Expected Argentina eleven versus Haiti


All signs report that coach Jorge SAMPAOLI has his starting eleven for the match against Haiti.

Willy CABALLERO is set to get his third cap for his country when he starts versus Haiti at La Bombonera. Up front will be Gonzalo HIGUAIN who gets the nod ahead of Sergio AGÜERO who is just returning from injury. Here’s the expected eleven:


It’s being reported that coach SAMPAOLI will make six changes during the match, many, if not all coming at half time. The rules and regulations for the friendly match stipulate that coaches cannot make more than six substitutes.


  1. 1-0 or 2-1 is nothing. Most importantly A huge win without conceding a single goal and not letting them any chance will certainly boost the confidence within the players. This match will decide how much senior players are up for task. Messi, should be substituted after half time for dybala. If they can continue with the same momentum or not. Aguero should get at least 20 minutes.

  2. The changes expected at half time? Aguero for Higuain, Dybala/Pavon for Lanzini, Mesa for Di maria, Banega for Lo Celso, Biglia for Masch and Rojo for Tagliafico

    • I don’t think kun will play.. may be un necessary risk.

      Messi— Dybala
      Di maria— Pavon
      Lanzini — Meza
      Lo Celso — Banega
      Fazio — Rojo
      Salvio — Ansaldi

  3. Match is at 4 30 morning here.
    Not sleeping today.
    The excitement is breaking all my previous records. 😂..
    Too many hot players.. and them all in Blue & White. Many of them are playing together for the first time. Hope we will get a glimpse of the old Argentina, with whom we all had fallen in love..
    Vamos Somos Argentina. 😍😍

  4. I think potentially and virtually this is good line up. To be my dreamed (out of the 23 players) Pavon and especially Meza should be somwhere there but it’s still good line up. It’s going to be first time few players will play together. Especially I wonder about Messi-Lanzini-Lo Celso trio. Wheter it’s all will bring higher quality we must really wait till WC matches while now, against Haiti, it’s time for our boys to work about better understanding. I’m not going to draw any conclusions now. They just need more time to spend together a bit more seriously than on training session.

    And I think Mascherano over Biglia is perhaps good idea. Still think we need pure No.5 on WC. Maybe, somehow Mascherano will able to muster up the last time enough that old energy diligence and concentration and play for us the last time the crucial destruction role as it was for 14 years. I’m sure defensively Mascherano can do more than Biglia.

  5. if with God s help we play in world cup final this time we should wear our first jersey. the albiceleste jersey. in cup finals of 1978 and 1986 we win the world cup wearing the albiceleste jersey. in 1990 and 2014 finals we lost both with wearing the second uniform. the dark blue one. SO PLEASE NO BLUE JERSEY IN THE WORLD CUP FINAL AGAIN :-):-):-):-)

  6. Funny fact Germany eliminate Messi from every world cup, hope this year history will be changed

  7. Is there any chance to include Sergio Romero in the squad? His reflexes are way ahead of Caballero and proof is his tackle against Diego Costa in match vs Spain.I think injured Romero is better than Caballero and Guzman.I heard that his recovery would need three or four weeks if it is true we can include Romero in squad

  8. To @tmisellati,
    Yes you are correct friend. Statistics showed us that Germany is the big obstacle to any team. Because always they play for their nation not only technically but also play with their hearts. Argentina must play like this. A total team game. Argentina have enough good players to win a trophy but they must play for their nation with hearts.

    • my friend. we are playing always with our hearts. not only Germans doing that. we will do that again and this time. the difference between us and Germans is that historically they are FIFA friends. that means the referees are with them. we lost only in 2010 fair. 1990 they stole us one world cup. see the final match to see with your eyes. at 2014 their goalkeeper Neuer did penalty to Higuain. he make karate move and it was close to send Higuain to hospital. what referee did? instead give penalty kick and red card or yellow card minimum HE GIVE OFFENSIVE FOUL!!!! i mention only 2 examples. believe me exist many other examples.

  9. A little out off topic:

    Juventus offering €50m plus Gonzalo Higuain for Mauro Icardi.

    It seems only in our national team Higuain is estimated higher than Icardi.

  10. Messi : “I really want to visit the Holy Land and for Argentina this will be an important professional and spiritual journey and I’m convinced that coming to Israel ahead of the World Cup will do us good.”

    Hope we can repeat 1986.

    • As long as Argentina don’t try to hurt and humiliate Israel like Italy tried to do during the World Cup Qualification, and now they’re out of the World Cup! Be kind to Israel, and Argentina will be blessed!👌 Glad Messi, the captain, was one to recognize it!

      • The fact we are playing in Israel after and during horrible violence is shameful. Dumbest place to have a friendly. This has very little to do with blessings and much to do with $$$.

        Vamos Messiah, El Diego blows wind beneath your sails.

  11. To all friends,
    I am giving a funny statistics . Do not take it seriously it is just coincidence.
    At 2002 WC Brazil beat Germany in final.
    Brazil was champion.
    At 2006 WC Italy beat Germany in semifinal.
    Italy was champion.
    At 2010 WC Spain beat Germany in semifinal.
    Spain was champion.
    At 2014 WC Germany was unbeaten.
    Germany was champion.
    At 2018 WC Argentina will beat Germany.
    So that albiceleste will be the champion.

    • I want us to win World Cup as well as take a revenge on Fucking Germans (except my favourite Ter Stegan 😂:..
      So as per your maths, both will be done. 🤗

    • @El che
      this is the trend since 1982
      At 1982 , italy beat germany. italy was the champ
      At 1986 , Argentina beat germany. Argentina was the champ.
      the only exception was wc 94 and 98. at these world cup , germany was very weak and even though , they reached advanced stages.

  12. I support Argentina. My favorite team for WC. Please Argentina should not play in Jerusalem or Israel. I support innocent Palestinians.

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    • another user posted this comment:

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    • Ideally this is wot it has to be… Since Ottamendi had a minor injury Mercado will replace him. Mascherano, I don’t think he will start in WC too…

    • The only place and moment we should claim there’s good chemistry between Messi – Di Maria is neither training nor friendly. The only criterion is World Cup and especially final stages of World Cup.

      • He had that.problem is always injury for him and off course his decision making and bogus crossing

      • That’s true. Their style of play and positioning come into factor too since di maria plays on the left wing while messi cuts from right to centre and sees the person who runs into the d box. Im sure if they are fit and provided messi finds a way to stay in front, they’ll link up more often than the previous managements.

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