I am praying aguero can last the full tournament.. but it’s a little odd to not have a true 5 back up for biglia.. he’s not even 100% and DM is one of the most important spots.. this is odd to me, I feel that centurion,pizzaro, or battaglia is a must..drop mache and perroti and keep acuna …really glad to see meza and pavon.. I hope meza is in last 23. Pavon has a good sense of pass in the final 3rd, could team up well with messi

    • I guess he is seeing Banega and Masch and in a pinch LoCelso as his Biglia backups. I agree its weird not seeing people with muscle like Pizarro, etc on the list.. but, if Sampa crams the midfield with energetic and skillful players (Dimaria, Meza, Lanzini, Locelso, etc) where they all defend and we press hard, we can manage without a true #5. Sampa is not going to play a classic Argentine system with a #5 and a #10 most likely.. we are either winning or going home on the first round 😀

      • Sampaoli system will be different and rumored list can also be different.I believe sampaoli planning to play biglia and banega as a deep lying midfielders

  3. And its 8:35 am in Buenos Aires. Sampaoli and Tapia are just out of bed. Sampaoli is with his Remington Razor kit to shave of his sprouts on his pate.
    At 9:45, the man heads off to AFA and will discuss with Tapia and will release the list at 1 pm.
    Icardi has already left base knowing that he has to wait another 4 years.
    Higuain doesn’t remember 2014 probably a brain fade but is happy with his family. (says he)
    Sampaoli isnt happy about that he had to select Mascherano. Also isnt happy that he had to drop Icardi but forced to pick the lazy baggage Higuain.
    Rojo? (biggest blunder of a selection?)
    Anyways i have put on my Albiceleste already. Whatever the team selected, we support it. (when they dropped Redondo…. we still supported the team… why not now)
    Praying for a miracle.

  4. Centurion should come and Madcherano should go out of list.Salvio can be dropped.
    We do not know about Mascherano either we should use him as center back or defensive midfielder.Lot more confusion so we should drop him.He is past his prime.
    Mascherano is exposed against Nigeria and Spain he is only good at long distance aerial passes which ends in penalty box of opposition team and other than it he provides nothing so that is not enough quality.

  5. I am big fan of Perotti but definitely Acuna who can play as fullback, midfielder or winger. And to me, he should be in the starting XI. No other player has the high work rate combined with good technique like him. Maybe just Salvio. We need warriors. That’s why I hope Samp would take Enzo instead of Rojo.

    I am glad if Dybala, Pavon and Meza will be in the list. We need fresh young players.

      • Ok understand. TYC sounds super confident about the list though.

        If it’s true im extremely worried about our number 5 position which is currently occupied by Biglia. He has shown to be very sluggish in midfield recently with very poor defensive abilities. He contributes close to nothing in attack. Wonder why is he even chosen when many others could do the duty much better.

        • ” Wonder why is he even chosen when many others could do the duty much better”

          Coz the team is run by the “friends club” and he is one of them.

  6. In my opinion:
    GK Romero Caballero Armani
    CB Otamendi Fazio FunesMori Maschrano
    FB Acuna Rojo Mercado Salvio
    MD Bigilia Paredes Benega Celso Lanzini DiMaria Perroti
    FW Messi Aguerro Higuan Icardi Dybala

  7. What happened to training news 5-6 days back we got a news 5 players we not practicing?? No news whatsoever and how is Mercado or biglia injury update??

  8. Enzo Perez should be chosen over Salvio.No problem for CBs even Ansaldi can play as CB.He is the most versatile player of squad.Enzo or Battaglia should be chosen over Salvio.We have many option on right back and right wing position.

  9. I think the final team will look different from what is being published now. I think some players who are half injured might not make it of the training camp. Whoever makes it I will support but I just hope Sampaoli realizes that relying on Mascherano, Biglia and Banega is a mistake. These 3 together will not be able execute the attacking football he likes.

  10. This squad is too heavily tilted on the attacking side. We don’t really need so many attacking options. We need a good player to play alongside Biglia in 4231. Lo Celso would do in the group stages but after that it won’t be a bad idea to start with two proper DMs

  11. sampaoli taking big risk by not taking any biglia replacement who is surely injured.mascherano taking a spot is like 2010 wc veron taking spot or 2002 batistuta taking spot.can mascherano suddenly make vast improvement in this age?? higly unlikely.we cant create chances regularly with this duo of mascherano and biglia still there.mayb quatar.but in this wc messi is fit and fresh aguero will be fresh dimaria played less so he should be fresh.nobody giving arg any we are 1st time underdogs even though we have messi.

  12. Ideally, i would take Perotti & Acuna.
    Centurion may be consistent, & more skilled, but i will take Perotti for his Experience, Power & Very importantly Penalty..

    Drop Rojo, take Acuna & Perotti.

  13. I’m afraid, Sampoli is making a serious mistake here.
    Only 2 proper CBs is one risk..
    Rojo, when there is Ansaldi, Tagliafico & (Acuna) is a wastage of one spot.
    And only one (or no ) destroyer ?

    If it’s between this 3, then No question Acuna must be in.

  14. Is it a dilemmatic issue?. Choose one player that the team need most. Acuna can play as a LB and winger, Perroti has more experienced and Centurion is great at his skill and unknown to opponents. If i can select i will bring Centurion.

  15. We are not secured at the defensive midfield position in the absence of masche and biglia. Mascherano is a legend without any doubt. But we have to accept the fact that he has past his prime. Biglia is no longer an automatic starter at a c Milan. Now he has got 2 back to back injuries. Even if biglia remains fit through out the tournament we won’t be safe defensively. I don’t understand sampaoli’s dependency on an useless player like biglia. If battaglia is taken in stead of biglia then it will be a great choice. Or battaglia should be chosen over salvio. We have plenty of wingers in our team and there is metcado and ansaldi, so we don’t need to be worried about right back position. Battaglia can play as a right back also. And the worst part if biglia is suspended then who will be there in his position at dm apart from mascherano. Battaglia instead of biglia/mascherano, Icardi over higuain, and centurion is a must.

  16. Assume that Di Maria is the starting left winger, Pavon can be the back up in this position. I dont understand why we still need another left winger?

    I think we need one more backup DM instead, Parades or Pizarro for me.

    If i must select one out of these 3, i would select Acuna as he can play as left back.

  17. Perotti has to go for me. I think his the best and most experienced left winger we have and is also currently at his peak.

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