Osvaldo ARDILES on Argentina: “It’s MESSI and 10 more”


World Cup winner and Tottenham Hotspur legend Osvaldo “Ossie” ARDILES gave his thoughts on the Argentina National Team and the World Cup.

Not holding back on the team, ARDILES was fairly critical of SAMPAOLI’s team selection for the tournament and stated that it was “MESSI and 10 more”. Speaking with Radio Mitre de Córdoba, here’s what he had to say:

“I’m not very happy with the players SAMPAOLI has chosen. For example, ICARDI has to be there. Now comes the most difficult part which is to play the World Cup and the easiest: To get the team. And there doesn’t appear to be a team. It’s MESSI and 10 more. I’m an optimist but I am pessimistic regarding the National Team right now.”

ARDILES also spoke about the use of younger players:

“MASCHERANO used to play in Barcelona and now he’s in China. There’s a big difference. It’s been months that he hasn’t had top level competition and that is felt. I would have went with fresher players, with kids that are hungrier for success, like ICARDI. I’d have given importance to DYBALA… And of course MESSI.”

And he also mentioned that Franco ARMANI should be the starting goalkeeper.

“The goalkeeper always has to play. ROMERO and CABALLERO are players who wear the number 12 shirt, they play very little… ARMANI is the player at the moment.”


  1. Israel is a member of UEFA and a legitimate soccer playing nation. So is Palestine. Argentine federation and players have no blood on their hands. Their interest is only sporting. Sports and politics should be kept far apart. We don’t want any boycotts happening like we have between india and pakistan in cricket.

    • Why do you bring in India and Pakistan Cricket into this; That is entirely different case; INDIA believe PAK is directly involved in terrorist attack which occurred in Mumbai; Even the terrorist who got caught confessed this (i believe) and he was hanged later; After the terrorist attack in Mumbai, INDIA stopped playing against PAK in Pakistan & any other bilateral series against them; In all other tournaments (ICC) which weren’t held in PAK, INDIA is playing against them; Also not only INDIA, many other cricket playing nations stopped playing cricket in Pakistan (for terrorist attack on Srilankan Cricket Team in Pakistan);

      • Agreed kitty. Argentina not boycotting Israel for alleged human rights violation of Israel in Gaza, cannot be compared with India Boycotting Terror State of Pakistan.
        India was behind all peace initiation between the two countries.

        Then 2008 Terror Attack happened.

        Terrorists Sent by Pakistan ( Recently Former PM of Terror State Pakistan, Mr Sheriff admitted the role of the Terror state in 26/11 attack) slaughtered 100+ Indians in Mumbai.

        After that only India boycotted The terror state of Pakistan.
        When one side the top officials of a state sending Terrorists to India, to kill my brothers & sisters, & on the other side we playing Cricket with them doesn’t make any sense..

        Never ever compare India boycotting a Terror state which send terrorists to kill Indians, with Argentina not boycotting Israel, please.

        • The basic covenent one needs to adopt is to keep sports and politics separate, whatever be the provocation. Pakistan cricket team never had any role in terrorist activity in india. Cricket is neither the reason for the animosity nor will not playing cricket help resolve the issues. It’s childish on India’s part to refuse to host Pakistan or play in UAE. Refusing traveling to Pakistan is understandable on account of security reasons, though that perception too is undergoing change.

          • arafath what indian thinking means…. without pakistan support… terrorist will not grow …. in pakistan…. india thinks… they have put presure on pakistan… to do destroy the terrorism in pakistan… if they wont do anythink against terrosim… means… what will india.. do…. it is one of the way to express… our feeling… each and everyone have rights to live….. i dont get from terrorist fools….. in pakistan…

  2. For security reasons maybe the game against Israel can be played at a neutral, less controversial location, e.g. in Barcelona, Geneva or Amsterdam.

  3. Germany leaves out Sane!!! i think the world champions are headed for a group stage exit this time. Not looking good for them.

  4. I just hope that all our players be fresh and injury free for the WC . This player was better that player was better arguments are not valid now. Those who selected are the players, according to the coach fits to the system. Either we accept it or not, it doesn’t matter. So only thing we all can do is to support the team and wish that we can have a great WC. Realistically speaking a top 4 finish will be a good result. We usually stumbles at the Quarters. Let’s see. There is never a clear favorites in WC every NT will have a weakness. One thing is common in most of the WC’s is usually there will be a Dark horse who will that be??

  5. Jokers from a “Country” or “state” or “Terror regime” or whatever one can call is asking for People to Target messi personally, burn Argentina flag, just because Argentina is playing a football match in a country which they hate.
    Team Argentina, as well as our captain, have made it clear, they are going to play, & quoting his words, he loves to play in the city of god..

    So i sincerely hope these Jokers from Pal***n will stop their cry.. don’t spoil this celebration dudes. This is just football. Grow up. & Be a bore somewhere else.
    Leave Argentina, Messi & Football. Please

    • Don t be so fanatic about this subject. Don t speak so bad way too please.
      we will go play the game and after go to Russia. Israel and Palestinians should find solution to their problem. it is not Argentina s job to play political games and it is not our business to interfere to their issues.

      • Wherein did Argentina played politics here.?
        They just decided to play football in a place they wanted. May be because of a silly superstition (1986 repeat), or as messi said for the “Blessings of God”.
        And why should people get agitated for this.
        Who are they to ask people to target messi n all!

    • You re saying bullshits man shut the fuck off and focus on the football team let politic ahead you don t even know anything about that case little boy.
      Don t forget that 86 victory over england was due especially to diego s grinta to had a revenge on a football field i said diego cause he was the only player of all time who cares about injustice in the whole world and never cares about sponsor or federation sanctions

    • Germany looks not that strong this time I would be really shocked if they actually win this world cup also.no sane. Neuer coming back after long time.muller off form khedira not that menacing anymore.no lahm no swenstiger no podoloski no klose .ozil is not the same ozil of 2014. Boetang Hummel’s not 100 percent yet.spain Brazil looking stronger though Spain defence is weaker.

  6. “He’s a big symbol so we are going to target him personally and we call on all to burn his picture and his shirt and to abandon him,”
    This arrogant holes & Laughing stock of the world deserves another dose from Israel soon.

    • Your communal hatred is worse than those who protest Messi & Argentina playing against Israel in Israel due to political reasons.

      While they must be criticized for their action, you must be condemned for yours.

      I’m sorry to share the same forum where people who hate others based on religion exists.

      • What is shocking for me is your love for a gang of jokers who want to target messi personally, just because he playing football in a place he likes. I suppose that is because of the “communal love” of you to that jokers who today burned Argentina flag, unless you are from that part of the land.
        I feel the same about you. Hate it to share a soace with communals.
        At least don’t spoil football with communal politics. Let them just peacefully play football wherever they want. That is none of your business to decide where should Argentina n Israel play football.

    • be careful because you speak exactly like those that you suppose you criticized. it will be nice you write one apology for the last sentense you wrote before.

      • Really sad to see politics creeping up in our beautiful realm of football. This Guy has no shame in putting his hatred towards other communities. We are a nation that produced Great Revolutionaries like Mahatma Gandhi whose weapon by choice was “NON VIOLENCE”when entire World was engaged in World Wars. He is an utter shame to ALL humanity.

        To understand Israel – Palestine issue one need to understand the history. Today only Israel – Palestine can resolve their issues nobody else.

        Leave politics aside and discuss football.

  7. In a word I want to say Mr. Ardiles that we the fans & everybody expect more mature & personalityful talkings from a respectful person like u! Be positive & stay with Argentina!

  8. Leroy SANE has been excluded from the Germany Squad. He was terrible at his recent games though he was amazing for City this season. Managers sometime need to take hard decisions. It hurts me When some media hypes ”Team Messi” kind of negative news for some clicks.

    • Always it was like this. in every tournament something was always exist to write bad critics.
      On the other side always from when i remember myself they was sugar for the FIFA lovers Brasilians.

    • WOW that is a really shocking omission. I wonder where will this team’s pace on the wings be coming from from hereon. He ( Low ) could’ve at least used him as a wildcard when the opponents’ defenders are tired and when they need a goal. Absolutely shocking i must say.

      • I agree this is shocking. But there is no so called ”Team Messi” in Germany. If this happen in Argentina, people would call ”Messi don’t like Sane…”

        • Yes, Irrespective of their performances, Higuain & Dimaria will always be in starting lineup; Such things gives chance to the people to talk;

          • It isn’t a shocking news for me. I witnessed Zanetti, one of the most hard-working players I’ve ever seen, overlooked twice by Pekerman and Maradona.

            About the friends club, the existance of the “friends club” is as clear as the sun. The problem is this: whenever we talk about the existance of this particular thing, Messi fans pop up and label those who have the opposing view as “Messi haters”. No Argentina fan hates Messi, yes I’m saying NO SINGLE Argentina fan hates leo, but the problem is Messi prefers to play with his friends no matter how bad their performances are.

            The team has my full support and I hope Argentina win the WC!

          • Dadir10, yeah Messi considers WC as his vacation to spend time with his friends.

            Some poeple have no clue, LOL.

            Messi wants the cup more than you and me. He would be ready to make any sacrifice to winning the cup, let alone leaving some so called friends, LOL.

            If Messi considers them as inseparable friends, they would all be playing at Barca. Messi is more powerful at Barca than he’s at Argentina NT.

            Coaches call players due to the following:

            1) Their performance with the club in the season just ended:

            2) Their performance in the NT during the past matches (mainly those with the coach in charge)

            3) Their linkup play with other players (esp in training)

            4) Commitment, Attitude etc.

            The truth is players such as Higuain, DiMaria, Mascherano, Biglia, Banega are selected because there was no one better than them in the above aspects.

          • “whenever we talk about the existance of this particular thing, Messi fans pop up and label those who have the opposing view as “Messi haters”

            One of them has just shown up!

            @Malabari Albiceleste, yeah I know some people have no functioning brains!

            It’s great to have you on this forum whenever the “friends club” is talked about…hahaha

            As I told so many times before, I AM NOT A BLIND ARGENTINA FAN. I hope you understand what that short sentence mean.

          • @Dadir10, Did I say you are a hater? I just said you have no clue (when you talk about Friends Club). LOL

            You give me a logical reason why some others should be selected over some of those players who you think are selected because they’re Messi’s friends. Again, LOL.

            I can easily understand why Icardi is not selected. Even I preferred Icardi or Lautaro instead of Higuain, but Sampa selected Higuain probably because he has the best attribute for an Argentinan #9. Sure, he hasn’t scored much in the NT of late, but Sampa may be ignoring that as it happened with other coaches.

            Again, I preferred Ascacibar, Pizarro, Battaglia over Biglia (Masche I think is a leader and should be there as a sub as he can also play in both defense and DM). However, it’s easy to see why Biglia is selected. Biglia is a starter at Inter while Battaglia plays at Sporting which is an inferior club. Even the latter doesnt’ play in all matches. Similarly Pizarro has mostly played as a sub, mostly in the crucial second half of the season. Ascacibar is too inexperienced to be selected for this WC.

            There are such logical reasons for DiMaria, Aguero, Banega etc.

            Such logical reasons only miss in the case of Garay & Mussachio. Surely Garay is not anywhere near to his 2014 form, but he’s still a starter at Valencia. Mussachio has also got into bench since moving from Villarreal to Milan. But even then, these two are probably better than Mercado & Rojo. I can’t find a logical reason for selecting Mercado & Rojo other than may be Sampa wanted his sub CBs who can also play as full backs.

  9. in football especially in world cups and in big tournaments don t win always the better teams. so many examples exist. so even if for some fans our team is doomed before even enter the pitch the reality is that we have our chances to win and sure our players don t run to hide to toilet from afraid by hearing that Brasil Germany France or Spain coming. we haven t the best team in the world but we have chances to win. we have quality team too.

  10. 12 days left for Iceland match. really i can t wait. i am unpatient too for the game against Israel. i want to see in which level our team arrived. it is important test game.

  11. For those who are shouting here Brazil favourite due to qualifier remember 2002 world cup history is going to repeat, both Brazil and Belgium will crash out this world cup mark mark words

  12. I was thinking if we want to play messi dybala together how about this lineup plz friends give your valuable opinion
    4-3-3 formation
    Ansaldi otamendi fazio tagli
    Biglia locelso lanzini
    Dybala Messi aguero

  13. if you think Agentina are the only team with issue read this.
    Will Neymar be fully fit for the World Cup? That’s the question on everyone’s lips ahead of the tournament in Russia and the Brazilian needing treatment on his right foot, the same one he underwent surgery on after breaking a metatarsal bone, will only raise more doubts over his fitness. Neymar hasn’t played in a competitive match since February 25 so manager Tite may have to deploy his plan B – likely involving Gabriel Jesus or Roberto Firmino – if the PSG star has another injury setback.
    Joachim Low must decide who will start the tournament as his No 1 with Manuel Neuer yet to prove his fitness following an injury-hit campaign. Neuer made just four appearances for Bayern Munich before a foot injury curtailed his season in September. The 32-year-old is Germany captain so Low will wait until the final moments before finalising his choice. Marc-Andre ter Stegen is an able deputy if Neuer is not 100 per cent but Low still has a decision to make.
    Too many cooks spoil the broth comes to mind when assessing France’s squad. Les Bleus have the best squad on paper but will Didier Deschamps be able to keep all of his high-profile stars happy? Antoine Griezmann, Kylian Mbappe, Paul Pogba and Ousmane Dembele are among the players competing for spots in Deschamps’ starting line-up. Pogba’s form for Manchester United has been underwhelming but France will be hoping he’s saved his best for the World Cup.
    Alvaro Morata looked certain to lead Spain’s line 12 months ago but a poor season at Chelsea has led to Julen Lopetegui not even including him in his 23-man squad. It means Spain will be relying on Diego Costa to lead their attack, which fans in England know is not always the finest idea due to his character. His disciplinary record isn’t the best so Lopetegui needs to weigh up his options if Costa loses his head
    Fernando Santos has decided to ring the changes to his squad with Nani, Renato Sanches Euro 2016 final matchwinner Eder all left out of his 23-man team. Hopes continue to rest on Cristiano Ronaldo’s shoulders but the question is does he have the support cast to guide Portugal to another successful tournament? It appears not but they have shown anything is possible.

  14. 2014 Spain are justifiably many people’s favourites to lift the World Cup in Rio as Vicente del Bosque’s reigning champions continue to occupy top spot in the Fifa world rankings ahead of Germany, hosts Brazil, and Portugal. Argentina, who are many people’s dark horses to go all the way with the likes of Lionel Messi, Sergio Agüero and Ángel di María in their squad, are currently ranked a surprisingly low seventh, behind South American rivals Colombia (eighth) and Uruguay (seventh). no one know.

  15. Not trying to comment whether Osvaldo is right or wrong..how good it would have been to have a strong midfield like Spain or strong defense like Brazil? Atleast some area to talk about..

    …but at the same time, i do like the team selection..we have more utility players..We need 2 or 3 players to take more responsibility…in each areas..

  16. Joachim Low: “This defeat annoys me. We didn’t execute many things we had planned,” Low said. “We lost the ball too many times where we could have created a scoring opportunity. Today many things were bad. We won’t fool ourselves. We have a lot to work on over the next two weeks.”

  17. One thing is to Be optimistic, another is to be realistic!
    We cannot deny, Brazil got a team, Germany got a team, Spain got a team (probably the best), France got a team, Belgium is overrated in my opinion.
    I see Brazil being the potential winners, cause while all the other teams have balance, not only does Brazil have balance, they have Neymar.
    Argentina have Messi, yes, but what else? The Youth will have to put in work this WC, attacking and most of all defensively. Guys like Meza, Lanzini, Pavon, Tagliafico need to put in a stellar performance throughout! And most of all, Dybala and Messi MUST play together!!! We need to be as strong as possible, while all the other teams have their best playing together, we need our best to play with eachother!
    My line up:
    GK: Armani
    LB: Tagliafico
    CB: Fazio
    CB: Otamendi
    RB: Ansaldi
    DM: Mascherano
    DM: Lo Celso
    LW: Meza
    CAM: Messi
    RW: Dybala
    CF: Aguero
    You have to put your best in order to even THINK about having a shot against the goliaths like Spain, Germany, and Brazil!
    Believe! It can be done!
    Brazil have Neymar, Spain have Isco, Germany have ummm….. a team, France have Griezmann…
    We got Messi!!! Unleash him and in his best day, NOBODY can stop him! Vamos Argentina!

    • Soccer is the only sport in which you can do everything badly and get good results, or on the contrary you can do everything well and get bad results, Argentina did everything wrong in 78 and 86 yet won, 2006 Italy same thing.

    • I don’t think Dybala can play as a winger. He wouldn’t be able to perform the defensive duties as well.

      Dybala’s most preferred place is where Messi plays, so that is impossible. The only way he can play along with Messi if he plays as a CF or false 9 replacing Aguero.

  18. There are two kinds of views thats dominating Argentina world cup team. Some of the fans they truly think that our defense and midfield are second to none. According to them Brazil’s defense is old, French team is inexperienced, Germany has B grade players because they are from Bundesliga and their top players are either old or totally out of form, Spain is overrated and they will struggle to even top their group. Belgium’s golden generation are still toddlers. Their poor performance in the friendlys means we need not fear them even though their managers were clearly testing their players and game strategies.

    Another view is of football pundits and ex players. Only because our players don’t play in big teams they are a complete waste. We will be out in group stage. Some of the pundits still think our midfield will still comprise of Banega Masch and Biglia. For them our important young players Locelso, Lanzini, Pavon, Meza, Tagliafico , Salvio don’t even exist because they are not Europeans or because they don’t play in Spain and Epl. Otamendi lost his form in the last quarter of the season so they kicked him out of the epl best xi. His contribution which won man city the title meant nothing. Fazio will always be an epl reject. They believe that our midfield and defense truly reflects the Spain and Nigeria game results.

    Yes I agree Higuain Masch and Rojo should have never been selected. Higuain missed few against Italy, 3 clear chances against Spain and against Haiti he looked down and out. Mental weakness is even more dangerous than physical. It destroys you from inside. Yes he can build up plays that is why Sampaoli picked him over poacher Icardi but we already had Dybala and Aguero for that. Masch being our only backup for Biglia is even bigger concern. He had a horrible game against Spain and against Haiti the only time he had to do some proper defending the Haiti player got better of him and almost created a chance for Haiti. Rojo had no playing time this season. Mourinho had zero confidence in him and the games where he got some playing time he looked below par. But we all know Rojo has a nack of coming back to form when everyone writes him off(2014 WC and Europa league 2016). I don’t like to get carried away from the results of friendlys. Spain and Nigeria game atleast made Sampaoli think about our vulnerable defense and midfield. Lets all hope that after the group games we will get in rhythm and team chemistry will be established between players. Individual performance will only get us to quaters.
    We have to play as a team to win this world cup.

    • All of you saying negative things about Argentina National Team included Ardiles do not congratulate or say anything nice after they win the World Cup, afavorite team don’t always win World Cups . Go Argentina I believe in you.🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷⚽️⚽️⚽️💪🏿

    • Five things about this video:
      1) Aguero and Lanzini are not that handsome as they appear in figures.
      2) Di Maria can’t play like that in a decisive finale for Argentina, he can watch the game from the sideline after his first game injury. This video made him he owns the pitch.
      3) Lanzini who couldn’t make one long goal shot against one of the weakest teams in the world Haiti, how on earth will he fire all those shots against France in a world cup finale? just a jaw dropping for me.
      4) When was last time in modern football of world cup finale we’ve seen 4-1 result?
      5) Since Icardi was celebrating with the squad, that tells me this will be Qatar WC finale. Too early to release that video. lol

  19. It’s risky for players to play Israel in that region. That was a bad call from start to end. The Arab community have the right to protest and I support the Palestinians to condemn such a political set up.

  20. Had icardi scored a single goal in qualifier, he is on the Russia plane. Icardi was selected dropping Higuain played 180min and Aguero remained on the bench. When Aguero played 1st match for sampaoli he scored goal surprisingly Aguero played three games under Sampaoli and scored all of them. To be honest Icardi is better than Higuain but Icardi failed while getting little chance and Higuain selected for experience. I think Icardi deserve more chance but sampaoli hasn’t much time and preferred team chemistry which is important.

  21. Spain wanted to give all their players a chance to play that’s why they lost their formation and didn’t press that much in the second half but if they were then Switzerland wouldn’t have been able to stop them. Personally I think we were better against Spain. We attacked and tried to create chances. I think we can defeat Spain and even this German squad I am more worried about Brazil bcoz with their coach tite they are very strong tactically now too. Just my two cent! but guys plz stop with the icardi nonsense the players are chosen. let’s cheer and believe in our team. We can do it. Messi can do it.

  22. Tnt sports reporting this team will start against Iceland
    Mercado ota fazio tagli
    Masche locelso
    Lanzini messi dimaria

  23. favorite tag, pointless discussion because it doesn’t win titles. who cares in 1 month the best team will win.
    Legends have the right to be concerned and they have done more for this team than any of us.
    Why do we need to talk about players some of the posters don’t know a thing about them.
    Brandt will be a great player, future will tell.
    Nainggolan has been omitted for 2 world cups, dumb decision, politics behind it. just because Belgium are dumb doesnt mean we should be dumb too.
    just because France make dumb decision doesn’t mean we should too.
    I personally don’t care what other teams do, all I care is what we do.
    I think we lack that world class MIDFIELDER, outside shooting and a poacher when it gets rough and crowded. Our goalkeepers are question marks, and we lack team play and goalscoring.
    We have many problems that we must work on, no time to talk about other teams dumb decisions, and frankly I don;t care. All I want is my team to improve and win.

    • Sampaoli has picked decent side just not picked a dm despite biglia injury and age and form of mascherano otherwise its good obviously we all know higuain over icardi is pure politics

  24. Not trying to be rude here: Istiaque please ignore my comments, I’m not trying to have any discussion with you man, you notice I’ve always ignore your comments? You are free to do the same. You don’t know me sir!

    Best Regards.

  25. by comparing names argentine defenders are not that bad than the brazilians.

    otamendi vs silva- otamendi has an edge over silva in the recent times.
    fazio vs miranda- both play in serie a and fazio has better avg rating than miranda.only concern for fazio is his speed and it seems to be a real concern.
    tagli vs mercelo- I think mercelo is far better in attacking but defensively tagli is more conscious.
    salvio/ansaldi vs danilo – if sampaoli plays ansaldi than I can say this position is equal for both team.for salvio it is always brasil.

    in paper we are not that bad but in the field we vulnerable.in 2014 we went brasil with fragile defence including mediocore defenders like demi,rojo,fed fernandez.in the end demi and rojo became monsters.

    this time I am desperatly wanting the best 30 days from argentine defenders.

    • Our fullbacks are nothing compared to them plus there midfield has caseimiro fernandinho and paulinho all are far better than our dm defensively.Brazil quite strong defensively.otamendi inferior to Silva.as otamendi always commit silly mistakes

      • last game brazil defence looked sharped because all were defending.people laughs at paulinho when he plays for barca.marcelo overlaps too much and it cost brasil in 2014.
        they are looking organised because of their workrate.7 or 8 Brazilians attack and whole team defends even jesus and firmino.if brazil defends in bus parking method who would score.

      • After Comaparing Argentina and Brazil my opinion is

        Very simple
        Argentina is better
        If we meet them in WC we will beat them anyhow…

        – alisson /ederson > Cabellero/Armani

        (But Armani is rising & will be a hero if start …Cabellero is good ,experienced ,good in saving penalty..not bad)


        Marcelo Thiago Miranda Danilo/Fagner>
        Are better than our defence
        But all knows our defence in last WC
        Otamendi Fazio Rojo Tagliafico Ansaldi are not very bad ..our defenders are coming from a great season (not Rojo but he was star in 2014)


        Coutinho is better
        Fernandinho Paulinho

      • After Comaparing Argentina and Brazil my opinion is

        Very simple
        Argentina is better
        If we meet them in WC we will beat them anyhow…

        Goal bra>arg
        – alisson /ederson > Cabellero/Armani

        (But Armani is rising & will be a hero if start …Cabellero is good ,experienced ,good in saving penalty..not bad)

        Defence arg>bra

        Marcelo Thiago Miranda Danilo/Fagner>
        Are better than our defence
        But all knows our defence in last WC
        Otamendi Fazio Rojo Tagliafico Ansaldi are not very bad ..our defenders are coming from a great season (not Rojo but he was star in 2014)

        Midfield bra>arg

        Coutinho is better
        Fernandinho Paulinho R.Agusto Willian
        Strong midfield
        Playing for long time together
        But our weak looking midfield slowly getting gel together
        Locelso Lanzini are not very bad in fact are serious talent.
        They may be superhit in WC
        Banega Biglia Masche are of concern
        But they are not dead and in WC if they shown their best quality we can stop Brazil

        Attack arg>bra

        Messi >neymar

        Sub bench strength
        Arg> Bra

        Argentina overtakes Brazil in this dept

  26. Spain drew with Switzerland 1-1.this shows how awful Argentina were defensively in that 6-1 demolition.Spain will struggle against Iran or morocco I believe and quite easily has a. Potential to be 2nd in their group.or at least playing those 3 high octane energy sapping matches they might be too tired in quarters against us.so that we can take advantage.there midfield is amazing but some loopholes in defense and attack.I think this year no team is super strong and competition will be fierced.

    • I saw the highlights.today Switzerland could concede 5 or more.but it didn’t happen.
      and switzerland attacked may be once or twice.but we did attack throughout the game.and it cost us that day.
      and spain were not pressing that much what they did against us.if we had messi that day I am sure they didnt press like that.

  27. I watched brasil vs croatia match.first 30 miniutes brazil defenders were struggling to pass and croate mid was dominating.after 30 miniutes brasil started to control the game.when modric left the pitch it was all over for the croate.

    the reason brazil is looking strong because of their work rate.you see,firmino was defending in brasil d box, when it wasn’t a free kick or corner.have u ever seen an argentine forward doing that??brazil were so compact and organized while defending.wilian,jesus,coutinho all were defending throughout the game when they didn’t have possession.

  28. Mascherano moved to China because he wanted to preserve is Barcelona legacy not tarnish it by playing for a West Ham or New Castle. Mascherano could have easily move to Italy or England and play for a mid-table team, but instead he move to China. This guy doesn’t know what he is talking about. Axel Witsel play for Tianjin Quanjian in China yet get select for Belgium. Witsel was selected over Nainggolan who was active for Roma in Serie A and the UCL this season. Maybe Sampaoli see something in Mascherano that will help the team at the 2018 world cup.

  29. Palestines are asking AFA to cancel Israel match. If not, they do not want Messi to play. See article in Marca.

    • we should play the game without stupid politics interfere . the game is the last test before world cup and we should test our team with Messi or whoever Sampaoli needs to play.

      • Agree. I have no time for politics and sport or religion and sport.

        Enjoy the game and the talent and leave everything else aside.

        • That’s maybe for you but for 123 victims and 10000 injuries just recently during Israeli attack means beloved team by Arab FA should show some sort of solidarity, or should I said humanity and dignity.

    • Political problem rising on israel friendly…

      Argentina should have choosen a different opponent

      Whatever I just want injury less squad..messi should not play the whole match…

  30. Brazil this and Brazil that…….always the same thing with people on this site, the high is too high and the low is too low.
    Yes Brazil goes into the WC with very talented and experienced players but its basically the SAME team plus or minus few players that lost in the pervious two copas and WC with the exception of the new manager.
    and to the person who said Neuer is done, the Germans do not play DONE players.

  31. First of all, Spain and France are all inferior to Argentina. Look at title won between Argentina, Spain and France. Moreover, it took Spain 100 years to win a world cup. I repeat, Argentina is not inferior to Spain or France. It seems like only players like Xavi can see the good in the Argentina national team.

    I watched Germany yesterday, I see a lot of new players from the Bundesliga in their team, and people want to call those players world class? This must be a joke. Sevilla alone is better than all the teams in Germany below Bayern Munich. Hector is world class? Brandt world class?

    This whole notion that Argentina doesn’t have squad depth is one big lie. The Bundesliga is a joke, to assume any player being selected from the Bundesliga automatically becomes world class once they play for Germany is one of the biggest myth being promoted by some people on this website. Timo Werner? Seriously? Mario Gomez?

    All these former Argentinean players like to talk, world cup comes around, hey where is the camera, I need to be relevant again. Talking about ”Messi and 10 others. ”Why are you devaluing the other 22 players on the roster? What kind of a maddening argument is this guy trying to make? In order for Argentina to have a team they need a certain striker and kids on the team? How does this argument whole any merit?

    • Its great as always to read your posts. Even when i dont agree with you i start agreeing with you. @kidulthood thank you for the dedication !
      Yes Argentina has a great great group of players. A coach like Sampaoli can make wonders. Only he does not have time on his side. But we can very well play like serious contenders if we peak at the right time.
      Teams that are too well set typically have an issue with maintaining momentum. Argentina on the other hand has a great group of players. If we somehow just make out of the group with slight improvements(in team chemostry) in each game i see us going a long way ! We have a good group to play to i think. We will be made to work to win and that is what i want before we make the playoffs.

  32. Osvaldo you are the living history of the team I RESPECT YOU. just i don t agree with anything else you said except Armani. you remind me Diego that sometimes he never find anything good to say. everything is bad everything is black.

  33. Okay Ozzie –


    Thats a nice sentiment, but Icardi is nowhere near the player we are gonna miss buddy.

    I don’t know why nobody cares about Paredes – the only CM we have who can pass and defend and dictate play. Everyone goes for the headline grabber SMH.

    • Because they don’t follow argentine football.being great in football doesn’t mean his every opinion is correct.from outside everybody can comment and criticize but transforming a super bad argentine side is not easy

  34. some people really have hate about some of our players. this is tragic.
    it is different story to have different opinion and believe who is better to play and it is other story to express your opinion with way to be completely without RESPECT. i feel very very sad really.

  35. Reports coming in that sampaoli cancelled tomorrow training due to all players fatigued.that’s a very worrying thing.they are getting tired just training.wow how can they maintain throughout the wc phase.

      • Yes whole day rest will be needed.extra one day of training will not achieve anything extra

    • sampaoli is submitting 23 mens list to fifa today.that’s why he cancelled today’s practice session.
      I read it somewhere on the web.

      • That can’t be the reason as training schedule prepared in mind that they would submit in June 4 the final squad.its true that players are tired and sampaoli gives them a one day off.

  36. We lose 6-1 to Spain , 4-2 to Nigeria .Its just a friendly and no Messi , No Aguero playing . Our defense is good and team is best. Germany loses 2-1 to Austria. Neuer is finished. Germany is weak and not the tile contender. Seems like most of you here only watch football once every 4 years!! Germany,France,Spain & Brazil they are all stronger and balanced than our team. Especially Germany and Spain are the biggest threats and they both are in our bracket!!

    • Yeah.

      We are nowhere near close in squad depth and quality compared to Germany, Brazil, Spain and France.

      The only thing we have right now is Leo. If he was not in this team, we would be the 10th or 11th best team in the world at best, and I’m generous.

      But we have a world class manager and a Messi. So we will see what happens in Russia.

    • SulaV Agreed. The defeat vs Spain we played an B team experiential and open play, it was to see who’ll play well with Messi in his formation as well as the Italy game. Messi wasn’t that injured it was all part of the ploy.

      The Nigeria defeat, the first half we had a somewhat strong squad and it was 2-1 HT, Sampa then played a B team in 2nd half also Aguero went off injured and we conceded 3 goals.

      We then beat Haiti and everyone saying we didn’t try, injuries? People say they want Messi to score goals like at Barca well his last 2 games he’s scored 2 hattrick and they were all Barca like goals… you can see what Sampa is trying to do in short space of time. People think Sampa will play a 6-1 against every team I think he’s more professional then that.

  37. Osvaldo hands down and you nailed it. Sampaoli favored old Messi’s friends over younger more deserving players like Icardi. Dybala is not a starter is another concern. Armani is not number goalie is a problem too. Garay is not in defence will leave a gap there too. Very well said Osvaldo.

    • How is Icardi more deserving? he’s not on a champions league team. All other forwards (beside PAVON) Sampaoli selected are. They’ve seen the best defenders in Europe, Icardi has not.

      Sampaoli isn’t picking favourites he’s picking experience because he’s out of time. Argentina has a buffet of forwards and Sampaoli defaulted to established players with UCL experience, as they will have played against our bigggest competitors at World Cup. Icardi falls short because of no UCL and only been with one club. I like Icardi and think he’ll get a spot in 2022.

      But to say the team is horrible no matter whom is not helpful at this point. If you or anyone doesn’t like the team at this point don’t watch and don’t post. Supporting is the only positive thing you can do at this point.

      Don’t mean to be directed solely at you but for anyone doubting at this point. Please support! The team needs all it can get

      • Nobody is saying the team is horrible. We are saying there were some selection mistakes. Mascherano, Higuain, DiMaria. Pizzaro, Icardi, Correa, you name it would have been better selections.
        And your argument is flawed. You say Icardi isn’t deserving because he isn’t on a CL team…Ah, and Mascherano is?? Icardi led Serie A in scoring. How many more times does Higuain need to shit the bed for us to move on from him? How many? couple more competitions will do it for some guys here? How many more times do we have to see this guy that we KNOW can’t do shit suit up? HE DOESNT DESERVE TO PLAY FOR US. I DONT CARE WHO YOU CALL NOT HIM. HE HAS PROVEN THAT.
        Mascherano left Barca because he was relegated to bench warmer and he wanted to play…and because China overpays players in the super league. My God does anybody follow Argentine football here anymore,,,

        • I agree with your Higuain comment. I would have preferred to have Icardi there. But it’s safer to go with Higuain for Sampaoli. 3 world cups and he did score 4 in his first one.

          Mascherano isn’t a forward. I was saying that the one area Argentina have the largest talent in in forward, there is no reason to take Icardi when you have seasoned other players who are still world class and have experience playing together. Consider the short timeline and it’s probably the best way to go.

          I think if Aguero was injured Icardi would have been called . Higuain well. I hope he misses twice in the first game so we can get him benched. I do not trust him at all in the big games. Although I remember what kidulthood said, that all his chances squandered were created by him in wc 2014, that’s true. No guarantee Icardi, Aguero could make those chances that.

        • Folks, pls move on & not get stuck to same point of icardi , parades etc.. they will get their chances later. Coaches always have their preference. Tell me one world cup where selections have been fair & just!!! Even sabella did not select cabellero when he was in the form of his life & 10x better than monaco bench warmer romero.Always some good players lose out. We should believe in coach the final 23 once selected & focus on the games ahead

        • No mistake
          Only 23 to be selected
          Some famous players are always to be left out …not in case of Argentina but in other big teams also

      • chinook Agreed. Icardi under an Argentina shirt is the most overrated piece of garbage I’ve seen in my life, Sampa has given him 8 games he can’t even score infact everytime he played it felt like we had 10 men on the field because he stands up strike sun bathing improving his tan. We drew so many important games with him, he doesn’t move. People don’t ask themselves in the most important game vs Ecuador a must win, Icardi wasn’t played until the 88 min when we wrapped the game 1-3. Inter Milan is not Argentina and he doesn’t fit in at all (on the field). At Inter Milan they have built the team around him. As a manager if you were to come in with no time who would you build the team around Messi or Icardi? Messi can’t score with Icardi on the field and Icardi doesn’t score for NT.

        After the WC it’s a different story Sampa has way more time.

        But then you get fans who think the reason why we won’t stand a chance is because of Icardi ha. Him in the field we’d be drawing all 3 games with a score line of 0-0, 1-1 and 0-0. Happy he wasn’t in the squad plus he brings negativity in the dressing room. Weather fans want to hear it or not Aguero is our man to lead the charge. I wish I was in that room where Sampa showed Icardi videos of why he doesn’t fit in, I wouldn’t have laughed every time because of how true it is.

        Not a Higuain supporter either and Di Maria (mainly because of his shot tally misses).

        • I can’t agree more, bud! I am so fed up with many people who keep being so ignorant. Icardi got his chance but he didn’t prove anything. Statistically, he was not better than Higuain while in contributing to team play, he was worse. He’s a great striker and his time will come, just not this time. It’s all football related reason and Icardi himself understands. Only some guys, the great “keyboard coaches” here love to make up the story of the so called “friends club”.
          Sampaoli is in charge, not us. If the team do not perform, it will be him to take responsibility, not random people on a football forum like us. So, please give it a rest, support the team, and enjoy!

          • 23 players are chosen
            So no
            Left icardi from this topic(even I also like icardi over higuain)
            Better support and give up criticism

  38. Ardiles is 1000 percent correct. It is what most people see and say.
    We leave Icardi off the team for Higuain-stupid
    We think Mascherano is still good- delusional
    Caballero starts—4 years too late

    We had at least 10 opportunities against Haiti and Higuain missed all of them. This is fair to the team and country to call this guy up? why is he there? In the same league that Icardi led in scoring we call this proven choker up. And why? because of FRIENDS. Thats why. Its not a footballing reason. Its because Icardi screwed some shitty players wife and now nobody forgives.
    Did Messi even know Pavon before that pass? NO. He makes that pass and all of a sudden he is singing his praises. What if Icardi scores 10 goals for us? Is it ok then that he screwed some guys wife? The point is let the best players play. Not a bunch of guys who are washed up.
    Anybody think Mascherano won’t cost us in a big game? I doubt it. He will.
    Anybody think DiMaria is good enough to start other than Sampa? Hell no.

    Bad decisions, NON football decisions cause ALL our pain. ALL OF IT.

      • Yes I did…That is not the point. First, we played Haiti….Haiti. not Germany. 80 percent of the local teams could beat Haiti. Second, that is NOT the point. The point is there are better options than Higuain.

        • Agree, personally for me Higuain carries around a big problem. He misses his chances.

          I would have preferred to see Icardi too but Higuain does press welll and creates chances which he squanders. I think Icardi is more of a serve me in the box player player, which is fine but doesn’t suit Sampaoli.

        • Ivardi was a flop wherever he got chance. His playing style is different. Coach considered he would be an ultra waste in his tactics

  39. Brazil midfield is a joke. They had nothing to offer against Croatia. Absolutely zero creativity. Their backline is strong, not perfect. RB is a weakspot.
    They are just neymar +10.
    Many teams are now capable of enjoying another 7 up against this Most overrated team.

    • So how they do that great games in qualifiers? Against many strong teams. Do you really want to take the friendlies so seriously?

      • Their defence is good. Miranda had a great qualifier. Neymar plays well in occasions. Their frontline is strong.. but their Midfield lead by Joker Paulinho will cost them heavy

    • At least their midfield doesn’t have a player called di Maria or worn out player named Mascherano. If their midfield looks a joke to you, I see our midfield as chaotic and disorganized.

    • Lol,

      Neymar is overrated if you say Brazil is Neymar + 10. He is not far better than Coutinho.

      Neymar has world class players around him, not in the squad, but on the pitch – Coutinho, Marcelo, Casemiro, Willian etc

  40. OSVALDO ARDILES. The living history of national team. one of the best players that ever wear the albiceleste jersey. HUGE RESPECT to the legend. he was member of the best for me Argentina national team ever. especially 1982 which the bad luck was that Malvinas war effect all our nation back then. nobody had brain for football those days. i was small child then and i don t remember but my father and my grandfather explain to me when i grow up.

  41. I hate Brazil team the most. But I have to admit that this Brazil team is the most prepared for this tournament. They are experienced. All the players have been selected on the basis of current form. I am from India. I could not watch today’s game. But I have seen the statistics. Brazil got hold of the ball most of the time.it is not easy to control the game at midfield against a team like Croatia. Tite looks to be the best manager. Even better than the German manager. I wonder how tite made Brazil a contender within such a short period. During the era of dunga Brazil was looking very very vulnerable in entire footballing aspect. But tite had done really a remarkable job. Brazil team is far better than us. Be

    • I want this brazil team to be eliminated from group stage. I see no team can beat Brazil. It seems to me that tite is the best manager. Within such a short time tite made this looser Brazilian team to a champion team. During dunga’s era people made fun of Brazil. People would say that Brazil lack talent right now. But after tite took the charge of Brazil he has left an immediate impact on this team. Brazilian media says that tite is the most important member of the team taking consideration of all the players including neymar.

    • The same old story: Brazil is sky high the best team in WC 06, not even have to play the WC (Ronaldinho, Kaka, Ronaldo, Adriano jizz in my paint) Brazil will win easily the WC 2010, after their Confed victory, Brazil never lost in home soil before WC 14, so it’s impossible from them not to win it (plus they destroyed Spain in Confed Cup 13), and again Tite is the best manager on the world, they won the qualifiers smooth. At least wait the WC.

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