Poll: Who should be Argentina’s starting goalkeeper?


With the news breaking out on Tuesday that Sergio ROMERO will miss out on the World Cup, who should start for Argentina?

Following Sergio ROMERO’s injury and the call-up to Nahuel GUZMAN to the World Cup squad, it now means that coach Jorge SAMPAOLI has his three goalkeepers for the tournament. The question is which one will start but in this case, we are asking which one would you start?

Would it be the in form Franco ARMANI of River Plate despite the fact that he has never previously been called-up for Argentina? Do you think 36 year old Willy CABALLERO should get his chance in the World Cup? Or does Nahuel GUZMAN (who has six caps to his name, the most out of the three goalkeepers) get the start for you?

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  1. JAVIER MASCHERANO is the spirit of our team from 2006 till this days. make me extremely sad to see comments about him in way of not show respect to him. everybody will make negetive comments to me but i don t care. i will say my opinion clearly. ARGENTINA starting 11 BEGINS WITH JAVIER MASCHERANO AND LIONEL MESSI . after the rest 9 everyone can put whoever they want or like. ARGENTINA s LEADERS IS JAVIER MASCHERANO AND LIONEL MESSI. everyone in different way.

    • you cant win with this mentality.looks like you are happy with group league exit.but we dont satisfy so easily.we want our team to win and that cant be possible with mascherano in starting eleven.he should be used like 2006 italy team used del piero-an impact sub.he should be a sub for biglia

      • 2006 quarter finals.
        2010 quarter finals
        2014 final.

        his warrior spirit is what every team need. we are lucky to have him. he is TRUE LEADER. in every important game this type of players is blessing for the team and the coach. he is soldier inside pitch and his HUGE experience work as one coach inside pitch too. i know masche will give his blood to win this cup and i am not happy with anything less than that.

    • Mascherano’s name would be the one our coach wrote second after Messi’s in our squad. But not in the playing 11. He is an important player for the squad. As he admitted in his press conference, he is not the player he was in 2014.

  2. Franco Armani from all i have read is a good shot stopper, with a more aggressive approach that Argentina is bound to take this time around in the world cup i think he would fit the bill perfectly because we would be vulnerable no matter who is defending. But the key point is the link up play between Lo Celso, Lanzini/Meza and Messi and a hopefully fit Aguero. If all these players above practice together during this break time and in the training period and have a chemistry working out then i am sure in this world cup you will see a lot more goals scored by Argentina as compared to previous world cups.

    With respect to us winning the world cup it really depends on how many we concede in crucial knockout games or if we score first or not? These kind of scenarios will really tell us how far we would reach. But deep down if things click and with a little bit of luck and messi magic and chemistry with other attacking players Argentina team have all the ingredients in winning it all. Also most of our forwards and midfield line with the exception of Biglia are fresh and raring to go.

  3. We are not going to play the “Possession” football. We don’t have great passers in backline or in defensive mid area… Biglia will at max do easy passes, he’s no Busquets. So the question of Lack of sweeper keeper “in Armani” doesn’t arises. We won’t do that frustrating football
    (I’m a Barcelona fan! ).. Sampoli is not an idiot like Tata.(at least not in that level)… Don’t worry about that friends. A decent shot stopper is enough for us. Who won’t make mistakes by himself. Because we can’t afford that.

    We have fantastic attackers, wingers & attacking midfielders, who are all more than capable of Scoring fantastic goals. So sampoli should attack, attack & attack. We have the ammos to give a Liverpool style 3_0 in first 45 minutes & seal the game against any fucking big teams…

    That must be our motto, attack attack & attack..

    On a lighter note, i hope Sampoli will watch GOT 😂😂 & will take Lady Olenna’s advice to Daenerys for himself,
    “You are a dragon, So be a Dragon. “

    • Well our defense is going to play higher up, so regardless of us playing possession football or not, our keeper needs to have good feet or it doesn’t work.

      • Don’t agree atleast based on the last couple of friendlies i saw with the exception of spain one (where argentina defense just played horrible). I think sampaoli is going with a hybrid 4-1-3-2 format or as he would like to call a 2 – 3 – 3 -2 format which can convert to a 4 -4 -2 depending on when we are defending. In either of these cases there wont be a high backline because of the No 5 and Otamendi and Fazio sticking closer to goal, so a good shot stopper would suffice. We are not freaking barcelona or manchester city to risk the high backline approach and sampaoli knows that too.

    • sampaoli prefers possession football and he will play in the actual tournament aswell.he will try to make biglia a busquets in training.that is possible or not another question

    • i agree with you with one differece only. from quarter finals and after we should play with motto defense defense defense and steal the game with 1-0.

  4. Last version, luck played a huge role. But we couldn’t utilise it because of silly errors & pressure on players in final.
    We need more luck this time. But unfortunately draw is very tough.. i will be eagerly watching the fucking B Group. First time i want Penaldo to win something. That group is chaotic. I hope Spain will come second.
    That will ensure a smooth path to Semi Final. If spain comes second, we will be playing,
    Portugal, Uruguay, or Russia.

  5. My playing eleven
    Ansaldi Otamendi Fazio Taglafico

    Meza Biglia Lo Celso Di Maria

    Messi Augreo
    Sub’s:Lanzini for Do mariAugreo.
    Salvio for Meza
    Dybla for Augreo
    Formation -4-2-3-1
    Ansaldi Otamendi Fazio Taglafico
    Biglia Lo Celso
    Messi Lanzini. Di Maria
    Subs-Dybla for Augreo
    Pavon for Di maria
    Meza for Lanzini

  6. May be this is Sampa’s 2-3-3-1:

    Otamendi – Fazio
    Ansaldi/Salvio – Bigilia – Tagliafico/Acuna
    Lanzini – Lo Celso – DiMaria
    Messi – Aguero

  7. my team is:


    Meza………Biglia….Lo Celso……Lanzini/Di Maria


    with Meza over the others possible RM. His full potentiall and utility is still not fully recognized here.

    1. He is cross between Enzo/Lavezzi/Di Maria. Meza at full run is fastest player of this team along with Di Maria and Messi. He is ripping apart opponents line nonstop just like he did against Spain (description him as “crack” is on place here as he is cracking opponentsdefensive lines). And this is one of the similarities to Enzo/Lavezzi/Di Maria. Why I think he is more usufull than Di Maria is:
    – Di Maria injury is probably just matter of time
    – Di Maria is inconsistent
    – Meza is tracking back really deep and tackling aggresively

    Meza performance against Spain was not exception. Look at his games:

    in Copa Sudamericana final against Flamego:

    against Spain or last Copa Libertadores match against Corinthians:

    • Second that. That’s the best playing squad in this 23. Bench is also decent. Salvio for meza, pavon for meza / di Maria. Lanzini /acuna for di Maria who can be well insulated across 7 matches. Banega for lo celso. Maybe masche can be a decent sub for biglia in last 30mins or so. Dybala can come in for Messi if match is sealed in our favour.
      Concern is only CB & DM sub.

    • “Meza at full run is fastest player of this team along with Di Maria and Messi.” No, no and no. Meza is a slow player, Pavon the fastest then Di Maria, Salvio…maybe Messi and Aguero….Meza.


      read the comments to a clear picture, a lot of Independiente fans here

      • From PSD players rating (in general very accurate):top speed///dribble speed
        Pavon 89/87
        Di Maria 87/93
        Salvio 84/88
        Aguero 84/87
        Messi 82/93
        Lanzini 82/84
        Acuna 82/81
        Higuain 82/78
        Dybala 80/83
        Lo Celso 73/76
        Meza: 71/82
        Banega 69/72

        These number are very close to reality, Meza like Iniesta technical with good dribbling, faster with the ball, but overall he’s very slow

        • You are completely crazy with the stats. Acoording to the stats Higuain is faster than Meza!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAhahahaha. Enough said.

          Mr. Buchhalter
          The only explanation is the people that made the rank also never ever watched Meza on real game.
          You are right – according to the stats Meza is slow player but somehow everyone except you saw something other against Spain.

          Mr. Buchhalter

          • You are not normal man, you live in a dream world, these stats were given by 20-30 statsmakers who have seen him a lot of times playing. Consensus. One of them Vickingo is a big Independiente fan, who sees the players live in the stadium in every match, and realistic, not like you. From him: “he seems quite elegant to play, nice agility but slow as fuck…specially on the ball.” ” I can’t find a similar player nowadays, but he has it all aside speed.” so keep on dreaming if you want…he’s a bit faster with the ball, when dribbling, not fast, just average, but overall he’s not fast man. Dont be blind, Pavon is fast or Carlos Luque or Iturbe…Meza not…and Vickingo’s favourite player is Meza, just read how he praises him later.

      • “No, no and no. Meza is a slow player”


        are you serious?!!!

        Did you even watched Argentina – Spain? How he is outranning defenders. Or watch him against Brazilian clubs.
        I heard that second time from you that Meza is slow. After the first time I realized that you have never ever watched any match of Independiente and probably any other Argentina club. You have said that before Argentina – Spain match. And then he prove something quite different: his football is basing on fantastic pace.

        No one here even argue against my statement that he is one of our fastest player. Only you. Statistics made you blind.

        • Sorry but sayin that Meza is fast like Di maria or Pavon such as Isco like Bale, David Silva like Sane, or Iniesta like Ousmane Dembele. Yes I need stats cause you don’t see or want to see the obvious, which is frightening.

  8. I have not seen much of Armani to have an opinion on this. I do understand that he has been in form. There is a factor that might play in – Willy had been starting in cup games for Man City along with Otamendi. The previous understanding and communication channel may be something to consider.

        • Very few GKs have very good footwork and excellent passing skills. So, Armani isn’t one of those but he is a great goalie who can be relied on. Clolumbia wanted him but his dream was to represent Argentina.

          Higuita is a big admirer of him.

          • @kavindrs, There are two types of keepers – The Shot stopper type & the Sweeper keeper/ball playing gk. De Gea is a shot stopper. Problem is if you want to play possession football at its best, the shot stopper keeper type turns into a disadvantage. The problem with a ball playing gk is that they are normally not as good with their goal saving duties. For example, the Brazilian keeper Ederson. Lets see what tactics Samp has in mind for our keeper.

  9. Right Now Argentina’s Best goalkeeper is LEONARDO CHICHIZOLA …..

    Against Messi he was superb..

    He deserves place For Russia World Cup..
    Sampolis big mistake he was not picking CHICHIZOLA..

  10. @ Csabalala

    back to No.5 question

    wheter Biglia and Lo Celso will tight on defending only time will tell. After what I saw in friendlies I have serious doubts we can go without someone more agressive on tackling than Biglia.

    “Biglia is good in this “salida lavolpiana” position like vs Italy. Safe passer, i’m calm when he’s on the ball, rarely miss these “easy”, game controlling passes”

    I’m calm too when he is on the ball, and that’s true he rarely miss the easy but I’m afraid central midfield with Biglia and Lo Celso will be too mild, not enough agressive. When you add to that Lanzini and Di Maria you have:

    Lanzini…Lo Celso…Biglia…Di Maria

    that is 3 short players + Di Maria who is not that short but is lank and generally all they are lacking phycical strenghts. I don’t see this midfield competing against more physical teams. The midfield is just too faint.

    • Gonzalo bro, i think we can overcome that by tactics and techniques. Spain wasn’t at all physical still they manage to ride successfully between 2008-2012. I agree we dont have that quality players but throwing Meza in, tweaking tactis we are fine.

      • I also think Meza is more important player than people think. He may do exactly the things that Lavezzi and Di Maria (in his good performances) and gives you even more defensive moments.

      • 2008-12 spain was arguably the best side ever xavi iniesta busquets xabi puyol casillas villa torres every position was superb.

    • We had masche,biglia,perez midfield in 2014 not giants either but they handled well the tall german & dutch players. Lo celso has improved defensively & is excellent player. Lanzini is energetic player who can press.di maria & meza or pavon on the wing will also press like crazy. We have the tools to win it & hopefully luck will be with us this time.

      • Pavon will play as RF (LF) for sure. I mean in forward line and not in midfield as RM. For the reason I don’t see him in starting eleven.

      • I think Masche and Enzo makes difference here. Especially when were younger. Enzo is tall as for Argentina player while Masche fast, strong and with good jump. Biglia lacks all the things.

        • I second you guys, this time we are going with speed. We have pace all over midfield & attack enough to pressure any team in the world. We all know what Messi can do in and around box . Messi and Meza are 2 players who can handle pressure and play beautifully….lets hope for the best!!!

  11. I hope the fat Higuain gets injured so we can bring Icardi. Higuain was just fat and slow, nowadays , he’s fat, slow and with a horrible attitude towards fans.

  12. Argentina eleven :
    Lanzini-Biglia-Lo Celso-Di María
    Messi- Agüero

    Sub: PAVON-BANEGA-Dybala

  13. Guzman is defintely out for me, as i saw his previous training videos during the Italy and spain friendlies, he had very poor form that time, i think nothing has changed much since then.

    Armani for me, as he has the best form now out of the 4 goalkeepers.

    I am sad to hear that Romero cant be with us in this world cup, however, since his form has not been good with man utd this season, i think it is indeed positive if Armani can be our number one.

  14. The Caballero of Villareal was really impressive. Probably at his peak of his career. I like the player but I don’t think he should be the 1st choice because in the air, he does not dominate against powerful and tall players. I think that’s his weakness and could be fatal against teams like Iceland, whose attacks are solely based on corners.

  15. somedays ago you blame sampaoli for his tactics and selection now admiring.strange!!!!!

    • somedays ago you blame sampaoli for his tactics and selection now admiring.strange!!!!!

      • Its not like that you decide you are going to criticize him or admire him. It depends on his actions.

        Read with me –

        * If he does something good, I will admire him.
        * If he does something bad, I will criticize him.

        It is simple as fuck!

      • I love this team and the football style.
        If I think someone or something is harming this team, so be it my parents, or fiance or my siblings. I will stand up and defend the team against them. If someone does good no matter who that is the logical thing is I salute them.
        nothing personal. I try to be unbiased although such a thing as unbiased doesn’t exist. I try although I am biased too. i try not to be.

          • Understandable. Most of the people take rejection hard and express it and some stay silent.
            She is being selfish. Players don’t admit that they are not fit because they want to play at all cost. Do you remember Gago who just recently returned to action wanted to play in the the game he got injured for Argentina with 1 leg. It’s the desire to play, but it’s selfish because no player can help the team injured.

  16. Sampaoli statement – “I will not wait for injured players.”

    So that’s a big sigh of relief from my part.

    He also stated that in the next week, he will assess all his inured players and if they are not fit and ready he will bring replacements.

    Its fucking fantastic. So, if any of Mercado, Biglia or Aguero is not fit they are gooners.

    Remember, his list of 23 is not submitted to FIFA, so he can change all he wants. I think Biglia and Aguero will be ready, but Mercado will not. Will see.

    But its refreshing to see he will not take injured players.

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