Gabriel MERCADO’s injury still a concern for Argentina


Per a report by TyC Sports, the fitness of Gabriel MERCADO remains an issue for Jorge SAMPAOLI and Argentina.

With Sergio ROMERO leaving the Argentina team and not participating in the World Cup due to a knee injury, it appears as though coach Jorge SAMPAOLI does not want to take any risks regarding player who are unfit. The concern at the moment is Gabriel MERCADO’s back injury.

Since joining up with the team, MERCADO has yet to train normally with the rest of the squad. The coaching staff are expecting to have him ready by next Friday (June 1) and if not, don’t rule out another chance in the final list of 23 for the World Cup. The final list of 23 has to be submitted to FIFA by June 4, which would leave the staff three days following next Friday to make any changes.

In the cases of Sergio AGÜERO and Lucas BIGLIA, there doesn’t appear to be any problems.


  1. What about this line up

    ….. Mercado ….. Ota ….. Fazio.
    Acunia ………………………………tagliafico

    ——————-biglia——–giovane lo celco–


  2. My preferred team so far…


    Celso——-Biglia ——-Lanzini



    • ———————-Cabellero ————————–
      ——Fazio —Otamendi–Rojo

      Pavon —–Locelso——Acuna


  3. No exceptions. Replace Mercado with Pezzella. Waiting would be unfair to Romero. For Sampa’s high intensity we need 100% fit players.

  4. People here who keep blabbering about meza being slow must’ve not watched his performance against spain. Worse still if they did should get their eyesight checked thoroughly. He is very quick on the ball and has decent pace without the ball on his feet.

    • First they said: who is Meza? Then they said he won’t be part of the 23-man squad. And now they are trying to underestimate him in a different way.

      • In your universum Meza faster than Pavon, please ignore this idiot:, unbelievable how fanboyism can bend reality

    • he dont need to be fast… he need to be smart… iniesta and david silva not fast… but their mind is faster than the opponent… what i really liked about meza is his turn.. and swift changing in direction… every time he gets the ball he looks to run…. we dont need super fast… even messi now a days… walking… still makes many difference…. dont worry he is a good player… and his agression is what sampaolli needed…

    • jaseemharry

      some apparently crazy people are talking things like that Meza is slow. Slower even than Higuain. See for yourself:

      Meza against Spain:

      Meza against Corinthians:

      Meza against Flamengo and other:

    • I only saw him playing once against Spain and it was very impressive. He reminds me a bit of Ribery. His best position seems to be on the left in a 4231 system. Would love to see a team with more young players in attack:

      ——-Lo Celso——-

      Lo Celso, Pavon, Dybala, Meza are young players, Salvio and Acuna highly energetic, this can compensate the age problem of Biglia and lack of speed of Fazio. This system is not impossible because Di Maria and Lanzini may not handle every match and Aguero may not be fit.

  5. Everyone just wants to join the team and hides all season’s injuries, but during training, no one can hide and true colors will appear. If someone is injured, will be found. Players use lies just to get in the team that includes: Mercado, Romero, and who knows some other players.

    • Both Romero’s & Mercado’s injuries were known. Also of Aguero & Bigilia. These players haven’t hidden anything.

      Don’t try to create a news that doesn’t exist.

  6. What do you think guys about this first line up.
    Cristian Ansaldi, Nicolás Otamendi, Marcos Rojo, Nicolás Tagliafico; Giovani Lo Celso, Lucas Biglia, Manuel Lanzini; Cristian Pavón, Lionel Messi and Sergio Agüero were the first chosen by the coach.

    After a while, Sampaoli made changes: Eduardo Salvio for Ansaldi, Marcos Acuña for Tagliafico, Javier Mascherano for Biglia and Paulo Dybala for Agüero.

      • Dybala should play and not Aguero but I’m reconciled with the situation that lazy Aguero will start. At least till the time he will catch injury as always.

        • But Meza will definitely not start in winger pos, “he’s slow as fuck”, only Lanzini’s sub in AM, a quick runner is a must (Di Maria, Pavon or Salvio)

          • guled, you will see in the WC, Gonzalo made from him a fast speedster and you have believed, but he’s not really faster than Iniesta, btw speed dont guarantee anything, Iniesta is slow as fuck, but dribble past opponents just for fun

          • Csabalala

            I knew you never watched Meza in any single club match but I didn’t know you had not watched Argentina – Spain. He was then best player of our team mostly because of his fastness. 80% of his actions you see below based on his great pace as it was when he passed to Higuain’s missed chance. He was the fastest player on the pitch.
            So especially for you. Meza against Spain:


            According to your absurdal rank of speed Higuain is faster player than Meza!!!!!!!! Enough said.

            I noticed you bring stats everytime when you have not any idea about some player characteristic. When it’s going about a famous European player you can give any words of description as “Icardi is lazy without ball as hell” or something like that but if it’s about local league player or one of the less famous you bring here always stats. Why? Because you know nothinh about him and and stats are your only “opinion”.

          • good video, but still slow man, i see a lot of times him live, and all of his youtube vids, slowness and technical skills are his main charasteristic

        • Aguero is small but bulky, Dybala on the other hand is very weak physically, a little breeze blows on him and he’s on the ground, would be eaten alive in the defenders wall, not quick either, the problems Paulo cannot play CF, maybe a little bit deeper, he’s real position is SS, sadly not creative enough for the playmaker role, but his shooting is world class.

          • Dybala is 2 inches taller than lazy & is deadly finisher. Dybala has played in that position and knows it, his off the ball movement is also better.

          • Csabalala

            I’m not going to say once again you must be 12 years old child taking into account your way of reactions. That was probably 2 years ago I had said that. So now you are 14.

          • Wow after i always destroy your non existance reasons, theories, only the personal attacks remain in the end. You are the most harsh, arrogant and stupid person on this forum, who really don’t understand this game. Cancer.

    • Rojo was included as Fazio is yet to join the team. There are a few guys still missing, Higuain, Fazio, Armani etc.
      This lineup looks good. Ansaldi is solid, I think may be Acuna will start instead of Tagllifiaco. Also, Masche instead of Biglia with Lo Celco and may be Meza instead of Lanzini. We need 2 or 3 guys to do a lot of running- I am not sure how good Pavon is-in terms of defensive abilities but Lo Celco, Meza, Lanzini, Di Maria and even Messi will have commit to doing a lot of running around as we are trying to cover up for a true DM like Kante or Busquets or Fernadinho etc. Masche would be a better option as he can hold the ball..but the movement will largely depend Lo Celco, Bangea, Lanzini, Meza and Di Maria etc.

      • no chance.masche acuna meza all will be sub.starters will be tagliafico,lanzini,biglia.masche will be tired after 40-45 minutes running .

    • Its because dimaria higuain Fazio Meza and Armani still not joined the training camp.let them 1st join then we can have an idea

      • @anuparno – Higuain, Dimaria are already in training actually. Only Meza and Armani are missing. Plus I don’t think Meza will start over DiMaria on the left wing. He will mostly likely be a sub in my opinion.

    • @Soccer4U I love that lineup (minus Rojo) – Do you happen to know what formation was being deployed in practice? Also, I am surprised DiMaria was not in the starting lineup. Obviously, that’s just training but still.

  7. Meza will arrive after his last match in Copa Libertados. Hope he won’t get any physical issues during the game.

    What the fuck, Di Maria, Fazio, Higuain & Banega doing?? What are they waiting for?

  8. During today’s training Sampoli put Dybala in place of Aguero Not Pavon’s.
    Tagliafico & Acuna (sub) in LB, Rojo in CB..
    Ansaldi & Salvio (sub) in RB
    Biglia first choice at 5 & subed by Masche

    Higuain, Fazio is yet to arrive & Mercado recovering, still Interesting choice. Especially Dybala’s.

  9. I’m not thinking about Replacement.. because he is too important to our squad. He has very good experience with the squad, that is the key. Remember Rojo of 2014? He was seen as a burden before the tournament. But he utilized the experience & chemistry with the team mates & sealed our left side.
    I don’t remember a single mistake Rojo made in 2014. Mercado can do the same. A replacement in hurry will not be fruitful.
    I hope Sampoli will give him time.

      • Translation

        Cristian Ansaldi, Nicolás Otamendi, Marcos Rojo, Nicolás Tagliafico; Giovani Lo Celso, Lucas Biglia, Manuel Lanzini; Cristian Pavón, Lionel Messi and Sergio Agüero were the first chosen by the coach.

        After a while, Sampaoli made changes: Eduardo Salvio for Ansaldi, Marcos Acuña for Tagliafico, Javier Mascherano for Biglia and Paulo Dybala for Agüero. It is clear that the Argentine squad lacks important players who will fight directly for a place as starters: Gonzalo Higuain, Federico Fazio, Ángel Di María and Éver Banega.

        Also still have to join Maximiliano Meza, who after his presentation with Independiente in the Copa Libertadores tonight, will begin to train at the Ezeiza estate looking to earn his place.

        What is still unclear is the position of goalkeeper , where probably Wilfredo Caballero and Franco Armani, who this morning will make his first training with the National Team, will fight hand by hand for the ownership after the injury of Sergio Romero.

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